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Technology and Action for Rural Advancement (TARA) Scaling-up of Service Delivery Models to meet Basic Needs in the Green Economy Shrashtant Patara THEMATIC.

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1 Technology and Action for Rural Advancement (TARA) Scaling-up of Service Delivery Models to meet Basic Needs in the Green Economy Shrashtant Patara THEMATIC Workshop 18 th PEP Meeting, May 14 2013

2 Functions of a Market Maker Initiative Capacity Building Management Services Sustainable Business Development M&S Entreprises Local Communities Incubation Eco-system Development Alternatives Innovation Aggregators Impact at scale Implementation Influence Businesses Investors/Donor Governments TARA MARKET PROJECTS

3 Development Alternatives Innovation Communication Policy Res. Implementation Incubation TARA Implementation TARAhaa t TARA Machines (B2B) TARAenviro/New co.(B2C) DESI Power TBRT IMEDF TNK DEVELOPMENT ALTERNATIVES GROUP Business Affiliates Not-for-Profit Pvt. Ltd. MARKET SPEED 85% TARA + Prog. Parts + Co.s 15% Bundelkhand Tikamgarh, Datia (M.P) Jhansi (U.P) TBL Social Economic Environmental


5 Problem Addressed 400 million without electricity Majority in Rural areas 18,000 villages are off grid Goal Assured Energy Services Poverty Removal and Economic Development Through Business Investment

6 Opportunity to Leapfrog Telecom towersRural Electrification Lighting alone: $ 3 billion annually 300,000 Telecom Towers Fastest Growing Infrastructure with Skyrocketing Diesel Costs Need for symbiotic working: SPEED as Enabler

7 SPEED – An Integrated Solution Mobile Phone Base Station Micro Utility Produce Power Distribute Power Host Villages Tower Power Management System Community Distribution System Marketing Collections Candidate Technologies Public Use street lighting, schools, clinics Microenterprise battery charging, agri-processing, manufacturing, irrigation Household Use lighting, communications Biomass Gasification Solar PV Biogas Backup Genset Wind Turbine Steady load 99.99% uptime Varying load Investability and bankability enhancements for attracting private enterprise and private capital in Rural Electrification with load optimization

8 SPEED is different …. Ensuring financing solutions Building local capacities to sustain projects Assist & Influence on creating right policy environment Demand assurance through 1.Telecom 2.Enterprises 3.Households Providing 360 degree assistance Assisting in finding appropriate technology & technology suppliers

9 SPEED in action … Innovation around anchor load …Selling water instead of electricity Bara Plant, Araria, Bihar Urja Gram – Rural Enterprise Zone … enterprise zone in plant campus Diyara Rasoolpur, Saran, Bihar Pre-paid smart metering … changing user behavior - pre-paid electricity Mubarakganj, Faizabad, U.P.

10 stimulate large-scale deployment and investment in rural energy services

11 Multi-stakeholder Action Industry Players - engineering transition to green energy & sustainable village projects … tap high growth market opportunity Policy Makers, Influencers & Strategists – creating favorable policy & regulatory environment … drive private participation for value addition to local resources & rural communities Financial Institutions – establishing specialized investment vehicles managing eco-system investment … tap a global opportunity providing high financial RoI with socio- environmental returns

12 TARA Marketing Plan for 2011 ~ 12 Aqua+ Technology to Market Initiative Commercialization : Scaling up of Aqua+ business Innovation: Product / Service Development Incubation: Set up delivery channels and develop business models Product Development Establish delivery channels for Aqua+ Design Social Marketing toolkit Develop business model for Aqua+ Sell 1 million units of Aqua+

13 TARA Marketing Plan for 2011 ~ 12 Aqua+ Strategy for Growth Consumer TARA Channel Partner Direct Sales Retail Sales Delivery Channel for Aqua+ Events / Demos D2D Campaign Wall Paintings TARA Channel Partner Social Marketing for Aqua+

14 TARA Marketing Plan for 2011 ~ 12 Aqua+ Scalability Sold 100,000 bottles as pilot and established product acceptability Because the market exists….. …. Power of enterprise will take service delivery to scale! Challenge: Make the initiative self-sustaining by scaling up operations 167 million families in Indian BoP 1 = 20 million bottles per year or Rs 600 Million in revenue per year 1% market share X 1 bottle per month X 12 months per year X 1 McKinsey Global Institute; Global Initiative; EIU

15 Best in Class Clean Technology Grants Sustainable Development B-Corporation [Implementing Authority / Delivery Mechanism] Consortium / Shareholder Structure Sustainable Development Portfolio Integrated Systems / Public Goods / Networks Loans (Zero/Low- Interest) 5-10% Return 10-15% Return +15% Return Social Programs Public Private [Equity/Debt] Concessional Finance National/Local Capital Direct Access Social Programs BOP Markets/Business Sponsor Financial Institution / Custodian of Capital Asset Manager Portfolio Bundling Strategy

16 Technology and Action for Rural Advancement (TARA) Thank You!

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