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Gingerbread Man - Kolobok

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1 Gingerbread Man - Kolobok
These resources can be used for Cross-curricular topic work involving children’s different languages Language classes in the community MFL classes See also resource sheet, Kolobok pictures, story in Russian and lesson plans (links)

2 Колобок

3 Колобок, колобок, я тебя съем! Не съешь, ...!
Я колобок, по амбару метен, по сусекам скребен, Я от бабушки ушел, я от дедушки ушел, я от ... ушел, И от тебя уйду! Kolobok, Kolobok, I will eat you! Don’t eat me! I was scraped from the flour-box, and swept from the bin And baked in the oven, and cooled on the sill. I ran away from Grandpa, I ran away from Grandma, And I'll run away from you (animal's name), this minute I will!

4 Kolobok in primary school and Russian class
listen to Gingerbread Man story in English see Kolobok pictures and predict story listen to Kolobok story in Russian act out role in Russian as Kolobok or animal (primary school playground) – led by Russian-speaking child retell story from pictures, study the written version, pick out words recognised, sound out and write (Russian class)

5 Keywords in Russian: rabbit and wolf
Russian words are also transliterated into English lettering to help children access the sounds

6 Keywords in Russian: bear and fox

7 Keywords worksheet

8 Writing keywords in Russian school

9 Extensions in Russian school
Kolobok in Africa…introduce new animals Dress up Kolobok…items of clothing from story, what could Kolobok wear to protect itself in different environments? Kolobok escapes to the Arctic..invent new story

10 Children comment on their learning at primary school

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