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PURPOSE OF SLIDE SHOW We are ALL here today to create a new comic Super Hero called – CODE MAN in hopes that he will be able to HELP US save our communities.

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3 PURPOSE OF SLIDE SHOW We are ALL here today to create a new comic Super Hero called – CODE MAN in hopes that he will be able to HELP US save our communities - from ourselves. HOPE YOU HAVE SOME FUN AND ENJOY THE SHOW!


5 CODE MAN SCHOOL Do you know when The First Code was created? –The Code of Hammurabi Created in 1790 BC by the 6 th Babylonian King 282 codes / laws of justice Example: If a builder builds a house for someone, and does not construct it properly, and the house which he built falls in and kills its owner, then the builder shall be put to death. Intended to clarify the rights of oppressed man.

6 CODE MAN UNIVERSITY HE MUST LEARN A LOT: Florida State Statutes Local Ordinances –Fort Myers has approx 3000 pages of codes SOP - Standard Operating Procedures Human Resource Policies Professional Certifications - Required? Common Sense – Most important!

7 STEP 2: Post Gradua tion – What to do with all the new knowledge? SUPER HERO GOALS –Enforce the Code –Protect the Health, Safety & Welfare –Educate Everyone –Notify & Motivate –Maintain Compliance and Deter Future Violations –Penalize Repeat or Serious Offenders –Abate Violations Whenever Possible –Historic Preservation, Rehab & Revitalization –Reduce, Reuse – RECYCLE !

8 CONTINUING EDUCATION CODE MANS Primary Goal Is? BUT WHY? Basic Assumption: –If we have GOOD codes; Compliance shall improve our overall Quality of Life, and the majority will want to follow the rules voluntarily.

9 THE BENEFITS OF: A GOOD EDUCATION & ENFORCEMENT –Decreased Crime & Blight –Increased Property Values –Proper Maintenance is less Expensive than Rehab –Improved Occupancy % & Rental Rates –Increased Real Estate Sales –Enhanced Community Empowerment –Pride in Ownership –Healthy Cities –Economic Recovery & Development

10 STEP 3: U-TOW-PIA IN A PERFECT WORLD? –No Code Violations Anywhere… –Is that really possible? –Would it actually be perfect? LET US KNOW WHAT YOU THINK? –What should perfect enforcement look like?

11 STEP 4: A SOLID BASE HIS FOUNDATION IS BASED UPON –2 Primary Principles mandated by Florida State Statutes FSS-162; What are they? FR Hint: Not Front & Rear FAIR REASONABLE Code Enforcement MUST be Fair & Reasonable to be Legal

12 STEP 5: SUPER POWERS Super POSITIVE (+) Attitude LOVES to COMMUNICATE GENUINE Desire to HELP others Humm… CODE MAN must have a HUGE Heart! With great Power comes GREAT Responsibility!

13 STEP 6: ENFORCEMENT EFFORTS MUST BE BOTH EFFICIENT & EFFECTIVE –What do you think is the Quickest and Least Expensive method? EDUCATION This might be on The Exam…

14 TYPICAL ENFORCEMENT PROCESS Introduction & Education Door Tags / Written Warnings – Fair & Reasonable City Ordinance Citation – Instant $ penalty Notice of Violation – Due Process = Legal Notice Code Board Hearings – 7 members and all volunteers Daily Fines / Penalties run till Complied or Capped? Abatement Procedures - when possible & Invoice owner Collections Process begins - including Legal Foreclosure Mitigation Requests / Liens Released upon Payment Used to Foreclose on ALL Code Liens within 20 Years

15 STEP 7: THE VILLAINS? VIOLATORS And / Or COMPLAINANTS –Will whoever is really responsible, please stand-up? Property owners, Business Operators Landlords, Tenants, Realtors, Maintenance staff Management companies, Banks False Complaints, - Finger-pointers and/or Personal Agendas – trying to hurt others with Code Enf. –What kind of villain must he deal with today? A Criminal or another Innocent Victim Wielding the Code Enforcement Sword

16 VILLAIN DETECTOR CODE MANS SECRET DECODER: –(Its just JUDO spelled backwards) O D U J - OKAY – willing to comply CODE MANs Primary Duty is to Educate then Motivate ALL Violators until they become an OKAY person.

17 VILLAIN DETECTOR CODE MANS SECRET DECODER: O D U J - OKAY - DONT Understand? Sometimes people just need a better explanation to really understand what corrective actions are required & why.

18 VILLAIN DETECTOR CODE MANS SECRET DECODER: O D U J - OKAY - DONT - UNABLE – believes they cant The elderly, disabled, low income & mentally ill can be some of CODE MANs most challenging customers. However, referrals to the right resources often results in finding a way to help them comply and become OKAY.

19 VILLAIN DETECTOR CODE MANS SECRET DECODER: O D U J - OKAY - DONT - UNABLE - JERKS $ NYDLEY $ LUMLORD This type typically says, OKAY - Understands, and is Able but still makes the decision NOT to Comply.

20 Uh-Oh ESCAPE PLAN? RUN AWAY – Run Away? And Remember his PRIMARY DUTY –Must Change ALL Violators into OKAY JUDO Expert of his secret Super Power - Hes a Master at J.U.D.O. Code Man cant run away, even from the JERKS; but hell be SAFE because…

21 CODE MANS CRYPTO-NITE ? Every Super Hero has a weakness… –Primate Allergies can turn Code Man into Code Maniac? A.P.E.s –Distract Code Man from his True Mission & Purpose No actual CURE but if you… –Call them what they really are –Another Political Emergency –theyll shrink down to monkey size. A.P.E.

22 STEP 8: SUPER GADGETS NEEDS SOME COOL TOOLS… - NOT- Code Mans Office Code Mans GREEN & on a VERY limited BUDGET Guess a Hybrid still beats a phone booth?

23 REAL TOOLS Informal Enforcement Processes: –Education – EDUCATION - Education –Neighborhood Watches & Community Assoc. –Pamphlets, Brochures & Door Hangers –NTCs – Notice to Call for Information –Citizen Involvement – Volunteers & Complaints –Legal Covenants – Deed Restrictions –HOA & Condos – Rules & By-laws

24 MORE TOOLS Formal Enforcement Processes –(2) Typical Enforcement Paths: –Code Board & Citations to Court Priority Response Policy – the real Muscle? Broken Window Theory & C.P.T.E.D. Networking with other Super Hero agencies Citation CEB

25 PRIORITY RESPONSE POLICY Health & Safety FIRST Crime Related Primary Targets Repeat Offenders / Oldest Cases Visually Obvious A.P.E.s & Requests From Other Departments Neighborhood or Citizen Complaints Anonymous Personally Motivated Agendas Nuisance Complainants

26 STEP 9: Super HERO Costume Code Man Needs a UNIFORM

27 A QUICK REVIEW Head Full of KNOWLEDGE Solid Foundation - F & R Huge Heart & a Healthy Central Core Duty Comes FIRST – J.U.D.O. Strong Arms for carrying all the Tools Super Costume & Gadgets Almost Complete – BUTT Now What?

28 STEP 10: ENERGIZE Time to Bring to LIFE –What are we forgetting? His CODE OF ETHICS –The Source of ALL his Powers; without Ethics CODE MAN would not exist at all. Ethics

29 INTRODUCING Its CODE MAN…. Now Lets Take the BLIGHT Out of Crime ! Coming Soon to a City Near You


31 CODE MANS PURPOSE OUR PURPOSE STATEMENT: –To provide an affordable public education delivery device for assisting others in accomplishing their individual missions; as their universal goals specifically relate to improving the quality of life for the common good.

32 CODE MANS MISSION OUR VISION / MISSION STATEMENT: –To eliminate blight in an effort to help reduce crime and protect the general health, safety and welfare through public education, advertising campaigns, community networking, professional training and open forums.

33 ROLE MODELS - Smokey-the-Bear 1944 1979 Only YOU can Prevent Forest Fires. McGruff – the Crime Dog Take a Bite Out of Crime.

34 SOME SIDE KICKS? Code Mans Allies in Fighting BLIGHT CODE GAL McFixit OTool Well Kiss My Blarney Stone!

35 CURRENT CHALLENGES Lack of Budget / Resources & Less Staff More Code Work to do than ever before! –Mortgage Foreclosures by the Thousands –Condominium Associations Failing financially – Bank Walk-A-Ways & Abandoned Structures – Large new Developments – now stalled projects Who should be legally responsible ? CE J.U.D.O. - To many Unable Customers

36 Got a Code Enforcement Problem? CODE MAN HAS SOME IDEAS Lets Talk

37 VALUED SPECIAL PROGRAM IDEAS Project PRIDE & Builders Care Sponsorships AmeriCorps NCCC Service Project Countywide Disaster Damage Assessment Code Enforcement Public Education - Code Man PSAs & TV NET - Neighborhood Enforcement Targets Slum Property Sign Program Ride-a-Long Program – Liability Waivers? C.E. Most Wanted Tags & Process Service of Citations Rental Property Minimum-Housing Standards FTO Program & FACE Training/Officer CEP Certification

38 PROJECT P.R.I.D.E. Volunteer Initiative – at No CO$T to The City Code Officers identify neglected homes Pre-qualify the home owners based on NEED Prioritize those qualified and refer to PRIDE Leaders PRIDE coordinates resources & schedules event This program assists in eliminating visual blight, thru painting & minor repairs, while strengthening our community partnerships; where enforcement may not. Painting, Rehabilitating, & Improving Dwellings Effectively

39 AmeriCorps NCCC Project Pride Locations Habitat for Humanity partnership Minor Unsafe Structure – Abatement Environmental Clean-ups / Earth Day Invasive Plant Removal Parks & Recreation Projects Educational/ Service Learning Ops Builders Care - Ramps Up

40 Public Education Campaigns

41 THE END Really its just the beginning…

42 CREDITS The CITY OF FORT MYERS - FL CODE MAN ALL STARS: –Artwork by Andy Howl & Howl Gallery –Web Design by ISG –M & G Graphic Design, Inc. –Code Enforcement Professionals everywhere All CODE MAN images are Trademarked Copyrighted by Comply or Dye, Ink.

43 CITY OF FORT MYERS, FL MISSION STATEMENT– To deliver exceptional government services sensitive to the needs, safety and quality of life of our community; and provide an environment where people will be encouraged to live, work, play, and invest.

44 COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT CODE ENFORCEMENT DIVISION – To protect the health, safety, and welfare of all property owners, residents, businesses, and visitors within our City Limits. To establish standards and ordinances which ensure positive effects on property value, community appearance and neighborhood pride. To partner and network with other communities in our efforts to stay at the forefront of creative & effective Code Enforcement. Become a Code Man All Star TODAY & Help Fight Blight!

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