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M OBILE D EVICES IN R ETAIL An overview of mobile technologies at the 2014 National Retail Federations Big Show.

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1 M OBILE D EVICES IN R ETAIL An overview of mobile technologies at the 2014 National Retail Federations Big Show

2 M OBILE T ECHNOLOGY HAS BEEN A PART OF RETAIL FOR YEARS Sales and Stock Floor use two-way radios for communication, wireless inventory scanners, and portable network printers for keeping merchandise properly tagged Scanners and printers depend on the store having a secure wireless network in place This network connects to a corporate WAN from which price and inventory information is pushed to and from the stores

3 C URRENT R ETAIL M OBILE D EVICES Inventory Scanners Sales Floor Walkie Talkies Portable Printers

4 N EW M OBILE T ECHNOLOGIES IMPROVE EFFICIENCY New handheld scanners Show inventory at other stores Can connect warehouse/distribution center info May connect to Web for more info on products Answer phone calls Digital Signage Department locations Promotions Sales Shelf Labels Reduces paper waste Centrally updated Scalable Store Management Systems Use the same system for mall kiosks through large chain stores Add modules, capabilities, as needed Mobile Point-of-Sale Sales floor, trade & craft shows Self Checkout and Express Checkout Mobile Wallets BYOD/Customer Mobile Devices

5 N EW M OBILE D EVICES Display Data ESLs Display Data Electronic Shelf Labels Wirelessly update price, promotion information Motorola MC40 Motorola Integrates radio, telephony, and inventory info

6 I NTEGRATING C USTOMER D EVICES Retailer mobile web sites and apps Pared down, specific information Shopping lists Mobile coupons Inventory view Online ordering SMS sale notifications Customer self-service Scanning Mobile checkout QR codes Mobile wallets

7 E XAMPLES OF M OBILE S ITES AND A PPS Michaels Arts and Crafts Mobile App Main Page Mobile Web Main Page Mobile Coupon

8 E XAMPLES OF M OBILE A PPS Target Mobile WebMobile AppMobile Menu

9 N ON -B RAND -S PECIFIC R ETAIL A PPS Coupon-sharing apps Snip-Snap, Retail-Me-Not, etc. Code Scanners Barcode Scanners Link to reviews, availability Sell through online marketplaces QR Scanners Link to manufacturer information, reviews May also link to online marketplaces TAG Scanner Microsofts color code scanner Acts like a QR Scanner for TAG-coded items Product review sites

10 T RACKING I N -S TORE C USTOMERS Uses include Store merchandise display management Loss Prevention Push notification of specials Analytics – What are customers looking at, versus what are they buying, and at what price point? Done with WiFi beacons (video) WiFi beaconsvideo Public WiFi Bluetooth beacons Activated by consumer apps

11 A SSOCIATE M OBILE D EVICES Company owned devices Inventory, price, location; sale completion Interstore ordering and cross shipping Associate task notification Customer movements (as seen by cameras, beacons) Customer Call buttons Personal devices Usually not allowed on sales floor, but essential to provide excellent customer service Bing/Google research obsolete products to suggest similar ones Pinterest to demonstrate ideas for using the stores products YouTube and blogs for instructions and techniques Remote access for store and district managers

12 T HE M ODERN C ASH R EGISTER Point of Sale System (POS) Computer-based (software) Barcode scanner Cash drawer Card swipe Receipt printer

13 P AYMENT P ROCESSING A separate system and/or service may be used to verify card payments Verification requires robust, secure communication (either telephonic or Internet) between the service, the payment processing terminal, and the POS terminal

14 H OW THE C ASH R EGISTER W ORKS The POS system (software) controls the opening and closing of the cash drawer for cash sales The Payment Processing Terminal processes non- cash payments and sends approval or denial messages to the POS A receipt is printed upon acceptance of payment

15 C ASH REGISTER OF THE F UTURE Revel Systems iPad-based POS system VerifoneVerifone PWM e410 iPod-based payment processing system

16 U PDATED C OMPONENTS Mobile POS software (e.g., Vend)Vend Tablet-based POS terminals (e.g., HP MX10)HP MX10 Ultra-small USB and Bluetooth barcode scanners

17 U PDATED W ORKFLOW The POS still controls the cash drawer Mobile payment processing peripherals fit onto tablet-based POS terminals Terminals also accept mobile-wallet payments Customers are offered e-mail receipts Physical receipts may still be available E-mail addresses are harvested for customer loyalty programs ISIS NFC Mobile Wallet Payment Terminal

18 M OBILE P AYMENTS Mobile Device as Payment Processing Terminal Square, Pay Anywhere, PayPal Here, Intuit, etc. Swipe credit cards, connect to payment processing systems Requires network connection Payment Processing Cradles Fit over iPhones or iPads More stable swiping technology Integrate into stores secure networks Mobile Wallets PayPal Mobile, Amazon, Google Wallet Powered by connections to bank accounts, traditional credit cards NFC (Near Field Communication) Wallets e.g., ISIS Connects to specific bank cards, manages bank cards Uses NFC chip, secure layer, and password Tied to specific device Hover to pay

19 S UMMARY From before you walk into the store until well after you walk out, mobile devices are hard at work to bring you the magic of finding what you want, when you want it, letting you pay by a variety of methods, and minimizing the time you need to wait for service

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