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Changes in the Observers report guidelines 2012 By Jordi Parro.

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1 Changes in the Observers report guidelines 2012 By Jordi Parro

2 There are no changes in the 2012 Observers report. There are small modifications in the guidelines, due to the few changes in the 2012 FIA Regional Rallies Championships Sporting Regulations. This presentation is a reminder of the changes in the regulations that affect the observers report and also a clarification about some other points that have been discussed during the last year.

3 Supplementary Regulations The observer should check the Supplementary Regulations before the rally. This year the duration of the rally is 72 hrs from the beginning of the scrutineering until the posting of the Final Official Classification. If there is a Shakedown, 6 hours can be added. If there is a SuperSpecial Stage 4 hours can be added. (point Observers report) There is not a maximum total distance for rallies ( point Observers report) The closing date for entries will be maximum 7 days before the beginning of the Administrative Checkings. (point Observers report)

4 Supplementary Regulations The observer should check the Supplementary Regulations before the rally. The list and the starting list should be sent to the FIA at least 5 days before the start of the rally. (Point Observers report) A printed version of the Rally Guide and Supplementary Regulations is optional. Both should be posted in the Rally Website. (Points and Observers report) The Rally Guide is now mandatory also for European Cup events. (Point 3.2 Observers report)

5 Use of Internet to provide other information. The improvement posibilities of the websites in many rallies is very high. (Point Observers report) As an example, a Virtual Notice Board is very useful when the Official Notice Board is far away from the Service Park. (Point Observers report) Many other information could be posted, like high definition maps, SS maps with descriptions, pictures of the spectator zones, safety videos, links to the online radio, pictures and videos of the rally, touristic information with links to hotels and transport, previous editions information, information to the press including SS restricted accesses or reserved media zones...


7 In the Road Book, on road sections, the junctions to or from another SS should be identified and oncoming rally traffic should be mentioned. (Point Observers report) Helicopter points should be mentioned. (Point Observers report) Road Book

8 Road Book In case of a change in the road book (e. g. with a bulletin) not only the changed indication boxes have to be shown but also the last and the first valid indication boxes have to be printed with their numbers. The changed pages should be issued in A5 to be inserted into the road book (Point Observers Report)


10 Scrutineering The organizers may schedule scrutineering as an opportunity to present crews and their cars to the public. In this case, all crew members shall attend scrutineering according to a time window announced in the supplementary regulations or via a bulletin issued by the organizers.



13 Scrutineering Schedule for 40 cars: Instead of:do it this way: 14:00 -14: :30 -15: :00 -15: :30 -16: :00 -16: :´30 -17: :00 -17: :30 -18: :00 -18: :30 -19: :00 -14: :30 -15: :00 -15: :30 -16: :00 -16: :30 -17: :00 -17: :30 -14: :00 -14: :00 -14:

14 Repairs in Parc Ferme If the scrutineers consider that the state of a car has become sufficiently defective that safety might be affected. With the permission of the chief scrutineer and in the presence of a scrutineer the car may be repaired in the parc fermé. One team member will be allowed to repair, in conformity with Appendix J, or exchange FIA homologated safety items which are included in a FIA technical list and mounted on the car (i.e.. seat belt, extinguisher, …).

15 REPAIRS IN PARC FERME Under the supervision of an authorized marshal or scrutineer, the crew and up to 3 team personnel may change the window(s). This two articles means that a scrutineer should be always available in all parcs ferme. (point observers report)



18 Taping of spectator zones. It doesnt exist a color obligatory for spectator zones. The spectator zones must be seen easily by the public. If in a rally the spectator zones are marked with yellow tape because there are many green fields, its Ok. If the spectator zones are marked with green tape because there are many dry fields, its Ok. (Point Observers report)

19 The green tape couldnt be easily seen on green fields.

20 Tabards Try to use always the tabards with the colors as described in the Appendix H. (Point Observers report) If the colors of the tabards are different than in Appendix H, they should be described in the Supplementary Regulations. Never use the same color for marshals and photographers.

21 This are photographers, not Radio Officers !


23 Official Final Classification Includes all competitors who have started the rally. (all competitors who have completed the rally, all retired competitors – marked with ret, all excluded competitors marked with exc) (Point Observers Report)

24 Thank you

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