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Texas Roadtrips. Texas Roadtrips Main Menu More Info Main Menu.

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1 Texas Roadtrips

2 Texas Roadtrips Main Menu

3 More Info Main Menu

4 Main Menu FM-170 is a 120-mile scenic highway starting in Terlingua, near Big Bend National Park, and passing north along the Rio Grande through some of the remotest lands in the United States. Nobody gets on FM-170 by mistake. It is arguably the most scenic highway in the state of Texas, rivaling those near the Guadalupe Mountains or even those in Big Bend National Park. Beth and I have driven this road twice now: once in January 2004 on our first trip together to Big Bend National Park, and again over the Christmas holidays of 2005. The road starts in the Terlingua - Study Butte area, branching off of Texas highway TX-118. The first few miles is basically a scrabble of hotels, businesses and homes, all serving the tourists who come to the Big Bend. On our first visit we took some time to visit the old ghost town of Terlingua, which was at its prime in the 1940s as a quicksilver mining town during World War II. Its population numbered about 2,000 people, but at the war's end, the mines closed and the population shrunk to nearly nothing. Today, Terlingua - Study Butte has about 300 people. Getting technical here, Study Butte is the area right at the TX-118/FM-170 junction, while Terlingua is about 5 miles west along FM-170. But there is no clear demarcation between the two places and even the signs list both names. The "Study' in Study Butte is pronounced "Stoo-dy".

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6 Main Menu A ride through this part of Texas will most certainly change your view of my beloved state. You will ride amongst scenery as good as it gets, along clear rivers, through very twisty mountain type curves amidst real Texas Ranches. With million dollar vistas and cool clear waters along with friendly folks and knowing that you are riding the best this large state can offer, makes for great riding... This route is mainly very twisty passing over large hills and between not many gas stations. This roller coaster ride will no doubt blow you away. The road is not heavily traveled, but beware as sharp turns have certainly taken many motorcyclist down. Also, although the surface is mostly in very good condition, always watch for loose gravel, deer and slow moving locals heading back to their ranch... often a much slower pace than we're zippin by at. This route isn't going to be know for its "Roadside Amenities" as much as it is known for its scenery and road quality. There are some very nice pull-outs, stop and enjoy the long vistas. Gas up in Leakey as there are not too many gas stations to choose from and where there is a very good motorcycle shop. For a refreshing summertime swimming hole try the Frio River (frio meaning cold!!!).

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8 Main Menu Description: The scenery... its Palo Duro Canyon! The second largest canyon in the United States, possibly one of the most amazing views in Texas. Rating: Hazards: Sharp turns and wildlife. Places to stop: Anyplace that you want to take a picture. Distance: Approx. 25 miles Route: 1. Head east out of Canyon on 4th Ave. Stay on 4th, it turns into Tx-217. 2. Take Tx-217 to Palo Duro Canyon. 3. Ride Park Rd 5 down the canyon.

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10 Main Menu We have made this run twice now and it has been great both times. Cow Creek road has lots of twists and turns, elevation changes and lots of scenery. It is in the heart of hill country so you are constantly going up and down hills. There are lots of cattle guards that you must watch out for as well as the free ranging cattle but this last trip we noticed that they have smoothed out most of the guards. The road crisscrosses Cow Creek over and over again. One time you cross a low water bridge then the next a bridge over the creek. It makes for a very fun ride. When you get to the end you can head for smithwick and stop at Capps BBQ for some great food then head back to Austin.

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12 Main Menu This is at least a 2 day ride. We rode it in 6 hours one day to Fredricksburg. Spent the night then headed down to Luckenbach the next day for an 8 hour ride back. Make sure you detour to Enchanted Rock on the way back for a spectacular view of the pink granite dome. This trip has everything from highway driving to remote twisty roads. One section we didnt see another car or house for almost 45 minutes so make sure you watch your fuel.

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14 Main Menu This is a great ride. It is truly a trip to Hell's Gate. Where the route ends you can park your bike and hike over the cliffs to the gate. Mind you the cliffs are 60-80 feet off the water. No rails or stairs, just rocks. But well worth the effort. Two great places to eat on this trip are Mary's Brazos Cafe on Tin Top Road, and The Palo Pinto Cafe in Palo Pinto. Another great thing about this trip is if you want to get back to Fort Worth in a hurry you can just take 180 East all the way back to Weatherford and catch 20 East. You will be back at the Stockyards bars in about an hour and a half. enjoy...

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16 Main Menu The ride runs from Kennard to Hwy 59 through Texas Forest Country and Davy Crockett that passes tall timbers, the occasional country church, winding down and around and across streambeds with exposed gnarled roots where wild irises bloom. A beautiful ride true Texans will surely enjoy! Smooth, state-maintained, asphalt Farm-to-Market road the entire way where it is easy to forget speed limits in long, straight of ways. Overall this is just a wonderful ride that cuts some time off for riders cutting through the Texas Forest Country. The few rest stops along this quiet road have hospitality beyond compare. Southeast of Kennard, Laguna Casa, is a new attraction, and Apple Springs, midway along the journey, offers a variety of libations to suit any taste.

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