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2008 Productiv Case Study SharePoint Server 2007 – Extending the Platform to meet broader government objectives National Archives of Australia - Integrating.

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1 2008 Productiv Case Study SharePoint Server 2007 – Extending the Platform to meet broader government objectives National Archives of Australia - Integrating Digital Business Solutions

2 The Client The Department of Tourism, Regional Development (DTRDI) and Industry works to grow regional economies and strengthen industries in Queensland The Department delivers a range of services to achieve: – regional economic growth –transform and build up industries and –to assist business owners improve their operational and management skills 2008 Productiv

3 The Implementation Partner Microsoft Gold Partner specialising in the areas Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Document and Records Management, Governance and Compliance Dedicated team of records professionals and technology consultants Integrating recordkeeping into business processes with solutions that deliver a high degree of user acceptance 2008 Productiv

4 SharePoint in DTRDI The Department has an established SharePoint platform infrastructure and environment Initially commenced the introduction of portal and collaboration features the aim of extending this to other areas of the department The focus of standardisation on Microsoft technologies delivered through SharePoint Server 2007, will enable integration with other key Microsoft components, such as.Net application development framework, workflow and reporting 2008 Productiv

5 Michael Keates Strong consideration and support for SharePoint Server 2007 as the front end to all our major business applications which are developed under our own.Net framework 2008 Productiv

6 Providing the market with real facts Much was anticipated and expected by the market with respect to the DM & RM functionality of Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2007 Productiv were requested by many organization to provide some indication of where these features met or did not meet their compliance requirements Utilising the NAA Functional Specifications for ERM systems software a functional analysis was conducted: –Using out of box features of Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2007 –Mapped against functional specification 2008 Productiv

7 Functional Analysis Results – Out of Box 2008 Productiv Part APart B

8 Setting the Scene The department was an early adopter of the Queensland Government's selected eDRMS package, Hummingbird After significant customisation and testing it was determined that the implementation of Hummingbird as the agency's eDRMS solution was not viable Implementation challenges with Hummingbird were also experienced by other Queensland Government department's during this time 2008 Productiv

9 Michael Keates The department's existing physical records management system, Concord, had been in use for the past decade and no longer has vendor support and is technically unstable. With the delay in implementing an eDRMS package which was to replace Concord, the department required an alternate solution to support physical records management. 2008 Productiv

10 The Proof of Concept The PoC commenced in October 2007 with the aim of identifying the capabilities of SharePoint Server 2007 to meet the requirement for a physical record keeping system Utilising Productivs domain skills in this area and strong development capabilities to ensure we had an outcome whereby strategic decisions could be made Following the POC the department completed a independent analysis against the Public Records Act 2002 and the Queensland recordkeeping information standard (IS40) The analysis allowed Productiv and DTRDI to further enhance the requirements of the Production solution to address the identified gaps The results of this gap analysis confirmed the viability of using SharePoint 2007 as a platform for a production RM system 2008 Productiv

11 Getting to Production In February 2008, Productiv was engaged to build a replacement RM solution, using SharePoint Server 2007, to replace Concord Detailed specification stage that involved a wide variety of stakeholder input to ensure a high degree of user input acceptance Configuration capabilities were demonstrated in the seamless integration of a the new Metadata standard released by QSA Migration capabilities built in the design and architecture of the solution System Go Live date set for August 2008 2008 Productiv

12 Benefits to the DTRDI The solution immediately addresses the Concord replacement and support issues Through the re-use of application components created on standardised technology, total cost of ownership will be significantly less than solutions available on the current QLD Government Panel arrangement SharePoint Server 2007 is gaining momentum as an internationally accepted eDRMS with the potential for it to be a market leader in the near future, which aligns well with the current development of document and records management solutions in the Department using SharePoint Server 2007 Usability is a key focus area for DTRDI in the implementation of their information management strategy. It is critical to support staff in their day to day activities, to meet compliance requirements while minimising the administrative overhead for them wherever possible 2008 Productiv

13 Production System Overview Overview: –Repository Model to allow for the segmentation of logical storage areas and security management –Business Classification Scheme and Taxonomy Management (web services) utilising Sites and Sub Sites –List Libraries and Content Types for the creation of physical Files, File Parts and Physical Items –Archive Box collection for the grouping and management of large amounts of content onsite or off site 2008 Productiv

14 Functional Components Search –Two intuitive methods : browsing the Business Classification Scheme or Taxonomy (Sites and Sub Sites) SharePoint Enterprise Search Server and Search Server 2008 2008 Productiv Figure 1: Example XSLT Search Result for Record Item Figure 3: Example XSLT Search Result for File Part Figure 2 Example XSLT Search Result for File

15 Functional Components Continued Records Management: –Solution supports centralized or devolved records management practices –File Creation is managed by a standard workflow and comprises look up integration to existing Taxonomy tools such as AKA (Also Known As) –File movement tracking and management through locations –File label printing and Barcode generation –Hand held Barcode device integration for bulk file management –Business Classification Scheme and Retention & Disposal mapping for the application of retention periods –File and File Part request workflow and management –File closure and Archive Box management –Move physical files and physical items between Activitys and File Parts –Reporting including, files on loan, files requested, Retention & Disposal, etc… 2008 Productiv

16 Solution Screen Capture 2008 Productiv Figure 1: New Physical File – Results View

17 Continued….. 2008 Productiv Figure 2: File Request Form - End User View Figure 3: File Request Form - RMO View

18 Continued…. 2008 Productiv Figure 4: Barcode PrintingFigure 5: Move Item to different File Part

19 Continued …. 2008 Productiv Figure 9: Change FilePart LocationFigure 10: Add FilePart to Box

20 Contact Productiv To find out more about the physical records management component for SharePoint 2007 or to obtain a copy of the analysis of SharePoint against the standards, contact Productiv 07 3252 3336 2008 Productiv

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