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Diwali By Savannah.

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1 Diwali By Savannah

2 Introducing Diwali In English we say Diwali. In Hindi we say Divali.
It is the “Festival of Lights” and is considered to be the biggest festival of the year in India. One of the story's behind Diwali is that Hindis believe that it is to honour the homecoming of Rama and Sita, based on a story which is in a book like our bible. (to read about go to next page) but the moral of Diwali is good winning over evil and letting light into your home and life

3 Rama and Sita’s story A good man, called Rama, was married to a beautiful princess, named Sita. They had been banished to live in the forest with his brother, Lakshman, by his stepmother as she wanted her son to be king. Ravana, the demon king with ten heads, heard of Sita’s beauty and goodness and planed to kidnap her. By magic he conjured up a golden fawn. She asked Rama to capture it. The demon king disguised himself as a old man and tricked Sita. He kidnaped her and flew away on his chariot back to his island, Lanka. Rama and Laksham searched for months for Sita. Finally, they asked Hanuman, king of the monkey army, for help. Hanuman could fly.

4 Rama and Sita’s story part 2
He found Sita imprisoned on the island, Lanka. Hanuman, Rama, Lakshman prepared themselves for battle. There was one of the greatest battles ever seen. The fighting lasted for 10 whole days. It looked as though Ravana was going to win, until Rama borrowed a special bow and arrow from the gods. Rama shot Ravana and the won the battle. Rama rescued Sita and they decided to go home. As it got dark the people of the kingdom put little oil lamps in their windows to show the way home. It seemed as though there were more lamps than stars in the sky. Everyone was happy. Rama and Sita Ruled well.

5 Preparing for Diwali It is celebrated over five days in either October or November, wherever Hindi people live, mostly in India, but also many places around the world such as Fiji and Australia. Hindis buy new clothes to wear for Diwali, and spring clean their houses. They decorate their homes with clay lamps and other lights Gifts are bought to be given to family and friends

6 How Diwali is celebrated.
Families gather together to celebrate They will eat traditional foods, such as the sweets called Badam Phirni and gulab jamun. Children will light mini candles They will then go around knocking on peoples houses and sing and dance for them. Hindis will paint patterns on their front door step. Diwali is most famous for the fireworks and crackers that people light during the festival This is a girl with the mini candles Here is one of the patterns on a front door step

7 Happy Diwali!

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