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By: Ellie Poleon. What you really need to know about indoor tanning beds….

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1 By: Ellie Poleon

2 What you really need to know about indoor tanning beds….

3 Included in study: different people all under the age of 30, male & female. Used beds more than 10 times/year=7times more likely to develop malignant melanoma. Risk increases 300% for occasionally using beds. Risk increases 800% for using more than 10 times/year.

4 Longer wavelengths that penetrate deep into the dermal layer of skin. Over exposure leads to skin-damage and/or disease. Penetrate skin, melanin granules are oxidized and tan, or turn gold/brown. Burning Rays more dangerous than UVA. Tanning beds/ sun lamps emit 93%-99% radiation. Rays pop capillaries just beneath the surface of the skin.

5 Skin Cancer: Malignant melanoma, numerous health problems. UVA rays destroy skin fibers and damage elasticity. Long-Term: pre-mature again and wrinkles. Damage to the immune system, weakening of the skins inner tissues, and other types of skin cancers.

6 The deadliest form of skin cancer. With Early Detection treatment is possible. Begins on surface of skin, starts when melanocytes are damaged( the cells that give hair, eyes, skin color.) Cells begin to grow rapidly. May begin on surface or start on the skin, under a nail, and even in an eye, mouth or genitals.

7 (Research shows that the following risk increase probability of getting cancer.) Fair, sun- sensitive skin that tans poorly Red/blonde hair or blue/green eyes. Having 50-100 moles History of sunburns or use of indoor tanning Blood relatives that have had melanoma Immune system weakens, due to disease 50 years of age and older.

8 Apply a broad- spectrum of water resistant sunscreen Wear protective clothing Seek shade Use extra caution near water, snow, sand because of reflection. Avoid tanning beds





13 In July 2010, Obama will start the 10% tax on tanning beds. Why? 1. to get money 2. Hope to STOP people from using the beds. 3. Result of U.S. health care over haul signed into law by Obama.

14 $10/month=$120 year. $169.99 for a year (365 consecutive days) $79.99 for 3 months (90 consecutive days) $39.99 for 1 month (30 consecutive days) $10.00 for 1 week (7 consecutive days)

15 Minimal: Friday & Saturday @ Sonny's= $10 Plus maybe $10-$20 for illegal substances=$20-$30. Moderate: Thursday, Friday, Saturday @ Sonnys= $15. Plus maybe $15-$30 for illegal substances= $30-$45. Excessive: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday @ Sonnys=$20 Plus maybe $20-$40 for illegal substances= $40-$60

16 You can do the math.. Tanning is a waste of money. Money you are wasting on killing your self slowly. Plus the 10% tax Obama is adding! Save your tanning money for maybe a few more fun nights at Sonnys….

17 The majority of the human race is pale during the winter. (JOIN THE WORLD AND BE PALE) You stand out more when your baked in the winter. (YOU LOOK FAKE) You are damaging your body inside and out.(YOU ARE TAKING 10 YEARS OFF YOU LIFE) You are wasting money, in July you will be wasting more money. (THE GOVERNMENT IS MAKING YOU PAY TO KILL YOUR BODY)

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