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Intelligence Tests of Integrated Medicine Presented By Dr. Daniel Lousky 1.

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1 Intelligence Tests of Integrated Medicine Presented By Dr. Daniel Lousky 1

2 THE RESEARCH OBJECTIVES To create a format and framework for integrated medicine. To define the 32 intelligences, according to the Book of Creation. To construct a questionnaire for measuring the 32 intelligences and to examine it empirically. 2

3 The Book of Creation The world, according to the Book of Creation, is divided into 32 paths. Every path includes variables that suit the frequency of the path. Treatment of one of the variables will improve the other variables of the same path. All the variables that suit the frequency of the path are called intelligence. The intelligences are physical abilities you can develop, they react like muscles to exercise and practice. 3

4 The basic axiom of integrated medicine is that the patient brings into the treatment his body, his feelings, his thoughts, and his desires. Scale of health Motive of change Holistic medicines Basket of treatments The Five main characteristics of integrated medicine format & framework are: Circle of therapists Integrated Medicine 4

5 3 Desires 7 Teachers 10 Forces 12 Senses Spiritual level Mental level Emotional level Physical level Giving Receiving The Balance of Body and Mind Scale of health 5 The balance of body and mind exists when all four of the levels are open and active relative to movement and change. Air Fire Water Earth Love Career Money Health

6 The Scale according to Maslow 5. The need for self-fulfillment 4. The need for social status, degrees, recognition, and publicity. 3. The need for love and belonging 2. Security needs 1. Physiological needs The human hierarchy of needs describes the persons factors of motivation. Scale of health 6

7 I am the thing The persons presence creates the light. I am a part Every experience is the persons reflection. I am inside There is no one and only truth. Everything is found in one circle. I am separate Everything is measurable. There is one and only truth. The Scale according to King Holistic world Symbolic world Subjective world Objective world An internal change is effected when the person moves from level to level Scale of health 7 Spiritual level Mental level Emotional level Physical level Air Fire Water earth

8 Every person has his own unique profile of intelligences that shapes his personality in order to achieve objectives. Free will Desire to give Desire to receive Wisdom, Richness, Seed, Life Self-Governance, Peace, Charm Light, Beginning Love, Freedom, Thought, Unity Observation, Healing, Immunity, Discovery Sight, Hearing Smell, Speech, Taste, Deed Touch, Way, Gut, Mind, Heart, Cell The 32 Intelligences Scale of health 8 Giving Receiving Spiritual level Mental level Emotional level Physical level

9 Desire to give Free will Desire to receive The unending struggle between the desire to give and the desire to receive, is the engine for movement between the levels. Free Will Power as an Engine for Change Motive of change 9 Spiritual level Mental level Emotional level Physical level

10 Say thanks 100 times every day Remove your watch to the right hand Sing in the shower Walk one hour a day Lousky medicines act in the same way as chemical medicines do. Simple Human Actions as Medicines Holistic medicines 10 Spiritual level Mental level Emotional level Physical level Giving Receiving

11 Management of a Patients Health instead of Illness Meditation Awareness Guided imagery Psychodrama Healing Arts integration Massage Nutrition Integrated medicine fits the method of treatment according the nature of the problem and the layer in which the problem appears. Basket of treatments 11 Spiritual level Mental level Emotional level Physical level Giving Receiving

12 . LOOK SEE INVESTIGATE SUCCEED UNDERSTAND THINK ENGRAVE CARVE ADD CREATE Health as an Educational Process The circle of therapists is an educational process for creating a balanced reality, in ten steps. Circle of therapists 12

13 Map of intelligences will indicate the rank of abilities in all life values areas. Validation of the Questionnaire The questionnaire included 10 statements for each intelligence. The research examined whether each one of the 320 statements indeed expresses what it intends to examine. Questionnaire Reliability For each one of the 32 intelligences, a reliability analysis was performed which included the calculation of the correlation between the score of every statement and the subjects overall score in the intelligence. Intelligence Tests 13

14 Original statement: All my successes and failures are not related to other people. Corrected statement: My successes and failures are not related to other people. Original statement: Generally I live to help others to live. Corrected statement: The desire to give is a lofty goal and the purpose of life. Original statement: I know many people who have lots of money. Corrected statement: I like money and all that money can give. 14 Validation of the Questionnaire

15 Description of the Sample Gender: 76.7% of women, 23.3% men. Age: The subjects range in age from 16 to 71, when 21.2% are up to 25, 35.6% are 25 to 35, 32.1% are 36-50, and 11.1% are older than 50. Family status: 35.6% of the subjects are married, 15.6% are divorced, and 8.9% are single. Country of birth: 82.2% of the subjects were born in Israel, the rest came from Europe, Asia, and Africa. Place of residence: 37.7% live in Tel Aviv, 17.3% live in the Central Region, and the rest, 45.0%, live in different places in Israel, ranging from Carmiel in the North Region to the Beeri Kibbutz in the South Region. Education: 43.3% of the subjects have a high school education, 27.8% have a post-high school education that includes certification studies (such as nursing, teaching, etc.), and 28.9% hold an undergraduate degree or higher degree. Level of income: 3.4% stated they have a low income, 88.8% reported an average income, and 7.8% declared a high income. Health situation: 90.0% of the subjects declared that they are healthy and only 10.0% noted that they suffer from different illnesses. 15 The research sample included 90 research subjects

16 The Research Questionnaire 16 Response Read the statements and express the degree to which you agree with each one of them on a scale from 1 to 4. When you read the statement, whatever pops first into your mind is your answer. Dont bring your past to the statements and dont think of the future and how you would like to be. Answer the questions from where you are at present, in the here and now. No.Intelli- gence Question Number I believe that the world is a space that is filled with my will. 1 א 1 I believe that I can shape my life. 2 א 2 In life I do only what I want to do. 3 א 3 Due to the constraints, I cannot change things. 4 א 4 Life and the world are not my playground. 5 א 5 People are the lords of the world and responsible for it. 6 א 6 My successes are not only the result of my desire. 7 א 7 My failures are because I did not truly want. 8 א 8 I think that God intervenes and directs my life. 9 א 9 My successes and failures are related to other people. 10 א The desire to give is a lofty goal and purpose of lie. 1 מ 11 I give so as to receive in return. 2 מ 12 At the end of the process, what I give is not what I receive back. 3 מ 13 I give of free will and not because of constraints. 4 מ 14 I give things that I would not want to receive myself. 5 מ 15 I give of myself so as not to control another. 6 מ 16

17 Map of the Intelligences, Graph of the Results of the Assessment 17 The map of the intelligences indicates the hierarchy of abilities in all areas of life

18 Thank You 18

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