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The Way Healing Through The Word 2.2 Beliefs & Behavior Copyright Brandy Ann Coffee Marks 1990 Copyright Brandy Ann Coffee Marks 1990 Brandy A Coffee Marks,

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1 The Way Healing Through The Word 2.2 Beliefs & Behavior Copyright Brandy Ann Coffee Marks 1990 Copyright Brandy Ann Coffee Marks 1990 Brandy A Coffee Marks, D.R.S.

2 Last week A Life Vision Last week you created a life vision. This week you will assess your belief system, those beliefs that have an impact on your behaviors and whether you follow through and achieve. What we believe becomes our reality, thus faulty beliefs create a faulty reality.

3 YOUR BELIEF SYSTEM Read the Book of John He wrote about beliefs

4 BELIEF SYSTEM A belief system is attitude and behavior and what you value. If you (positively) value (yourself), this will be seen in your attitude and behavior; your thoughts and behavior about (yourself) will be (positive and affirming)reflect value. If you value love, this will also be seen in your attitude and behavior. You will think and behave lovingly toward others because you value love of others.

5 Also, If you desire success, but a deeper belief says that "you will never succeed," then, you may sabotage all attempts at success. This sabotage is very subtle... Often, we use God as an excuse and dismiss it saying, Well. It must not be Gods will. God wants us to succeed and we must put in an honest effort to achieve and not believe God will do everything for us. Freewill

6 Satan wants you to lose out on life, but God wants you to win, just like David when he slew the giant. What you believe about God and yourself will help you defeat your giants. So, choose to believe in the impossible, because with God nothing is impossible.

7 I wanted to succeed as a counselor, but a deeply held belief told me I would never succeed at anything. One day a client challenged my abilities. You'll never be good enough." was the message my brain heard. Her lack of faith created doubt in me, and I began to question my worth.

8 God sent me into this ministry, plus I had knowledge he gave and the necessary wisdom to suit his purposes.

9 I could choose to believe what she said, or believe God - who said - "Go and do it. I say, you are ready."

10 When you know your purpose in life and you know God sent you to fulfill that purpose, then don't let anything, people or situations, stop you. Instead say, "Get behind me Satan."; in other words "I don't believe that lie. and When doubt creeps into what we believe, we can say, Not my will (negative beliefs) but thine be done, Lord. This section encourages positive beliefs to help overcome negative beliefs.

11 By the time God returned the second day, the rock had cooled down and now covered with a heavy mist. The spinning of the orb began to separate the waters below the earth from the waters above.

12 During the past week, as you began to sort things out and develop your goals, maybe... deeply held negative beliefs began to surface and defeat you Perhaps, you started to think about it, and decided 'what's the use. Itll never work; or This is dumb and negative beliefs begin to defeat you.

13 Maybe Voices of Authority from childhood start talking. "You'll never be good at__. "What's the matter with you. "Who said you could do that? Are you plain stupid or what?

14 Jesus was the Son of God His parents believed that he was, and they raised him as such. Jesus learned to believe in himself at a very early age. (see Luke 2:

15 We are all God's children. If our family, friends, teachers, etc. had believed in us, they would have acted like it. We wouldve learned to believe in ourselves, just as Jesus did.

16 If God had any doubts about his ability to create the world, well, no doubt we would not be here and neither would the bible Even as a 12 year-old, Jesus had confidence in his ability. Luke 2:41-52

17 It took some time to separate the waters and by the time it was done the second day had ended on this planet.

18 You are encouraged to separate and replace negative beliefs with positive. In the coming days, weeks and months, you may be tempted to just give up, I've survive difficulties by believing God makes it all work out for the best.

19 Instead, this is the time to persist, and believe, believe, believe. Life is really hard at times, but when it's at its worst God is at his very best. Next, let's look at family's values.

20 WHAT OUR PARENTS SAID or DID has a big influence on our lives. Everything I did was a rebellion against mother. She controlled my life through my behavior!

21 è We either believe the same as they do about some things, or the opposite. I tried to be like dad. Now Im learning who I am. Jesus said, I am How do you answer to: I am ____________. Who are you? What do you believe?

22 We can choose to change whatever does not work for us. We have to be ourselves; We can be similar to, or different from our parents. We can accept and enjoy both, and not rebel

23 So believe whatever works for you and have a healthy peaceful heart. A tranquil heart makes for a healthy body; a cheerful heart, a joyful face. (Proverbs 14.30, 15.13)

24 FAMILY VALUES DO YOU BELIEVE the same as or different from your family? Make notes as we go through this section and fill in the blanks

25 MONEY ( parents were stingy or big spenders ) Mom was tight with money, but dad spent too freely.

26 è RELIGION ( went to church regularly or never ) Dad was religious but didn't practice what he preached. Mom believed in nothing

27 LEISURE ( never played, or were all play ) Mom didn't have a clue about pleasure, but dad sure knew how to play

28 WORK ( worked hard, played around ) Both my parents worked hard, but never got anywhere.

29 FAMILY ( big gatherings; avoided each other ) Mom hated family things, but Dad's family had big gathering, holidays and sfamily picnics

30 YOURSELF (treat as a dummy or a darling) Mom had nothing good to say about any of us, and dad never said much of anything.

31 è FUTURE (no goals or planned everything) They planned everything, but didn't follow through

32 è SEX (not talk about it; loving; or sex abuse) Mom was not loving, but dad was very close and it made mom jealous.

33 BELIEFS: (fill in the blanks) I must _______________________ Make people happy or they won't like me.

34 I wish I could ___________________ I wish I could just be myself all the time, but often I feel insecure.

35 I am significant when ____________ I feel significant when I am doing a good job or what others want.

36 If I change, the danger is __________ If I try to be myself, John may not like me, I'm afraid he will leave.

37 è If I had courage, I would _______ If I really had courage I would do what I've always wanted to do. I would ________

38 To be a success I must ________ For success, I would have to do what makes me genuinely happy.

39 è I am happiest when ___________ I am happiest when my husband is pleased with what I am doing.

40 I am unhappy when ____________ I'm get real unhappy when people ignore me, like I'm not important, or I dont exist.

41 Complete each of the Following Statements

42 I resist success when I ____________ I resist success by never following through on the plans that I make!

43 I encourage my resistance by ________ Encourage resistance? I procrastinate and get stuck on having everything perfect - perfectionism.

44 I worked hard to succeed at _________ I worked hard to make it through high school. And I did it too.

45 A friend who encourages me by ___ I have a support group at work, and my sister always encourages me.

46 I want to change for myself because If I change for a guy, he doesn't appreciate it, and I end up unhappy

47 I BELIEVE IN GOD because of ( good things that have come to you ) I believe in God because of my home, my family, or just a parking space when its needed the most.

48 I BELIEVE IN MYSELF because ____ ( positives that you have done, big & small ) I believe in myself because I am nice to other people and I never give up.

49 I BELIEVE IN OTHER PEOPLE because ( good things people have done for you ) I believe in people because even strangers have helped me out at odd times.

50 Our BELIEFS ARE IMPORTANT So, lets see how we can change for the better by changing what we believe and how we behave.

51 Believe in God: your responsibility is: 1. Know God (talk with him, read the bible) Okay. I'll read the bible ___ But, how do I talk to God?

52 Prayer is one way and talk to him as a friend throughout the day.

53 2. Seek God's will (means to listen with your heart and not your head) I look for God's will in every part of life. Often, its a word from someone or a door of opportunity that opens. God also talk in dreams.

54 2. Be cautious with dreams Sometimes God warns us of danger or impending changes. Like in Josephs dreams

55 Sometimes, a dream is just a dream.

56 3. Plan my day so it includes God and follow through on the plan. In the morning, I usually pray first, think about what needs to be done. Sometimes, I make a list of things and ask myself, "what to do first?"

57 4. Assess your relationship with God, and increase prayer or communication, whatever is needed.

58 Believe in Yourself My responsibility is to: 1. Know my God-given purpose 2. Have goals 3. Plan day 4. Go do it 5. Assess progress and make changes. Whoever works (to succeed) has plenty to eat; those who chase "unrealistic" dreams will have plenty of nothing Proverbs 28:19-20

59 Believe in People My responsibility is to join with people who: 1. Have similar goals 2. Discuss your plans with them and 3. Seek people who support and encourage 4. Ask these people for helpful feedback Jesus chose 12men who for his support and he taught them about his life purpose. He shared his dreams and ideals with them.

60 YOUR BELIEF SYSTEM is your attitude, behavior and values Jesus said: # Ask and you will receive # Seek and you will find # Knock and the door will open

61 SO... Ask God for it Look for it to happen Act on your faith means,

62 Looking for work? # Ask for the perfect job # Look and expect to find it # Act on your faith means, # you fill out applications and # go to the job interviews.

63 Looking for a mate? # Ask God for your mate # Look and expect to find # Act on your faith is to # fellowship with the kind of person you want for a mate.

64 Starting a business? # Ask God for an idea(s) # in-line with your talents and gifts # Expect it to happen # Advertise and talk with others # those in the business.

65 Your MISSION in life: I would have a good life if: 1. I would ________________________ 3. My family _____________________ 4. My home ______________________ 5. My career _____________________ 6. My friends ____________________ If you're waiting on other people to finish, this could be why you're not achieving

66 EXERCISE Sit on the floor - meditate on the word "In the beginning was the word, and the word became flesh." (John 1.1 - 4) Dare to be different as you recognize how the word became real in you. Breathe freely THEN Use your voice to express who you are, freely, openly, genuinely and honestly. (see next slide for who I Am in Christ

67 EXERCISE I am a child of God The Father (John 1:12). I am part of Jesus and my Father, God, who takes care of me better than anyone (John 15:1). I am a friend of Jesus. (John 15:15). I am one with Jesus, and not a stuck in the bad, but I am free to be my real self. (Romans 6:6). I am okay by Jesus so others people are okay by me no matter who the person is. (Romans 15:7). I am one with Jesus, united with Him and am never separated from His love (1 Cor. 6:17). I am open to all Christ wants me see. (2Cor 3:14)

68 DISCUSSION When bad things happen in your life, what do you believe God is doing? Consider the disasters that befell Job, and his level of faith... What do you believe about this? Consider the strength of Mary, Joseph and Jesus' belief system! What do you believe about them?

69 Value #2 is Courage We have the courage of our convictions and are willing to do what is needed: Step out in faith today and do one thing you have never had the courage to do before. We believe God will be there and prosper us. We ask God for our needs, and in faith expect to get what we ask for; we knock on and open doors of opportunity. We always allow for Gods will to be done rather than our will.

70 HOMEWORK Strategies for Success

71 YOUR BELIEF SYSTEM What negative thoughts keep you from succeeding? FAMILY VALUES Dad always said...Mom said or did... Money__________________________________ Religion__________________________________ Leisure__________________________________ Work__________________________________ Family__________________________________ Yourself__________________________________ Future__________________________________ Sex__________________________________

72 YOUR BELIEFS I must ______________________________________ I wish I could _________________________________ I am significant when ___________________________ If I change, the danger is _____________________ If I had courage I would ______________________ To be a success I must _________________________ I am happiest when ___________________________ I am unhappy when ___________________________

73 I resist success by _______________________ I encourage resistance by _______________________ I worked hard to succeed at_______________________ A friend encourages me by _______________________ I will change for me because _______________________ Read the book of John: especially 1.1-18; 14.16, 17, 26; 19.35; 21.24; 20.31 John talks about and illustrates the meaning of "belief so write about what your beliefs mean to you.

74 I believe in God because (unexplained things in life) I believe in myself because (what I've done for others) I believe in others because (what people have done for me) I would have a good life if I would ________________________________ my family________________________________ my home________________________________ my career________________________________ my friends________________________________

75 When bad things happen, God should or shouldn't... (what do you believe is God's role in your life?) Consider the story of Job and the disasters that hit him; what do you believe about God? Read Job Chapter 1. Consider John the Baptist, Mary and Joseph and Jesus. What do you believe about their lives? John Luke 1:5-25; 1:39-80 MaryLuke 1:26-40; 2:1-39 JosephMatthew 1:16-25; 2:13-23 JesusThe Gospels – Mathew, Mark, Luke, John

76 Next 2.3 Commitment

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