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How to subtract integers

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1 How to subtract integers

2 Why change to addition problem
Subtraction is the opposite of addition So we make things opposite

3 Step 1 Only make things opposite after the subtraction Example
-4 – 9 would read negative four subtract negative nine So, we only change subtract negative nine

4 Step 2 How do we change them
We know that taking away a negative thing is a positive situation So, -(-3) will be + (+3) We changed subtraction to adding and negative to positive

5 You try Only change them to addition problems 6- (-5) 6 +(+5) -10-(-4)
-10 +(+4)

6 Other type When we take way a positive thing
We know it is a negative situation So 7 – 19 we change subtraction to addition and positive 19 to -19

7 You try Only change to addition problem 4-10 4 + (-10) 16-20 16 +(-20)

8 Now we have addition problem
Follow the same steps when we added integers What do we have more of Answer will be that sign Signs same or different Same add, different subtract

9 You try whole process 1. -3 –(-6) -3 +(6) more positive signs different, subtract -3 +(6)= (-11) More negatives Signs same, add -7+(-11)=-18

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