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Know the Rules: Be Safe Around Electricity. What Is Electricity? We use electricity everyday. But: –What does it look like? –What does it smell like?

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1 Know the Rules: Be Safe Around Electricity

2 What Is Electricity? We use electricity everyday. But: –What does it look like? –What does it smell like? –What does it taste like?

3 Answer: None of the Above! Electricity is created by the movement of tiny particles called electrons We cant see, smell or taste them But when in motion, they generate a current of energy This current powers the things we use everyday

4 Water Metals Trees People Conducting Business Objects that are conductors of electricity are made of material that lets electrons move quickly:

5 GlassPorcelain PlasticCloth …And Then There Are Insulators Insulators of electricity do not let electrons move as freely:

6 How Is Electricity Made? In many power plants –Coal is burned in huge furnaces –Steam from the coal turns a jet engine-like turbine –The turning turbine generates electricity –Electricity leaves the plant through power lines –The steam is cleaned before it leaves the smokestacks

7 Big Bend Power Station

8 Bayside Power Station Uses natural gas instead of coal Natural gas is even cleaner than coal The environment is healthier You get the same electricity in your home

9 Bayside Power Station

10 How Can Tiny Objects I Cant See Hurt Me? Think of electrical current like a current of water A trickle of water wont feel very strong A crashing wave can knock you off your feet Just like: A tiny electrical current may give you a static charge A stronger electrical current can hurt or kill you!

11 How Do People Who Work On Power Lines Stay Safe? Heavy protection Special tools Lots of safety training Even with these things, accidents can still happen. But without them, you could be in big danger.

12 How Can I Stay Safe? A big way to stay safe is NEVER PLAY AROUND POWER LINES! Never dig around power lines Never climb trees around power lines Never throw things around power lines

13 How Else Can I Stay Safe? Always keep cords and wires away from water and heat Never touch water and electrical devices at the same time Never use electrical devices if youre wet

14 How Else Can I Stay Safe? Never put your fingers in an electrical outlet or light socket

15 How Dangerous Are the Electrical Items in My Home? Each year, about 200 people in the United States die of electrocution from electric appliances

16 Why Are Wires Dangerous? Electrical wires, cables or lines can carry enough electricity to power the homes in an entire neighborhood. Usually they are safe, but sometimes things can damage them: A storm A car accident A tree limb

17 Practice the power of safety! If you see a power line thats fallen, STAY AWAY! Dont ever go near a fallen pole Tell an adult immediately Call 9-1-1

18 Auto Response If youre inside a car near a downed power line, never get out of the car The electricity is touching the ground The ground is a conductor of electricity If you touch the ground,the electricity will flow into your body!

19 But Wait – Theres More If you think something might be dangerous, dont touch it! Electricity can be safe – but only when we use it the right way.

20 An Outside Chance of Danger Youre playing in a field, when suddenly: –The sky turns dark –Rain begins to fall –You hear thunder –What should you do?

21 Get Inside Immediately! But…what if you cant get to shelter before lightning begins to strike?

22 Lay Low! Lightning usually strikes the tallest object in a field This includes trees NEVER HIDE UNDER A TREE WHEN THERE IS LIGHTNING!

23 The Land of Lightning: More people get hurt from lightning in Florida than in any other state –Warm weather –Moist air –A sea breeze When these three kinds of weather come together, they produce thunderstorms

24 Remember the 30-30 Rule! After you see a flash of lightning, count the seconds If you cant count to 30 before you hear thunder, stay inside After the last flash of lightning in a storm, wait 30 minutes before leaving home Half of all people who die from lightning are struck after the storm is over

25 More Than Meets the Eye In many neighborhoods, you see green metal boxes next to the road These are called pad-mount transformers Dont play on them Dont sit on them 000 08 000 62

26 Stay Safe With Electricity Use common sense Follow the rules of electrical safety When in doubt, ask an adult

27 The Buzz Around Town: The best person to keep you safe is YOU!

28 Sometimes Adults Forget! Remind your parents about how to stay safe with electricity…and tell your friends too!

29 More Things You Can Do If you see an electrical wire down, let an adult know. You can report it to us by calling 1-877-588-1010. If you notice a streetlight out, write down the number on the pole. With an adults help, go to and find the Streetlight Out form. Fill it out and well send a crew out to fix

30 Educating Yourself Is Fun! Learn more about electrical safety with your parents at:

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