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Complex Patterns of Inheritance

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1 Complex Patterns of Inheritance

2 Simple Inheritance Mendel studied simple patterns of inheritance.
Found that inheritance was controlled by a dominant allele (B) or recessive allele (b). However, there are many inheritance patterns that are more complex. Most traits aren’t simply dominant or recessive.

3 Incomplete Dominance Heterozygous & Homozygous dominant individuals both have the same phenotype. Example --- Brown eyes= Dominant (B); Blue eyes = Recessive (b) Individual with BB or Bb have what color eyes? Brown

4 Incomplete Dominance Cont.
When traits are inherited in an incomplete dominance pattern, the phenotype of the heterozygous is between the pure dominant (BB) and the pure recessive (bb).


6 Codominance Codominant alleles --- Both alleles are expressed equally.
Example --- when a certain variety of black chicken is crossed with a white chicken, all offspring are checkered (black & white). Both feather colors are produced by codominant alleles.

7 Multiple Alleles Multiple alleles --- traits controlled by more than 2 alleles. Example of a trait controlled by multiple alleles is blood type.


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