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Graphs, Charts, and Tables.

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1 Graphs, Charts, and Tables.
One out of four questions on the GED test relates to a graph, chart, or table. Understanding these questions will have the added benefit of helping students in social studies and science.

2 Arithmetic About 20% of the questions are arithmetic questions
More than half of these are multi-step questions Most students do not take these questions to completion

3 Geometry. Geometry questions make up around 12% of the test.
Being able to manipulate formulas is a required skill. Remember to use the formulas page provided on the test.

4 Percentages. About 10% of the questions are percent questions.
Remember to use the percentages formula. Part\Whole=%\100)

5 Algebra. 11% of the questions are algebra questions.
Algebra questions include: order of operations equations word problems

6 Probability\Statistics.
Around 6% of the questions are statistics or probability questions. This includes mean, median, mode, and range questions.

7 Substitution. Almost 5% of the questions are substitution questions.
Do not be fooled by the words-focus on inserting the numbers in the correct place.

8 Ratio and proportion. About 4% of the questions are proportion questions. Remember to be consistent with your proportions.

9 Test taking tips. Eliminate obviously wrong answers.
Never leave an answer blank. Try to see if your answer is “reasonable” Remember: you don’t have to get every question correct.

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