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MathDisk An Interactive Learning Environment

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1 MathDisk An Interactive Learning Environment
Bring your textbook alive

2 Current obstacles in Math Learning
Lack of Initiative Lack of Perseverance Lack of Retention Aversion to word problems Eagerness for a formula Dan Meyer: Math class needs a makeover

3 SOLUTIONS Use Multimedia Encourage Student Intuition
Ask the shortest question you can Let students build the problem Source: Dan Meyer

4 Modeling-Based Teaching
Knowledge of technology cannot be isolated from the content, and good mathematics teaching requires an understanding on how technology is related to pedagogy and mathematics (Hughes, 2005). Supported by new technologies, model-based teaching and learning move beyond the traditional views of mathematics and mathematics teaching. Mathematical modeling is connected to one of the main goals of education, which is related to the understanding of real-world phenomena and their connection with mathematics.

5 Factors Inhibiting Tool Adoption
Steep Learning Curve Tools are primarily designed for mathematical research and high end computing but retrofitted to suit educational goals. Lack of sharing and collaboration features. No emphasis is placed on the symbolic representations of Mathematics. No inbuilt support for simulating real world objects. Outdated Technologies. (Applets are increasingly being blocked in academic institutions)

6 OUR Mission To develop a dynamic mathematical software with no artificial layer standing between the user and native math expressions. Making math exploration and experimentation accessible to every student and teacher.

7 What is MathDisk? A powerful mathematical tool used to build highly interactive and dynamic 2D/3D worksheets. Visually engaging game like simulations improve cognitive abilities and retention. Brings complex concepts to life when students learn through building their own models. Runs in any Browser. Publish worksheets to the MathDisk Gallery, or share them over the web.

8 What is MathDisk? Designed specifically for teaching mathematics
MathDisk integrates dynamic multiple representations in a conceptually rich learning environment that encourages the exploration, construction, and evaluation of mathematical models and simulations. Natural Math Notation – Key textbook expressions as they are without having to convert them into software syntax. Eliminates learning curve for teachers and students Students can instantly correlate their digital manipulative with textbook content.

9 What Distinguishes MathDisk?
3D capabilities and built in Game engine makes learning through MathDisk an engaging experience. Example: Lever Block YouTube videos and audio clips can be added to bring real world examples to the worksheet Example: Reflection Symmetry Complex mathematical concepts can be explained "step by step" like a "PowerPoint" style presentation. Example: Area of a Parallelogram

10 What Distinguishes MathDisk?
Worksheets created with MathDisk contain multiple graph sheets, equation editors, annotations and an arrangeable layout. Highly interactive and dynamic worksheets appear identical to the textbook material. Personal and public workspace for users to store their worksheets online.

11 No Programming Skills, No Problem! With MathDisk Anyone Can:
Produce stunning professional quality 3D and 2D graphics simply by dragging and dropping

12 No Programming Skills, No Problem! With MathDisk Anyone Can:
Write expressions as if you are scribbling them in your notebook

13 No Programming Skills, No Problem! With MathDisk Anyone Can:
Animate objects

14 No Programming Skills, No Problem! With MathDisk Anyone Can:
Correlate multiple graph sheets side by side

15 MathDisk & Progressive Disclosure
Presenting Mathematics - “PowerPoint “ style Demystifies complex concepts by revealing the Mathematical model one step at a time Neither a “Macro” nor a simple “Replay” A given model can be presented in any order the user wants. Synchronize with instructional video It would appear as though the instructor is creating the Model step-by-step Building a sequencing worksheet is as simple as Click, Copy, and Paste Example: Area of a Parallelogram

16 Integration with Edmodo Platform
MathDisk Gallery and Worksheet builder are now accessible to 35 million strong Edmodo User. Edmodo teachers can now share any worksheet to their respective student groups just by a click of a button. All the published worksheets are editable by teachers, so they can customize to suit their students needs. Teachers can also create and publish new worksheets to their student groups straight from MathDisk builder.

17 MathDisk Enables Teachers to:
Give immersive high quality, attractive presentations linking to real world situations that interest students Provide support for students to engage in problem solving related to real world situations Set tasks that will allow students to explore mathematical regularities and variations within one mathematical representation Set tasks that allow students to explore mathematical ideas by linking different mathematical representations of mathematical objects.

18 Conclusion Modeling-based teaching, not only captures students’ attention but may also lessen the immediate cognitive load for teachers as they deal with the class, the mathematics, and the technology. The availability of free educational software such as Mathdisk leaves no room for excuses of not integrating computer-aided mathematical lessons based on the modeling of real-life problems in school curricula. As Abramovich and Leonov (2009) put it, • “The importance of the motivation of mathematical concepts by concrete examples in the teaching of mathematics stems from the commonly accepted notion that, nowadays, students are interested in the study of the subject matter if they are confident in the applicability of the material they are about to learn”

19 What others say MathDisk – A Mathematical Photoshop - Jules Mariano
- Wow!! Really Makes Math Alive – Joachim Cohen maths-chrome-apps.html - Math and Physics worksheets with no programming - Pablo profesores-de-matematicas-y-fisica/

20 Help with using Mathdisk
Mathdisk webpage for videos and documents ( Start with User Guide to get familiar with menus Use Mathdisk Forum to ask any questions Connect through Facebook or Twitter for latest updates and features

21 How Can You Help Use Mathdisk in your school Network of Advisors
Create worksheets and share in the gallery

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