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Victoria Seitz, Ph. D. Department of Marketing

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1 Victoria Seitz, Ph. D. Department of Marketing

2 Networking is a give and take phenomenon: have an attitude of helping others Give a good handshake and introduce yourself Understand their needs Be on time Ask easy questions Ditch the sales pitch Smile Dont dismiss anyone Never leave networking to chance – be prepared Share your passion Dont monopolize the conversation Follow up

3 Dress – why is it so important? 8-20 % difference in entry level salary received If you want to move in and up – look the part Lasting impressions form in 3-4 seconds In 30 seconds over 10 assumptions are made about you i.e. marital status (ring on finger)

4 What is expected for Interviews Suits, suits, suits! Conservative rather than fashionable Men: Gray or dark suit Long sleeve shirt and tie Belt and shoes should match Classic patterns in suits and ties Accessorize


6 Women: Suit – pant or skirted, dress with jacket Classic styles and patterns Accessories and jewelry in gold, silver or pearls Hosiery is a must No clevage or short skirts or shorts Shoes such as classic pumps or loafers in a inch or 2 heel Keep makeup to a minimum


8 What is suitable for a Career Fair Jackets Optional Clean pressed clothing Men: Blazers or sport coats (optional) Trousers that fit at the waist, belted Long sleeve shirts, turtlenecks, crewneck sweaters Minimal jewelry Structured shoe either a loafer or tie

9 Women Jackets optional Skirts or trousers Cardigans, blazers or jackets Accessorize for impact Blouses or turtleneck 2 piece dressing Pumps or loafers

10 Tips for men and women: Make sure that you outfit is free of stains or lost buttons Keep shoes in tip top shape Nails need to be neat and clean Hair should be trim and neat Limit the perfumes and colognes

11 Shop Smart Buy shoes in the afternoon More expensive is not necessarily better Check for quality Be your own decision maker Consider 2 nd hand and off-price retailers for purchases Know the fashion trends

12 Make sure it fits Pants Nothing dragging No muffin tops Skirts: Right above the knee Shirts and Tops No cleavage Dont look like the incredible Hulk! Jackets: Check shoulders, sleeves, back and closure

13 Etiquette and Body Language Get a good handshake Introduce others Include everyone in the conversation Be sure to think before you speak and enunciate your words - no four letter words or slang Call people by their full name unless given permission to call them by their first name Stand or sit comfortably erect. No crossed legs

14 Etiquette and body language (contd) Maintain eye contact Be sure your body language shows youre listening Use warm gestures when communicating to improve understanding It is more important to understand than to be understood

15 For more information: I Dont Wear a Suit! (2011) Your Executive Image (1992) THANK YOU!

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