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Recycling Fluorescent Lamps: Why, How, and What Happens If You Dont! Presented by Tom Griffin.

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1 Recycling Fluorescent Lamps: Why, How, and What Happens If You Dont! Presented by Tom Griffin

2 Sustainability & Green Program Development Green Assessments Waste Stream Auditing Hazardous & Universal Waste Management and Compliance Environmental Management Systems & ISO14001 Staff Training & Consumer Education LEED Advisory Services Green PR Services - Program Participation, Recognition, & Awards Voluntary Program Development & Management Green Events Management & Staffing Green Products & Technologies Sustainability Consulting Services

3 My Background & Role Tom Griffin, Division Director Sustainability Programs Green Assessments & Waste Audits Voluntary Programs Development & Coordination Regulatory Compliance for Air Cycle Corporation

4 » Fluorescent lamps contain mercury Regulations protect the environment, protect workers, and protect your company. Why Recycle Lamps?

5 Whats In A Lamp?

6 » Weights vary according to size, make, etc… A typical T8 weighs approx. 3-4 lbs. Glass – 95-98% Aluminum, lead oxides, trace metals – 2-3% Phosphor – 1-2% Mercury -.002-.02% (3-20+mg) Whats In A Lamp?

7 What is Mercury? » Liquid metal, useful in switches, gauges, thermometers and the like because it expands and contracts with changes in temperature and other variables.

8 Lamps Switches & Gages Manometers Barometers Thermostats Batteries Thermometers Dental Amalgams Medications / Vaccines Lab Chemicals Bougie Tubes & Sphygmomanometers Where is Mercury?

9 How Does Mercury Enter the Environment?

10 How Does Mercury Enter the Environment?

11 How Does Mercury Enter the Environment?

12 How Does Mercury Enter the Environment?

13 How Does Mercury Enter the Environment?

14 » It is a neurotoxin » Elemental mercury » Direct prolonged exposures » Exposures by eating seafood » METHYLMERCURY The Real Dangers of Mercury…

15 High exposures to mercury may cause: Human Health Effects Trembling hands & numbness or tingling in their lips, tongues, fingers or toes Fatigue, joint pain & mental instability Speech, hearing problems

16 » Deposition in water » Anaerobic conditions » Accumulation in the food chain Methylmercury Neurotoxin [CH 3 Hg] +

17 The Conversion to Methylmercury

18 Minamata Bay

19 The Mercury Life Cycle


21 Nearly 530 million spent mercury containing lamps are put in trash each year Estimated that 2 - 4 tons mercury released annually from broken lamps Health Impacts from Improper Lamp Disposal

22 » Protect the environment » Protect people » Stay regulatory- compliant » Part of effective green program If You Recycle Lamps…

23 » Negative impacts on environment, staff, and public » Out of compliance – regulatory issues arise » Poor message to staff and customers If You Dont…

24 How Do I Recycle Lamps?

25 » Drum-top crushing of lamps » Mail-back shipping of intact lamps » Bulk pickup of intact lamps Options for Every Facility

26 Convenient! Great for small quantities Also recycle batteries, ballasts, and e-waste Prepaid shipping of intact lamps to a recycling facility for processing Mail-Back Recycling

27 Certified UN-compliant and ISTA® Transit Tested Certified Brown craft cardboard is 100% recyclable VaporShield® is a specially treated box that contains mercury vapor and replaces the box and bag system, speeding the loading process. VaporShield®

28 Ships directly to permitted lamp recycling facilities Mercury and all lamp materials recovered Recycling certificates with weights Mailing of Intact Lamps

29 Bulk Pickup of Lamps Pickup and transport of large quantities of intact lamps for recycling Recycle unlimited quantities of waste Flexible scheduling for recycling on as-needed basis Perfect for locations where lamp crushing not available

30 Drum-Top Lamp Crushing Crushing of spent lamps into a drum for pickup and shipment for recycling Most efficient lamp recycling method for large operations Storage, space, & handling benefits Improved environmental program


32 Fines Bad PR Hazards Your Facility

33 Safe and efficient lamp recycling programs for any size facility! Bulb Eater® Bulk Pickup EasyPak

34 Your Facility Fines Bad PR Hazards

35 Bulb Eater® Bulk PickupEasyPak Your Facility www.AirCycle.com800.909.9709

36 How is it Recycled? Lamp waste is shipped to permitted facilities to safely extract mercury and recycle ALL materials

37 How is it Recycled?


39 Environmental Regulations & Lamp Recycling What Happens If You Dont? $$ Fines $$

40 What Happens If You Dont? » Negative impacts on environment, staff, and public » Out of compliance –regulatory issues arise » Poor message to staff and customers » Fines $$ Fines $$

41 Environmental Regulations & Lamp Recycling

42 » Cradle to Grave » Determination of HW » Treatment, Storage, & Disposal » Recordkeeping » Generator Status Subtitle C: Hazardous Wastes 40 CFR Parts 261-269

43 » Hazardous materials that can be recycled » Decreased recordkeeping & handling requirements Subtitle C: Universal Wastes 40 CFR Part 273 Universal Waste Lamps to Be Recycled

44 Lamps & ballasts Electronic wastes Batteries Subtitle C: Universal Wastes 40 CFR Part 273 Used oil, etc… Pesticides Mercury-containing equipment

45 Universal Wastes » Very little recordkeeping » Labeling is important » Generator responsible for seeing that materials are properly recycled! » Otherwise…HAZARDOUS!

46 Intact Lamps Crushed Lamps (in 9 states) Reduced regulatory requirements Generator status Handling, storage, and shipping Lamp Disposal Options: Universal Waste Recycling!

47 Crushed Lamps Universal Waste in 9 States Colorado Florida Illinois Maryland Montana New Mexico Tennessee Texas Virginia

48 EPA ID # not required No manifests required Labeled: Universal Waste – Lamps to be Recycled Must be handled according to manufacturers specifications Responsible for proper recycling Certain additional state requirements Crushed Lamps: Universal

49 Crushed Lamps (allowed in 35 states) Lots of Benefits RCRA hazardous waste regulations apply Generator status Handling, storage, and shipping Lamp Disposal Options: Recycling As Hazardous

50 Crushed Lamps Hazardous Waste in 32 States Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas Delaware D.C. Georgia Hawaii Idaho Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Massachusetts Michigan Mississippi Nebraska Nevada New Jersey New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon South Carolina South Dakota Utah Washington Wisconsin Wyoming

51 Generator status and requirements RCRA – Subtitle C /TSD-permitted facilities Shipping manifests often required EPA ID # often required Additional requirements for SQG and LQG Additional state requirements Recycling certificates Crushed Lamps: Hazardous

52 Lamp Recycling Options Disposal / Waste Determination Hazardous Waste Non-Hazardous Waste Low-Mercury Lamps Possible benefits for generator status

53 Determination: The Case of Lamps Low-mercury lamps pass TCLP TCLP Testing (0.2mg/l) Landfill bans (0.025mg/l) Hazardous? Hazardous waste disposal Subtitle C-permitted facility…still must be recycled!

54 Crush and ship for recycling Mail or ship to recycle intact X Improper disposal Environmental Regulations & Lamp Disposal Options

55 » Violations » Fines…$$ » Worker exposure to mercury » Bad PR Improper Lamp Disposal Lamp Disposal Options:

56 » Common Misconceptions… Conditionally Exempt Dilution is the Solution Low Mercury Lamps Lamp Disposal Options: Improper Lamp Disposal

57 » Exposures to workers and the public Lamp Disposal Options: Improper Lamp Disposal

58 » Bad public relations… Lamp Disposal Options: U.S. EPA Files $111,199 Complaint Against College for Hazardous Waste Violations ….including improper management of spent lamps. U.S. EPA Fines Iowa company $54,786 for hazardous waste violations including…improper labeling and management of spent lamps. NYC fined for improper lamp disposal. U.S. EPA has reached an agreement with New York City requiring it to pay $50,000 in penalties and launch a comprehensive program to properly manage old light bulbs and computer monitors…... US EPA issues fines for lamp disposal violations …has agreed to pay a $49,725 penalty and to voluntarily ensure that its approximately 75 stores throughout New York, New Jersey and Puerto Rico remain in compliance with the requirements for the handling of spent light bulbs. Improper Lamp Disposal

59 Presented by Tom Griffin Recycling Fluorescent Lamps: Why, How, and What Happens If You Dont!

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