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Best Sanitizers Guide to Proper Hand Care in 2013 ©2013 Best Sanitizers, Inc.

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1 Best Sanitizers Guide to Proper Hand Care in 2013 ©2013 Best Sanitizers, Inc.

2 Clean hands and effective hand washing is critical to fighting cross-contamination and the spread of pathogens in the food processing environment.

3 [Code of Federal Regulations] [Title 21, Volume 2] [Revised as of April 1, 2012] [CITE: 21CFR110.10] TITLE 21--FOOD AND DRUGS CHAPTER I--FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES SUBCHAPTER B--FOOD FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION PART CURRENT GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICE IN MANUFACTURING, PACKING, OR HOLDING HUMAN FOOD Subpart A--General Provisions Sec Personnel. (3) Washing hands thoroughly (and sanitizing if necessary to protect against contamination with undesirable microorganisms) in an adequate hand-washing facility before starting work, after each absence from the work station, and at any other time when the hands may have become soiled or contaminated.

4 So Simple… Yet So Important Keeping hands clean is one of the most important ways to prevent the spread of infection and illness.

5 Visit for informative videos and content on hand

6 Both the CDC and the FDA recommend hand sanitizers as an important addition to a hand washing regiment, but never an alternative.

7 In fact, hand sanitizers are not effective when hands are visibly dirty.

8 However, when used in conjunction with proper hand washing, hand sanitizers provide the highest level of germ kill.

9 Hand Washing Demo Use hand washing posters to illustrate six steps in proper hand washing. Wash for 30 seconds or sing the Happy Birthday Song twice Use an E2 rated sanitizing soap (made from food grade ingredients with no dyes or fragrances) to prevent adulteration of the product and for increased pathogen reduction. Provide hand towels and touchless faucets.

10 The Importance of Washing and Sanitizing The Varying Effects Of Hand Washing The effects of hand washing can be seen through the experiment above. Each handprint was taken at various stages of antisepsis, showing the dramatic differences of bacterial growth between clean and unwashed hands. Experiment performed by Saraya Biochemical Laboratory

11 Hand Soaps Alpet E2 Sanitizing Foam Soap PCMX Formulation Alpet Q E2 Sanitizing Foam Soap Quat (BAC) Formulation Alpet E2 HACCP Liquid Soap PCMX Formulation Alpet E4 Industrial Hand Cleaner Grit and Solvent-Free

12 Hand Sanitizing Demo Use the hand sanitizing posters to illustrate the three steps in proper hand sanitizing. Demonstrate the palms up, fingers in method which allows for the nail beds and cuticles (where most germs hide) to be fully saturated. Then rub hands together and let dry. Not fully saturating your hands is like sweeping a floor, but missing all the corners and under the tables. See graphics of Missed Areas and photos of hands and spray.

13 This graphic shows the areas most often missed with simple hand washing. Taylor L. Nursing Times, 74, 54 (1978) The Bottom Line

14 Sanitizing Spray A sanitizing spray is the most effective way to get to where the germs are:

15 Sanitizing Spray Under your fingernails Under your cuticles In the creases and crevices of your fingers and hands

16 Efficacy Kills % of Pathogens in 15 Seconds Alpet E3 Plus also has a chlorine equivalency on Salmonella enterica enterica serovar Typhi (ATCC #6539) and Staphylococcus aureus aureus (ATCC #6538)

17 Surface Sanitizers Use Alpet D2 Spray and Alpet D2 Wipes for surfaces to sanitize after washing or during the shift to clean control panels, switches, tools, labelers, scales, or belts. Show the flexibility of the spray or wipe application. Alpet D2 is an EPA registered surface sanitizer. Other surface sanitizers are not. ALPET D2 carries sanitizing claims as well as: o Pseudomonacidal (Very important for the food industry), Disinfectant, Tuberculocidal, and a Wisconsin Department of Health clearance Used on clean dry boots as an approved boot sanitizer. Used on the outside of gloves and rubber boots.

18 Surface Sanitizers / Disinfectants Alpet® D2 Surface Sanitizer / Disinfectant Kills % of bacteria and viruses 60 seconds to sanitize, 5 minutes to disinfect 58% IPA/quat formula Kosher certified and Pareve NSF approved D2 classification Approved boot and glove sanitizer Ready-to-use, no-rinse, food-safe Highly evaporative / ideal for water sensitive equipment Configurations: 4 oz. finger-pump bottle One quart spray bottle 5 gallon pail w/ spigot 50 gallon drum

19 Wiping Systems Alpet® D2 Surface Sanitizing Wipes 58% IPA/quat formula ideal for water sensitive equipment Lintless wipes Kosher certified and Pareve Kills Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli Spring-loaded lid to prevent drying Ready-to-use, no-rinse, food-safe Available as: 6 X 90 count pre-saturated wipes and canister 6 X 160 count pre-saturated wipes and canister * Alpet D2 Wipes do not have the same sanitizing claims as Alpet D2 Spray.

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