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A Professional Image Make first impressions lasting impressions and get the job 2013.

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1 A Professional Image Make first impressions lasting impressions and get the job 2013


3 People will always believe your body before they believe your words as the brain reacts instinctively on an emotional level before it analyses information. If the appearance contradicts what has been said, we wont believe the spoken message because the visual message is much stronger. Although someone dressed in jeans may be more competent….we assess people based on appearance and behaviour. Body language clues Dressing for the job you want

4 The Working Wardrobe It is a reality that people are judged according to the image that they present. First impressions are made within the first 60 seconds of meeting someone and whether we like it or not, most of that first impression comes from the visual impact we make. Dont let your clothes get in the way of your message! Your look is your logo

5 Your wardrobe... can lead to success in your career. Take control of the image you project Clothing forms part of the package Affects peoples impression of us Especially if they meet us for the first time It does not need to cost a large investment – buy well and buy items to mix and match. You do not need to buy big fashion brands, rather focus on colour, cut and texture.

6 The way you dress affects the way you behave...your demeanour takes its cue from what you wear. Too much casual can contribute to a playful, holiday atmosphere... negative effect on productivity.... Dont wear your coach-potato, weekend clothes to work.

7 Find a balance – you do not need to dress in a three piece suit each day but look at the guidelines below to dress appropriately: Tailored jackets for men and women Tailored, well-fitting trousers Shirts and blouses that are not low cut or transparent Skirts should be approximately knee-length Basic colours, solids, stripes and checks What not to wear: Halter-necks, shoe string or boob-tubes T-shirts Shorts Tracksuits Jeans that are ripped or have holes in them

8 What not to wear Nose rings and other body piercings Blue hair or other colours not standard GIRLS! No underwear as outerwear GUYS! No shoes without socks Three-day stubble – keep it neat Several earrings in one ear Cargo pants Colourful socks with funny messages Crocs and flip-flops

9 Recruiters will always appreciate an effort made with your appearance. This shows that the interview is important to you and you take it seriously. It is not imperative to wear a full suit; a smart pair of pants or skirt and a neat, professional shirt will be appropriate. You need to feel comfortable in what you are wearing while looking well dressed and proficient. Your personal grooming is just as important: Men should be clean shaven and tidy. Women should ensure that their cosmetics are neat and that their hair is clipped back from their face. Remember…

10 Making that first impression People believe the body before they believe the words. If the appearance and behaviour contradicts what it said... we wont believe the spoken message because the visual message is stronger. Understanding non-verbal communication... asset. Being deliberate, clearly interpreting and appropriately responding will allow others see and hear what you are saying. Body language 55% How we sound 38% What we say 7%

11 What makes up positive & negative body language?

12 Confident and self-assured: Standing with weight on both legs Eye contact Extending your hand first Welcoming facial expression... Smiling Insecure and nervous: Chewing pen or pencil Biting fingernails Hands in pockets Fidgeting Poor eye contact Sweating and swaying Irritating gestures

13 Open and co-operative: Shoulders back and body upright Open hands or lightly clasped in front of you Big gestures Smile Defensive and confrontational: Arms crossed on chest Fist-like gestures Pointing index finger Turning body and looking away

14 ... Its vital to manage every moment of a first meeting or interview Make the right impression by arriving on time or a few minutes early. Greet the interviewers. Follow the interviewers lead - let them set the tone. Listen to the questions carefully before answering. Maintain eye contact when answering questions.

15 Turn your shoulders slightly towards the interviewers – you do not want to look like you are falling out of your chair but you want to give a greater impression of paying attention in what is being said. Do not slouch as this could look as if you are not interested. Many people do not know what to do with their arms during an interview. Many of us are inclined to fold our arms across our chest however; this may be a sign of resistance. It is better to rest your arms loosely in your lap or place them in a relaxed manner on the armrests of your chair. A quick tip

16 THANK YOU Tatika Scullard Date Nothing in this presentation should be construed as formal legal advice from any lawyer or this firm. Readers are advised to consult professional legal advisors for guidance on legislation which may affect their businesses. © 2011 Werksmans Incorporated trading as Werksmans Attorneys. All rights reserved.

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