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Application Express Test Drive Unconference OOW 2008 H.Tonguç Yılmaz Turkcell Technology, İstanbul-Türkiye.

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1 Application Express Test Drive Unconference OOW 2008 H.Tonguç Yılmaz Turkcell Technology, İstanbul-Türkiye

2 Primary objectives of this session To develop a starting guide to Apex To bread love seeds for Apex, especially if you are a PL/SQL developer or a DBA And since this is an UNconference session, to share some of my homesickness problem after my first 36 hours away from home with some photos of my beautiful city, İstanbul.

3 H.Tonguç Yılmaz Oracle DBA/Developer, beginned with version 7.3 One of the founders of the local Turkish Oracle User Group OracleTURK at 1999 and still moderating this group Oracle ACE and Certified Proffesional(8i,9i,10g) Currently working for Turkcell Technology, Datawarehouse Development Team In short, just another Oracle database geek, for more; Warning: I do not pay my bills with Apex and I am not an Apex expert, but I am an Apex lover and here I am

4 Why I love Apex? Rapid reporting and data entry web applications development environment based on your existing tables, views, PL/SQL APIs etc. –also spreadsheet or MS Access data For starters nearly no programming or scripting knowledge is needed –wizards are you assistances Dont have to be graphical designer –themes and templates help you –as a result you may spend your time more on the analysis of the business needs and design of your database structure for performant database applications Feel all the power of an Oracle Database anywhere inside your application –Completely database centric, integrated

5 Apex Development Env. On the client; all you need is a simple web browser and a network connection to the database which hosts your Apex applications On the server; Apex is nothing more than data in some tables and large amounts of PL/SQL code, it is installed into a schema of your database –Works and supported as a component of Standard One, Standard and Enterprise Editions on Oracle Databases higher than 9iR2( –Release 1.6 comes with 10gR2 Companion CD –Release 2.0 and higher versions can be downloaded from OTN –Release 2.2 on 10gR2 XE, Release 3.0 on 11gR1 editions comes as a part of the standart database installation Apex comes as a part of your Oracle Database Software, WITHOUT AN ADDITIONAL COST

6 Apex Architecture Introduction Part 1. the metadata repository the definitions of your applications Part 2. the Application Express engine renders and process pages session state management authentication services authorization services page flow control validations processing


8 Applications Applications Applications Apex Logical Architecture Applications Schema A Applications Schema B Applications Schema C Workspace A Workspace B Workspace C

9 Components of Application Express Oracle Application Express contains four main components: –Application Builder Used to build database- centric interactive Web applications. –SQL Workshop Used to access database objects, run SQL statements and SQL scripts. –Utilities Used to Load and Unload data, Generate DDL, run Object Reports and manage the Recycle Bin. –Administration Used to manage services and users and to monitor activity.

10 T E S T D R I V E T I M E Developing at Apex online development center

11 Some Popular Apex Applications Apex development environment itself @ Turkcell, my company –TuTeMA –KaPlan –CC Operation Management Appl. –Supscription Appl. Parameter Management –…–…


13 Advised Next Steps Request a Workspace from Online Development Environment + Check out the Getting Started Guide + Download and Play with the Packaged Pre-built and Open Source Applications + Read Oracle Magazine Apex articles at This is a very open community, easy to ask and have to the points answers for any kind of your needs, as a result easy to learn, experts and even developers of Apex team are very willing to share –Follow Apex bloggers –Ask and answer questions and discuss on Apex at its OTN forums


15 Advised Next Steps(contd.) OTN Apex OBEs at Apply 2 Day Plus Application Express Developer Guide Chapters yourself –Chp 1 How to Create a Tabular Form –Chp 2 How to Create a Parameterized Report –.. –Chp 9 How to Incorporate JavaScript into an Application –Chp 10 How to Build and Deploy an Issue Tracking Application at 10/toc.htm 10/toc.htm Application Express User's Guide at http://download-


17 any questions? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Thank you, H.Tonguç Yılmaz


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