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Achieve agility Agilix GoBinder SDK Building pen-perfect Tablet PC Applications July 21, 2005 Tablet PC Workshop 2005.

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1 achieve agility Agilix GoBinder SDK Building pen-perfect Tablet PC Applications July 21, 2005 Tablet PC Workshop 2005

2 © Agilix Labs, Inc. 2 Agenda Who is Agilix? What problem do we want to solve? How can the GoBinder SDK assist?

3 © Agilix Labs, Inc. 3 Agilix Experience 35MM worldwide users of FolioViews 800+ publishers, including world top 10 Highly scalable unstructured database #3 Web content subscription business with over 1,600,000 subscriptions $100MM+ in revenue, profitable.NET Web Services solution Leading Tablet PC applications developer Mobilized software solutions company First mobilized Higher Ed solution Rapid software development platform Same core team for +20 years at 3 successful companies

4 © Agilix Labs, Inc. 4 The Opportunity Mobile Devices Wireless Networks Services- Oriented Architectures Agilix Area of Focus $38B 129% CAGR 01-06 $18B 62% CAGR 01-06 $25B 53% CAGR 01-06 Source: IDC 2002 SOAP

5 © Agilix Labs, Inc. 5 Dynabook / Orange Prototype

6 © Agilix Labs, Inc. 6 Jeff Raikes at TechX June 02 What I want to do is to show some great work from FranklinCovey, of course the leader in thinking about paper-based organizers and how people can get the most out of their time. Theyre extending that leadership with a company called Agilix to provide a new digital organizing system that represents the best of the FranklinCovey work! Jeff Raikes, Group Vice President, Productivity and Business Services

7 © Agilix Labs, Inc. 7 The Ultimate FranklinCovey Planning Solution

8 © Agilix Labs, Inc. 8 Agilix Mobilizes Students I cannot say enough about the potential of this product. Not only does it exploit (in the most positive way) the increase in [the] organizational world of the student…it moves well into the world of content delivery and multi level response… It is very exciting to see the puzzle pieces falling into place…. (Ken Collura, Director of IT, Bishop Hartley High School)

9 © Agilix Labs, Inc. 9 Students Love GoBinder!

10 © Agilix Labs, Inc. 10 Blackboard/Agilix Announce Mobilized Learning April 12, 2005 At NTU, we believe that mobilized software solutions are central to the success of our key teaching and learning initiatives. We expect to significantly improve the student learning environment and improve our competitiveness with other institutions. We believe our 15,000 user deployment will validate the effectiveness of our strategy and approach and could lead to even broader deployments in the future. "With the Blackboard-Agilix platform, NTU has true anywhere, anytime, any pace learning." Tan Tiong Hok, Associate Professor Director – Centre for Educational Development

11 © Agilix Labs, Inc. 11 Chinese -Traditional -Simplified

12 © Agilix Labs, Inc. 12 Experienced Tablet PC Dev Team FranklinCovey Products TabletPlanner 1.0 TabletPlanner 2.0, 2.01, 2.02, 2.1, 2.11 TabletPlanner 3.0, 3.01, 3.02, 3.1 PlanPlus for Windows 4.0 PlanPlus for Windows 5.0 (in dev) PlanPlus for Outlook 2.0, 2.01, 2.02 PlanPlus for Outlook 3.0 PlanPlus for Outlook 4.0 (in dev) WorkCompass Agilix Products GoBinder 1.0 GoBinder 2005 GoBinder 2006 (in dev) InfiNotes InfiNotes 2006 (in dev) GoBinder SDK (in dev) Blackboard Backpack 1.0 Blackboard Backpack 2.0 (in dev)

13 © Agilix Labs, Inc. 13 Comdex 2003 Keynote Demo Nationwide Insurance App Tablet PC Functionality Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Office Integration Localized into 8 Tablet PC languages as Worldwide Insurance Demo Built in less than two weeks

14 © Agilix Labs, Inc. 14 Four Generations of Mobile Learning Solutions 1 st Gen:Stand-alone client applications 2 nd Gen:Client-server applications 3 rd Gen:Browser-based web server applications 4 th Gen:Mobilized Smart-Client solutions

15 © Agilix Labs, Inc. 15 Problem Statement The vast majority of web applications developed over the past five years were not designed for mobile use Weak user interface, poor productivity Require 100% connectivity Lose data when disconnected 33% of 200 surveyed medium-to-large companies moving back to rich client (Jupiter 2004)

16 © Agilix Labs, Inc. 16 Solution: Mobilized Applications Rich UI/smart clients that work well in online & offline modes Strong user interactionnote taking, document annotation, local data manipulation Network connection is used, but not required Application monitors for a network connection, background data synchronization when reconnected

17 © Agilix Labs, Inc. 17 Agilix Mission We empower mobile learners Optimized for Tablet PC Collects, annotates, organizes, searches, and shares rich content Mobilizes Course Management Systems, Databases, Web Sites, etc. Enables new learning scenarios

18 © Agilix Labs, Inc. 18 GoBinder TM Synchronize Assignments, Schedules and Projects through BlackBoard Organize Everything In One Place 3-Ring Binder-Like Customized Tab Interface Key Word Search For Typed, Printed or Handwritten Documents

19 © Agilix Labs, Inc. 19 Robust Data Mobilizing Client-based sync engine Synchronize with multiple servers Monitors connection state Background, continuous operation Graceful recovery from dropped connections Works with existing servers with no requirement for server-side components Subscribes to change notifications for immediate updates Supports industry standard protocols Web Services/SOAP, WebDAV, HTML, SSL/TLC SOAP

20 © Agilix Labs, Inc. 20 The Empowered Mobile Learner Electronic Content Databases Content-rich Website RSS Feeds SOA-Enabled Enterprise Applications

21 © Agilix Labs, Inc. 21 Mobile Learning Objectives Enable students to: Be organized Easily take and organize notes Have access to course content when offline Collaborate in real-time when on-line … or peer to peer Capture, share and annotate documents Easily search all their learning information Extensible plug-ins, easy to evolve/enhance product …

22 © Agilix Labs, Inc. 22 Extend and enhance GoBinder to: Connect to other information sources Mobilize new types of objects/content Provide new views of objects/content Add new ways to communicate/collaborate with classmates and/or faculty Add new education solutions we havent even thought of… GoBinder SDK

23 © Agilix Labs, Inc. 23 GoBinder SDK Componentized Architecture Highly extensible plug-in APIs UI APIs Data Item APIs Sync Provider APIs.NET Framework Develop using Visual Studio.NET

24 © Agilix Labs, Inc. 24 GoBinder SDK Architecture UI Plug-in API UI Manager Data Hub OutlookOutlook GoBinder Database Sync Provider Plug-Ins Data Manager User Interface UI Plug-ins Calendar Tasks ContactsNotes … Data Plug-in API Action Folders ContactsProjects Data Plug-ins … Blackboard Mobile Manager Sync Provider API PalmPalm

25 © Agilix Labs, Inc. 25 SDK Includes Documented sample code that uses APIs User Interface Plug-ins Data Item Plug-ins Sync provider Plug-ins Developer guide How to create custom UI elements How to extend the GoBinder database to support unique data types How to create a custom sync provider to exchange data with another application

26 © Agilix Labs, Inc. 26 Ink Note-Taking Framework InfiNotes Drag control into Windows or Web forms Add Journal-like functionality in minutes! Extension of Tablet PC SDK Supports.NET Framework Cut Tablet PC development from person years to person days/weeks

27 © Agilix Labs, Inc. 27 InfiNotes Features Editing Modes Pen, Highlighter, Eraser (stroke & pixel), Lasso select, Mouse (disabled) Unlimited undo/redo Cut/Copy/Paste Drag & Drop Size/Move Ink Background Division Background Recognition Find first, find next Background Image Insert/Remove Space Scroll Format Ink Ruled Paper College, Narrow, Wide, Grid, Blank Copy as Text/Correction UI

28 © Agilix Labs, Inc. 28 InfiNotes Features (Professional) Multiple pages Embedded pictures Embedded rich text Font, Point size, Alignment, Bullets, Numbering, Columns Convert ink to text Dynamic paper types XML definition ePaper Documents captured through print driver Flags Shapes Line, Rectangle, Circle, Triangle, etc Enhanced import/export Clipboard support HTML, RTF, Bitmap, Text import/export

29 © Agilix Labs, Inc. 29 Example InfiNotes Applications

30 © Agilix Labs, Inc. 30 Why Partner with Agilix? Free SDK w/ Ink/Tablet Controls Extend GoBinder functionality Leverage GoBinders installed base in education market Access to 12.5 million students via Blackboard partnership Channel to deliver research plug-ins to a global student population Ability to gather Tablet PC and application usage data Get promoted on GoBinder Plug-in Website Will offer Free, Commercial & Research Plug-ins

31 © Agilix Labs, Inc. 31 How to learn more … E-mail: Agilix Support Forums – InfiNotes Forums GoBinder Forums Tablet PC Workshop Forum (Private) Register in Forums E-mail Username to Request Beta Participation GoBinder 2006 currently in Beta GoBinder SDK Beta – August 1, 2005

32 © Agilix Labs, Inc. 32 2005-6 PALS Initiative Portable Active Learning System Initiative Intended to empower mobile learners with any information, anytime, anyplace – regardless of connectivity (including disconnected usage) Three key technology elements: Extensible.NET-based GoBinder smart client platform Extensible.NET-based Mobilizer synchronization system Customized 3 rd party GoBinder Plug-Ins

33 © Agilix Labs, Inc. 33 PALS Initiative Participants:10 Universities Timetable:1 Sept 2005 - 1 Jan 2006 Benefits: 25 GoBinder 2006 clients 25 GoBinder SDKs On-site / On-line training Online Technical support Inclusion in PALS announcement Web-based promotion of GoBinder Plug-Ins Tablet PC giveaway for most innovative GoBinder Plug-In Requirements: Participation in PALS Initiative Announcement Delivery of at least one GoBinder Plug-In

34 © Agilix Labs, Inc. 34 Thank You!

35 © Agilix Labs, Inc. 35 Contact Information E-mail: 801-376-5251 801-368-2509 Agilix Support Forums – Tablet PC Workshop Forum (Private) Register in Forums E-mail Username to Download Current Products Request Beta Participation

36 © Agilix Labs, Inc. 36 Making learning mobile

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