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3 INSURANCE The insurance cover must at least be in effect during the shakedown or Free Practice and the Qualifying stage SCRUTINEERING CHECKS Checks on safety items, including clothing, as well as on the car, may be carried out at any time during the rally including Shakedown, Free Practice / Qualifying Stage when applicable. Shakedown / Free Practice / Qualifying

4 TIMING For special stages, timing will be to the tenth of a second. For free practice and qualifying stages, timing will be to the thousandth of a second.

5 Free Practice / Qualifying Stage will be organised for all FIA and ERC Priority Drivers in order to establish the rally start order GENERAL

6 This stage may become a shakedown stage for other competitors after Qualifying is complete. -Participation in Qualifying is mandatory. - Ideally be of a distance between 3 km and 5 km. - A competitor whose car breaks down during Free Practice or Qualifying shall nevertheless be required to attend the ceremonial start. GENERAL

7 -Free Practice stage will be organised with the purpose of being both a media and promotional opportunity and for competitors to trial their cars. RUNNING OF FREE PRACTICE


9 The eligible drivers may complete a maximum of 2 passages of practice within the timeframe specified by the organisers. -It is recommended that free practice be held between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. on the day after pre-rally scrutineering. - Any passenger on board the car during Free Practice who is not entered for the rally must have signed a disclaimer provided by the organiser. RUNNING OF FREE PRACTICE

10 - After the 2 passages allowed for practice, the eligible drivers will start the Qualifying stage in the order of the current ERC classification for Drivers with a 2-minute interval between each car. - The driver and co-driver entered must be on board the car throughout the Qualifying stage. RUNNING OF QUALIFYING STAGE

11 - The Stewards shall decide the order of drivers who have not been classified in the previous ERC for Drivers. -A starting list will be published at a time indicated in the rally Supplementary Regulations. RUNNING OF QUALIFYING STAGE

12 - After Qualifying, the eligible drivers are not authorised to return to the Shakedown stage. RUNNING OF QUALIFYING STAGE

13 - Any car which breaks down during the Qualifying stage or during the following road section will be transported to the parc fermé by the organisers once the Qualifying stage has finished. -Any driver who does not correctly complete the Qualifying stage will choose his position last. BREAKDOWN DURING QS

14 -If more than one driver does not complete the stage, positions will be chosen in the order of the starting list for the Qualifying stage. (article 30.6.2) BREAKDOWN DURING QS

15 -Any service on a car once it has started the Qualifying stage is prohibited. -All cars which participate in the Qualifying stage must immediately and directly be brought to the parc fermé designated by the organiser and remain there until released by the Stewards. PARC FERMÉ AFTER QS

16 - Competitors will choose their start position for the rally according to the results of the Qualifying stage. ATTRIBUTION OF ST. POSITIONS

17 - The fastest driver will choose his position first, then the second, followed by the third etc. -Any driver who does not arrive on time to choose his position will automatically choose his position last. ATTRIBUTION OF ST. POSITIONS

18 - The location and time of day of this procedure must be specified in the rally supplement ary regulations. ATTRIBUTION OF ST. POSITIONS

19 LATE OR EARLY CHECK-IN Any late or early check-in to the time control preceding the start of the Qualifying stage (TCQS) will be considered as an incorrect participation and Art. 30.6.2 will apply. FALSE START Any false start during the Qualifying stage, particularly one made before the signal has been given, will be considered as an incorrect participation and Art. 30.6.2 will apply. ATTRIBUTION OF ST. POSITIONS

20 SERVICE From the beginning of the timetable for Free Practice until the individual start time of the Qualifying stage, service may only be carried out in the main service park or the service park designated by the organiser for this purpose. ATTRIBUTION OF ST. POSITIONS


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