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DISEÑOLAMP S.L. Founded in 1995, headquartered in the area Las Nieves de Móstoles. Since then, the passion for our work requires us to be always up to.

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2 DISEÑOLAMP S.L. Founded in 1995, headquartered in the area Las Nieves de Móstoles. Since then, the passion for our work requires us to be always up to date, in terms of latest technology and design. In this way, we can always respond to all the needs of our customers.

3 LIGHT Light is an important element in architecture in all its forms. A good lighting, means to enjoy the environment and provide more value to any building type and space. Since 1995 Diseñolamp tries to guide and advise architects, interior designers and specifiers, along the entire project steps.

4 THE PROJECT As a national company and speaking the same language, we try to offer a personalized service in all projects, providing a comprehensive service. To achieve this, we use specialized programs for lighting calculation as Relux and Dialux.

5 DISTRIBUTION NETWORK Diseñolamps headquarters' lies in Móstoles (Madrid), but we have a number of agents and distributors covering several key points of Spain. Central Zone Catalunya Aragón Rioja Navarra Castilla y León

6 EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTION Diseñolamp represents exclusively in Spain a number of international firms, highly regarded, known throughout Europe. TRIDONIC QBO Tre Ci Luce Lumitech

7 QBO QBO luminaires incorporate a high technology in their design processes, manufacturing and development. Thanks to our manufacturing systems and lighting design, we are able to provide customized solutions to suit the particular requirements of each lighting project. Offices Malls/Shopping Centers Stores Facades Parks and Gardens

8 TRIDONIC Diseñolamp, together with Tridonic, strives to give its contribution towards better energy performance. We keep on achieving it, providing high- end equipment and components of high quality. Magnetic and electronic ballasts DALI dimmable electronic ballasts Emergency systems Magnetic and electronic transformers DC Converters Starters PBX Systems and DALI control

9 TRE CI LUCE Diseñolamp, together with Tre Ci Luce, develops two types of projects: 1)Residential projects, giving much importance to the aesthetics, innovative design and high-end materials. 2)Thanks to its extensive experience in the use of all light sources, we can develop projects for all types of commercial spaces (common spaces and shops), and for work spaces such as offices, where you need a good light control.

10 LUMITECH LUMITECH offers LED lighting technology for luminaires and lighting solutions for commercial refrigeration lighting, linear shelf lighting and specialized high performance lighting Lumitech has several patents and constantly strives to develop and improve current LED technology, often in cooperation with external research institutes such as the Technical University of Graz and Joanneum Research It focuses on issues related to lighting applications such as optimal timing of all components of a lighting solution within a specific environment, such as offices or hospitals This company has extensive experience in the LED technology field and it was awarded with the Austrian State Prize for Innovation in 2007 for the development of PI-LED technology.

11 CERTIFICATIONS the products distributed by diseñolamp respect all safety rules and electromagnetic compatibility. UNE EN 60598-1 EN 55015 In the case that the manufacturer can not provide the quality certificate ENEC for a specfic product, you can always ask for a self- certification.

12 ENERGY SAVING The European Union has pledged to reduce primary energy consumption by 20% within 2020. Diseñolamp tries to provide solutions for their projects, using whenever possible, only energy-efficient lamps. Thus, Diseñolamp tries minding our customers and contributes to safeguarding the environment.

13 COLOR RENDERING INDEX The color rendering index is a measurement unit which indicates the ability of a light source to reproduce faithfully the colors of various objects in comparison with natural light source. In lighting projects for shops, Diseñolamp always advised the use of lamps with color rendering index higher than 90.

14 OFFICE SPACES In the offices is very important to use lights that have a good control of the luminance distribution. In the projects of offices, Diseñolamp always uses, or advises to use, products that complying with the UNE-EN 12464-1, trying to place the lights so that the coefficient UGR is kept as low as possible.

15 SHOPPING CENTERS In a shopping center, the lighting aims to show the products displayed as much as attractive as possible, but especially it aims to to ensure a high level of security in all areas. Diseñolamp´s projects, through photometric data devices, always guarantee optimum lighting levels, getting by far the requirements of the regulations in force.

16 STORES in a store the keyword to a lighting system is "flexibility". In Diseñolamp, our rail systems and projectors are very dynamic, and ensure complete versatility suitable for any type of window.










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