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NFC and mobile commerce applications

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1 NFC and mobile commerce applications
Vincent Lee Tranz Technologies Taipei, Taiwan

2 What is NFC, in plain words?
Try to answer an 8-year-old girl’s question… “NFC is a way to exchange messages in a very short distance over the air. Just like you use the mobile phone to pay bus fares and buy candies at the convenient store.” (not just for the payment, I know) Of course I didn’t mention “EM”, “Data”, “Security” or any “Technology” terms

3 Why are you using NFC? “NFC makes my life easier and happier.” “Are you still happy while NFC flies your money to other people, over the air?” “Well,… at least NFC simplifies the process to ease my mind.”

4 NFC use modes Reader/Tag Mode Peer-to-peer Mode Card Emulation Mode
Informational and promotional applications RFID-like applications, AutoIDs, track and trace Peer-to-peer Mode Devices connecting, data sharing Card Emulation Mode Secure transaction, payment applications

5 Reader/Tag Mode Information and promotion for consumers
Product descriptions Service instructions Boutique authentications Smart posters Dosage directions

6 Reader/Tag Mode Track and trace for business checkpoints Manufacturing
Picking Packing Shipping Receiving Racking more…

7 Peer-to-peer Mode All about “Data transfer”
(NFC data transfer rate at 424 kb/s, seems a bit slow. However,…) NFC can “handover” to faster protocols. NFC can do the “connect” work (device pairing) and let Bluetooth or WiFi Direct do the “transfer” work.

8 Peer-to-peer Mode Content sharing Audio streaming CE connecting texts
files multimedia Audio streaming headset, speakers CE connecting Pairing NFC Devices –Home computer components –In-car devices –Home entertainment systems –Headsets and handsets –Cameras and printers / digital frames Connectivity –Quick and secure Bluetooth and Wi-Fi set-up –Fast data transfer –Audio handover Information Gathering –Read product history from smart tag to NFC phone

9 Card Emulation Mode Payment via “Contactless” way, just like those
Smart Cards A virtual smart card embedded in an NFC phone Source: IEEE website

10 Card Emulation Mode Pay with “Google Wallet” use Users also can store
Selected credit card Prepaid deposit Users also can store Loyalty cards Gift cards Source: Google website

11 Security and Privacy Hardware level Software level System level
Secure Element (SE), Encryption on tags Software level Tag filtering, Authentication, authorization System level Follow all about computer and network security issues

12 What paves the NFC road? Standards and Specifications
Device interface, data exchange, security and others Device availability phones, tablets, terminals and others Internet connectivity 3G/4G, and WiFi Commercial solutions Customer demands, Business workflows

13 NFC Standard bodies NFC Forum ISO/ECMA GSMA
ISO/IEC / ECMA-340 / NFCIP-1 ISO/IEC / ECMA-352 / NFCIP-2 GSMA Testing standards for global interoperability of NFC  NFC Forum Data exchange format (NDEF) Tag standards Record Type Definitions Protocols and more

14 NFC Standard bodies for payment
ETSI / SCP (Smart Card Platform) Specify the interface between the SIM card and the NFC chipset. GlobalPlatform Specify a multi-application architecture of the secure element. EMVCo Manages the EMV® Integrated Circuit Card Specifications GlobalPlatform is an independent, not-for-profit organization concerned with a standardized infrastructure for development, deployment and management of smart cards. It was founded in 1999 to take responsibility for Visa Inc.'s Open Platformspecification. EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard and Visa, a global standard for inter-operation ofintegrated circuit cards (IC cards or "chip cards") and IC card capable point of sale(POS) terminals and automated teller machines (ATMs), for authenticating credit anddebit card transactions.

15 NFC Application Area Non-payment  Advertising  Consumer Electronics
 Gaming  Healthcare and wellness  Hospitality  Retail (POS tag reading)  Social media Check-in, source: Foursquare website

16 Mobile commerce coming!
Thanks to the internet, we have E-Commerce Thanks to the smart mobiles, we have M-Commerce

17 What makes NFC booming? Go Smart Mobiles! NFC makes mobile commerce
Use Intuitively Process Simply Transactions more Secure NFC do right things right at little risk!

18 Imaging consumers have their own readers…
Hmm, any good jacket suits my shirt style? Let’s see… 30% Off!! Limit offer till this weekend Size: L Color: Green Materials Manufactured: Laundry instr.: They want to know more!

19 NFC integrates with sensor
Smart Packaging NFC integrated with temperate sensor Opus One Wine Tag provider: eProvenance Collect and log temperature data from a producer to the consumer Use an NFC phone owners can track their wine's history Source: NFC Forum

20 Opus One Wines and eProvenance
Package tracking Authentication (anti-counterfeit) Content identification Temperature exposure log Source: NFC Forum

21 NFC Challenges Extra costs Few users Doubts from business NFC devices
NFC tags NFC applications (plus software and system) All internal efforts (workflows, staff trainings, use habits…) Few users

22 NFC Challenges NFC is necessary, or just fancy?
Questions from the user point of view NFC is necessary, or just fancy? QR code (or 1-d barcode) will do No killer apps NFC devices are not enough? My friends don’t have yet (iPhone is a big issue) Many stores haven’t support yet NFC payment is really better and secure? Will they charge me extra transaction fee? What if I switch the phone?

23 NFC and QR Code *Application filters can be programmed
** For standard NFC applications (Text and Smart Poster)

24 NFC applications in Taiwan
Non-Payment applications Access of Entrances For business locations and exhibitions Smart posters For products and services Track and trace For mobile workers Source: Nokia Taiwan website

25 NFC applications in Taiwan
Payment application Chunghwa Telecom teams up with MasterCard and banks to provide NFC payment starting at the end of Pilot program is running currently. Source: Chunghwa Telecom website

26 NFC Payment for iPhone And other NFC applications Payment application
Coupon application Taxi service application Bizcard exchange application Source: Taishin Bank website

27 NFC Application: N5 Vision Idea Mobile Intelligent Marketing Make your products to live Ads Turn your customer into sales INTELLIGENCE, IDENTIFICATION, INTERACTION, INNOVATION with NFC

28 Have that experience? Remember? There must be a simple way!!
Hey, nice T-Shirt! Where did you buy this? Hmm… this… where… seems… Beats me!

29 Product can have an ID card!
Customers are able to interact with the products attached N5 tags with NFC phones. Hey, nice T-shirt! Where did you buy it? Read the tag with your NFC phone and you will know it! Product description: xxxxxx Nearest store: yyyyyyy Limited discount: zzzzzzz …….Buy it now…..

30 Customer can have rewards!
Customers turn into virtual sales. With the “NFC-Referrals”, they will automatically be rewarded! Absolutely! you are our VIP. Let me get you rewards. I have referred friends for your store. check for me, please… Referrals List John Doe Rose Mary Vincent Lee … (more)

31 Customers find more sellers!
What N5 will do? N5 app Commerce Portals N5 tags Sellers  Sellers find more customers, and    Customers find more sellers! Backend

32 Thank you very much Tranz Technologies, Inc. Vincent Lee
(886) Tranz Technologies, Inc.

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