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2 Why a Mini-Inverter? WITH TODAY’S HIGHLY EFFICIENT LED TECHNOLOGY, MINI INVERTERS ARE A RELIABLE, ECONOMICAL, HIGH-PERFORMANCE CHOICE FOR EMERGENCY POWER Offers a broad range of capacity for maximum flexibility Provides 125W to 720W of emergency power for 90 minutes Can power many remotes including new LED low wattage luminaires Ideal for locations with limited space to house power systems

3 Why a Mini Inverter? Allows existing fixtures to be used as emergency lighting Preserves the aesthetics of high-visibility areas Can run existing normally-on light fixtures in a power failure, as an alternative to separate dedicated emergency lighting Powers LED fixtures and most light sources at 100%

4 Choosing The Right Backup Power System

5 Features Improved-Diagnostics/ Self-Testing System Design
A variable test period based on code requirements is performed every 30 days (1 minute each month, 10 minutes after 6 months, and 90 minutes after 12 months) System Design Utilizes highly reliable solid state electronics The modules feature input and output protection, as well as measure and limit their own current

6 Features Capacity True Sine Waveform (250W and up)
Starting at 125W up to 720W, 120V and 277V True Sine Waveform (250W and up) with less than 5% Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) for linear loads Construction: 14-gauge steel housing Input/Output voltage 120V 60 Hz or 277V 60 Hz Replacable output fuse protection Low Voltage Battery Disconnect Unit comes standard with electronic lockout and brownout circuits Improved-diagnostics non-audible is standard

7 Modified Sine Wave vs Pure Sine Wave
A modified sine wave (sometimes referred to as a “simulated” sine wave is an AC current that is not a pure sine wave. Modified sine waves have some load limitations in regards to electronic equipment. Lighting loads, however, are typically unaffected by modified sine wave current (see note at the bottom). Pure Sine Wave: A pure sine wave is indicative of normal AC voltage. There are no load limitations with pure sine wave output. Note: Some fluorescent lamps / light fixtures that have power factor correction capacitors (such as old magnetic ballasts) may not be compatible with the modified sine wave.

8 Nexus Reliability Through Technology
Nexus® allows for maintenance time and cost savings Ensures that the emergency lighting fixtures will perform when needed Nexus® can contribute to LEED certification and support sustainability objectives

9 Benefits Code Compliance High Performance
Reduces testing/service time for a minimal maintenance cost, while ensuring that local safety codes are met Provides system reliability in a power failure condition High Performance Rugged, easy-to-maintain system Offers exceptional overload performance without the need to over-specify the rating Accept load to its full capacity when load feature power factor of 0.9 or more

10 Benefits Versatile Applications Maximum Light Output
Can be used in almost every type of building Ideal for architecturally sensitive applications Lowers maintenance and testing costs Can be installed at a distance of up to 1000 feet, offering the opportunity to hide the unit from view and maintain the architectural design by powering normally-on luminaires Maximum Light Output Deliver 100% power / lumen output of the fixture up to the specified run time Compatible with all fluorescent ballast, LED drivers or incandescent light sources

11 Electrical Characteristics

12 How to Order

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