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The Great Plains and The Mountain and Basins Region

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1 The Great Plains and The Mountain and Basins Region

2 The Great Plains Has 2 subregions: The Edwards Plateau (blue)
The High Plains (purple)

3 The Great Plains: The Edwards Plateau
The Edwards Plateau ranges between 501 ft and 3,141 feet above sea level. It has a covering layer of thin soil making the area ill-suited for farming. Most sheep and goats in the entire US can be found within 100 miles from the center of the Edwards Plateau.

4 The Great Plains: The Highland Plains
Lake Buchanan is the largest lake in the Highland Lakes Country. This subregion makes up most of the Texas Panhandle.

5 The Great Plains: The Palo Duro Canyon is a rugged area carved by the Red River as it cuts through the Caprock Escarpment. Amarillo is the largest city in the North Plains. Lubbock serves as the commercial and cultural center for a large area of the TX Panhandle and western TX.

6 Mountains and Basins Has no subregions
The highest mountain range in TX is the Guadalupe Range. The Guadalupe Peak is the highest mountain in TX and is 8,749 feet. The Davis Mtns are in the center of the region.

7 Mountains and Basins The Big Bend Country gets its name from a sharp bend in the Rio Grande. The Chisos Mtns are the most important mountain group in the Big Bend area. Cactus, yucca, and small desert shrub are common vegetation in this area.

8 Mountains and Basins Cotton is the single most important crop grown here. In addition to petroleum and natural gas, other resources here include limestone, shale rock, and clay. El Paso is one of the state’s larger cities.

9 Mountains and Basins El Paso has a strong Hispanic tradition and is located in the Mexican city of Ciudad Juarez. Maquiladores or “twin factories” are located in Mexico and assemble parts made in the US.

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