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What do the students think the school-wide rules are… Kinder 1 st Grad e.

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2 What do the students think the school-wide rules are… Kinder 1 st Grad e

3 2nd Grad e

4 5 th Grad e 4 th Grad e 3 rd Grad e

5 And the staff…

6 What Is On Our Plate Today?

7 Thomas Crapper, 1836-1910 Owned plumbing and fitting company and held 9 patents Did NOT specifically invent the Water Closet

8 How does CRAP relate to you?

9 Continual Re-evaluation of All Programs

10 How Does CRAP Relate To You? Mighty Mustang Award Committees SST Character Counts Tickets New Standards Grade Level Meetings Progress Reports SMART Buddy Class PD Cafe Classroom Helpers Referrals RIF Nutrition After School Programs PTO Meetings SPED Referrals Dibles Standards Title One Small Groups PTO Meetings Fundraisers Duties Fundraisers RTI High School Helpers Community Involvement Lunch Recess Lunch Money Morning Announcements IEP Meetings IEP 504 Plan Teach School Rules Checking for Understanding Character counts Tech. Committee Site Counsel Galileo Walking Club Yearbook Volunteer Recognition Spirit Week Field Day RESULTS Curriculum Mapping RE-Teach Rules SPED Surveys School Imp. Plan Staff Meeting Every Week Sub Plans Student Council Kinder. Fall Introduction Make Up Work Standford 10 Lunch Buddies Kinder. Bus/Transportation Walkthroughs AIMSConferences

11 At San Tan Heights, We Know A LOT About CRAP! Because We Really Do A Lot Of Things

12 What is PBIS? POSITIVE BEHAVIOR INTERVENTIONS & SUPPORTS A system to establish the school culture and behavioral supports needed for school to be an effective learning environment for all students. Improving school/student performance Tying all efforts to the benefit of students Never changing things that are working Always making the smallest change that will have the biggest impact on students/school

13 Components of School Wide System Developing School Rules Defining & Teaching expectations across settings Defining & Teaching School-wide routines in common areas Acknowledgment system Consequences System & Decision Making

14 Primary Prevention: Schoolwide/Classroom Systems for All Students, Staff, & Settings Secondary Prevention: Specialized Group Systems for Students with At-Risk Behavior ~80% of Students ~15% ~5% Tertiary Prevention: Specialized Individualized Systems for Students with High-Risk Behavior CONTINUUM OF SCHOOL-WIDE INSTRUCTIONAL & POSITIVE BEHAVIOR SUPPORT

15 Anticipated Outcomes of Implementing PBIS: Increased Instructional Time Decreased administrator time spent responding to behavior Improved school climate Increased student self-management skills Increased teacher management skills Reduced referrals for special education Reduced number of students with perceived significant behavior challenges

16 Conclusion A single leaf working alone provides no shade By Chuck Page Developing School Wide Rules Defining & Teaching School wide routines Team Effort Questions

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