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Effective Presentation

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1 Effective Presentation
Lena Qiying Ma Professor Biogeochemistry of Trace Metals Soil and Water Science Department University of Florida

2 The key to success is communication

3 Outline Effective presentation Attending conference
Key steps Content Technical Organization Visual aids: legible, short and simple Delivery 5 components of presentation Nonverbal communication Keep audience interested Panic control Attending conference 7 Ps of effective presentation

4 Key steps in preparing a talk
Know your audience Educate your audience Pitch according to knowledge level Know your topic Tell a story Outline your talk Work backwards Tell what to talk, tell them, and tell what told Practice Practice, practice and practice Zhi ji zhi bi bai zhan bai shen Gang ju mu zhang

5 Audience attention span

6 Three Ts of presentation
Introduction Tell what you are going to tell them Main body Tell them Conclusion Tell what you told them

7 Typical presentation Plan, prepare and present Introduction - 20%
What you did, why you did it, & how you did it Results - 60% Provide < 3-4 facts since few remember > two Conclusion - 20% Summarize results Make conclusions Discussion implications

8 Visual aids

9 Visual aids Legible, short and simple Legible Short: less is more
Font: Arial or Universal >Times New Roman Size: >24-32 pt Titles: 44 points + 4 & Body: 32 points + 4 Colors Contrasting and clear background Short: less is more Slide 7 lines Line 6-8 words Title 1 line Sentence 1 line


11 Visual aids Simple Round off numbers & cut decimal places
Substitute symbols for words Abbreviate where possible Delete footnotes Omit sources Avoid underlines

12 Cluttering and simplified chart


14 Poor, better and best

15 5 components of presentation
Appearance First impressions last a long time Posture is part of appearance Appear alert but relaxed Take a minute to arrange your papers Take a breath Glance at the audience Movement Moving stimulus attracts attention Match your message Gestures Show the organizational pattern Emphasize issues Facial expression and eye contact Build rapport with an audience Communication is a two-way process Vocal behavior Inflection, articulation, pitch, volume & rate of speech

16 Nonverbal communication
Shakespeare's dictum Suit action to word and word to action Non-verbal is > verbal message Facial expressions 55% Vocal tone 38% Words 7%

17 Keeping audience's interest
Variety Add stories Use humor Establish rapport Eye contact Use gestures Ask questions 14 years, never asked a single question.

18 Tips for effective presentation
Never apologize One minute per slide One idea/point per slides Never read from slides Words can’t be read at arm’s length won’t do A picture = thousand of words Keywords only: at-a-glance comprehension Record presentation

19 Podium panic Most people afraid of public speaking Reduce stress Smile
Nervousness is understandable and invisible Positive thinking Work like magic You are whom you think you are Use deep breathing techniques Check out the room first Concentrate on the message Practice, especially the first few slides People are afraid of public speaking... In fact, most say that it's their number one fear. Death, apparently, only comes second. The sweaty palms, the butterflies in the stomach

20 Things to do in a conference
Three reasons attending a conference Information, inspiration, & interaction Give presentation Attend oral presentation Always ask questions Introduce yourself after the presentation Meet people Go to their posters. Hang around the poster area in your field. This is where everyone in your field hangs out. Hang out with your supervisor. Get your supervisor to introduce you to people

21 7 Ps of effective presentation
Purpose People Place Preparation Planning: effective organization Personality: positive Performance: effective delivery Engleberg (1994): Principles of public presentation


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