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2 2008 – Year of Challenges Terrorism Crime by bikers Olympic torch relay Delhi Vidhan Sabha Election Fatal Accidents.

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2 2 2008 – Year of Challenges Terrorism Crime by bikers Olympic torch relay Delhi Vidhan Sabha Election Fatal Accidents

3 3 Initiatives during 2008

4 4 Eyes & Ears Scheme Launched in January 2008 for collection of crime & terrorist related Intelligence directly from public Stake holders Rehriwalas, chowkidars, patriwalas, security guards, property agent, second hand car dealers, land lord, member of RWA/MTA, cyber café owners, PCO owners, guest house owner etc. 515 meetings by DCsP, 2377 by ACsP, 13237 SHOs and 35012 by division/beat staff 167 cases solved including one double murder case Toll Free Helpline - 1090 E-mail link on Delhi Police website Publicity and Advertisement through electronic/print media (including FM radio)

5 5 Major re-organization/expansion 2 districts, 3 sub-divisions & 11 police stations sanctioned 1 district and 6 Police Stations already opened 3 Police Stations closed 1 district, 4 sub-divisions and 14 police stations created 1 sub-division and 6 Police Stations from own resources Creation of specialized police stations – EOW, CAW & Crime Branch

6 6 Quick Reaction Teams/mobile patrolling teams/ Special armed static/semi-static teams to tackle terror Large scale recruitment undertaken Effective availability after two years Extensive revision of standing orders & instructions for enhancing professionalism and quality of policing Hindi translation for the first time Revised standing orders compendiums to be printed and made freely available to all ranks 4 Meetings with all SHOs/Inspectors, ACsP, DCsP of districts Contd..

7 7 10 Visits to districts for review of pending investigation cases Stress on quality of investigation Revamping of beat system Emphasis on collection of crime & terrorist related intelligence Priority on dealing with complainants and redressal of complaints Upgradation of skills of I.Os – tie up with Indraprastha Guru Gobind Singh Univesity System of handing over of case files/complaints to the next I.O. streamlined and institutionalized Bifurcation of Malkhana (a) case property (b) government property for better management and to avoid inconvenience to public Contd..

8 8 Exhaustive guidelines enforced for safety & security for organizing incident free Ramlilas, Melas, Processions etc. Strict adherence of rules & instructions for grant of temporary license for sale of fire crackers – 6 fire incidents as against 7 fire incidents of last year Creation of special juvenile police unit at state and district level – Jt.CP (CAW) is nodal officer Intensive servant verification drive. Door to door survey conducted, 912547 houses covered, 111484 servant checked, out of them only 41046 (37%) found to have filled verification form – advisory letters Contd..

9 9 Help Lines in Crime Branch Anti Threat by Recovery Agents Cell For any agent intimidating directly or threatening on behalf of Bank or financial company or any service provider or any other organisation or posing as Police Official, Income Tax Official, Advocate, MCD, Custom, Excise or any other department Anti Obscene Calls Cell Any women can lodge complaint for receiving lewd remarks on road or for being harassed on telephone or getting obscene /objectionable SMS or MMS Identity will not be disclosed if so desired

10 10 Action against Terrorists

11 11

12 Late Inspector Mohan Chand Sharma President Police Medal for Gallantry & Police Medal for Gallantry 5 Bars Made supreme sacrifice in the call of duty

13 13 Within a week of the five blasts in Delhi, perpetrators tracked at Batla House – shootout - two militants of Indian Mujahiddin responsible for serial blasts in Delhi, Jaipur, Ahmedabad and other parts of the country neutralized One militant, Mohd. Saif, arrested from the spot HC Balwant Singh sustained bullet injuries

14 14 Four more militants of this group identified as Zeeshan, Mohd. Shakeel, Zia-ul-Rehman & Saquib Nisar, arrested Two laptops, several mobile phones, arms and 60 live cartridges alongwith incriminating material recovered estblishing their link with SIMI and other militant outfits. Mohd. Sadiq @ Sadakat Ali r/o Azamgarh, U.P and Kayamuddin Kapadia r/o Vadodra, Gujarat arrested for their involvement in the conspiracy Contd..

15 15 Other Militants apprehended during 2008 Harkat-ul-Jehad-e-Islami: Mohd. Iqbal, Nazrul Islam and Jallaluddin United Liberation Front of Assam: Ranjan Bikash Borgohain Harkat-ul-Mujahidin : Habib Babbar Khalsa International : Baljit Singh, Kulwinderjeet Singh, Bikkar Singh, Trilochan Singh, Daya Singh Lahoria, Sukhwinder Singh, Surender Singh and Jaswant Singh

16 16 CRIME

17 17 Crimogenic Factors in Delhi Heterogeneous Population (172 Lakhs) Floating Population(20-25 Lakhs) Socio-Economic Factors Unplanned urbanization with inadequate civic amenities Adverse sex ratio Socio-Economic imbalances, unemployment, poverty Short cuts to success – adverse impact of advertisement Urban anonymity encouraging deviant behaviour Loosening of social control and family discipline Consumerism and materialism Absence of hinterland etc.. etc..

18 18 Highlights Crime down by 28% IPC Crime down by 13% Heinous cases down by 12% Solving of heinous cases improved from 89% to 90%

19 19 Total IPC Crime 13%

20 20 IPC crime per Lakh of population

21 21 IPC crime rate in 35 mega cities of India - 2007 1.Indore792.713Surat390.825Jamshed pur 251.1 2. Bhopal760.814Rajkot390.426Varanasi231.2 3.Jaipur606.8 15Ahmedabad383 27Ludhiana220.4 4.Jabalpur585.816Lucknow373.528Amritsar211.9 5.Vijayawada552.617Vadodara342.429Meerut209.2 6.Patna524.018Pune341.330Madurai194.6 7.Kochi487.219Agra325.831Mumbai186.2 8.Bengaluru475.620Hyderabad314.332Allahabad162.5 9.Nagpur461.221Kanpur297.733Asansol136.7 10 Faridabad428.422Coimbatore271.434Dhanbad125.1 11 Vishakapatanam 412.323Nasik270.435Kolkata82.5 12Delhi397.924Chennai256.9All India175.1 *Note-Crime rate in Delhi in 2008 - 282

22 22 IPC crime rate in 35 mega cities of India after deduction of MV Theft & Road Accidents Source : Crime in India - 2007 1.Indore 655.36 13Surat 321.77 25Nasik 208.08 2.Bhopal 642.67 14Faridabad 309.81 26Amritsar 186.83 3.Jabalpur 529.01 15Lucknow 293.56 27Ludhiana 180.35 4.Vijayawada 494.65 16Vadodara 279.19 28 Madurai178.58 5.Kochi 476.61 17Hyderabad 274.93 29Varanasi 171.15 6.Jaipur 471.72 18Pune 260.34 30Meerut 168.71 7.Patna 464.61 19Kanpur 262.52 31Mumbai 159.32 8.Bengaluru 408.99 20Delhi 253.20 32Allahabad 136.09 9.Nagpur 406.22 21Coimbatore 241.65 33Asansol 127.06 10Vishakapatanam 361.50 22Chennai 233.98 34Dhanbad 108.11 11Rajkot 336.04 23Agra 225.15 35Kolkata 74.28 12Ahmedabad 326.15 24Jamshedpur 220.00 All India 158.60

23 23 Heinous Crime 12% One of the Lowest incidence of heinous crime

24 24 Heinous cases Solved 2007 2008 89% 90% 1%

25 25 Murder Cases 11%

26 26 Murder Cases Solved 4%

27 27 Murder Solved 2007 - 78% 2008 - 82%

28 28 Rate of Murder in 35 Mega Cities of India Source : Crime in India - 2007 CityRate CityRateCityRate 1Patna8.9 9Allahabad4.717Bhopal3.7 2Faridabad6.2 10Ludhiana4.418Nagpur3.4 3Kanpur5.511Amritsar4.319Pune3.4 4Jamshedpur5.212Bengaluru4.320 Vijayawada 3.3 5Meerut5.113Surat3.8 21Delhi3.0 6Indore4.814Varanasi3.8 All India – 2.8 7Agra4.815Jabalpur3.7 8Lucknow4.716Rajkot3.7

29 29 Murder Cases – Motives Out of total 891 persons arrested persons 842 (95%) persons had no previous criminal record Out of total 891 persons arrested persons 842 (95%) persons had no previous criminal record

30 30 An interesting revelation in the motive-analysis of incidence of a sizable percentage of the cases was due to petty reasons such as: Over tying goat in front of neighbours house Dhabawala shot because he refused to serve food after closure Not served papad in restaurant - went to kitchen and shot cook One dancer shoots another in a ring ceremony over choice of music Quarrel amongst drinking buddies

31 31 Security guard kills another for coming late to relieve him from duty Quarrel while playing Gully Danda Over refusing to sell milk Two cases related to refusal of money by cousin and friend for purchasing liquor House owner brutally beat to death passerby for urinating in front of his house Contd..

32 32 Dhaba owner killed because water fell on clothes of accused When asked to return Rs. 250/-, man killed the person demanding it Man killed sister-in-law because his shirt was not washed Argument in cricket match between teenagers led to killing with a bat Celebratory firing in marriage procession killed another person Contd..

33 33 Refused a glass of water, labourer beat co- worker to death Cook killed a worker when he tried to take tiffin out for eating outside A double murder took place over placing a ladder When wife objected to husbands affair, he killed wife, mother and father in succession Contd..

34 34 Weapon used in Murder Cases

35 35 Murder – Victim s Profile 91% victims – low income group 8% victims - middle income group 1% victims - upper income group 44% victims - below 25 years of age 80% victims - men 20% victims - women

36 36 Dacoity 36% 4% Cases ReportedCases Solved

37 37 Robbery 6% 2% Cases ReportedCases Solved

38 38 Attempt to murder 26% Lowest in 20 Years 1% Cases ReportedCases Solved

39 39 Attempt to Murder Solved 2007 - 94% 2008 - 95%

40 40 Motive - Attempt to Murder

41 41 Use of Fire Arms

42 42 Kidnapping for Ransom Cases 13% No organised gang is operating in Delhi 20 victims rescued

43 43 Extortion 17%

44 44 Rape Cases 22% 7% 3%

45 45 Rape cases – 2008 Rape by Strangers 1.99% Rape by relatives & acquaintances 98.01%

46 46 34 PSs (23%) reported no case 40 PSs (27%) recorded 56 cases (12%) 31 PSs (21%) reported 230 cases (51%) 29 PSs of these fall outside the outer ring road 10 PSs registered 93 cases Incidents of Rape – City Wide Spread

47 47 Neighbours... …........ ….. 251 (55.41%) Friends ……. …….......... …. 69 (15.23%) Relatives..... ……. …... …….... 37 (8.17%) Employers /Co-workers.. ….... 30 (6.62%) Other known persons...... …….57 (12.58%) Unknown / strangers ……... …... 9 (1.99%) Victim and accused relationship

48 48 Illiterate 10919.36% School drop out 27749.20% Upto 10 th 12121.49% Upto 12 th 447.82% Graduate & Professionals 122.14% TOTAL563 Educational Profile of accused persons arrested-2008 90%

49 49 Low Income Group 42876.02% Middle Income Group 12622.38% Upper Income Group 91.60% TOTAL563 Profile of accused persons arrested-2008

50 50 Low Income Group 32371.30% Middle Income Group 12728.04% Upper Income Group 30.66% TOTAL453 Profile of Victims of Rape -2008

51 51 Anti Obscene Calls Cell formed in Crime Branch Special police arrangements provided around women colleges/hostels/campus in coordination with university authorities PCR Vans with women police officers deployed around selected women colleges/ institutions. Complaints/Suggestion box placed in university campuses for the convenience of girl students Care of Women

52 52 Special teams in plain clothes deployed against eve teasing in buses and other crowded places. Interaction with womens college students for a better police – public understanding. Gender sensitization training of police personnel Drive against eve-teasers led by an Inspector Contd..

53 53 Surprise checks Buses Markets Cinema Road junctions Campus etc Public announcements at bus stop/railway stations Parivartan Security review committee Contd..

54 54 Parivartan Women beat Constables help out women facing any kind of problem A pioneering efforts in the history of Delhi Police to provide a safe and free environment to women and girl child Women Police officers supervise and patrol the beat to combat and prevent crime against members of their own sex Densely populated areas prone to violence against women were identified Good response noticed in the decline of complaints against violent crime on women in the area ISO : 9001 – 2000 Certified Webber Seavey Award - 2006 - an International award for innovative approach for effective law enforcement. Asian of Year – 2008 : an international award by Singapore based news channel – media cops ISO : 9001 – 2000 Certified Webber Seavey Award - 2006 - an International award for innovative approach for effective law enforcement. Asian of Year – 2008 : an international award by Singapore based news channel – media cops

55 55 Self Defence Training 2005200620072008 Camp Organised 61746889 Girls Trained 11338102721208313474 So far 440 camps organized & 60,381 girls trained

56 56 Cases - Reported 23% 12% Cases - Solved Motor Vehicle Thefts

57 57 Factors responsible for Motor Vehicle Theft Non availability of parking places in residential areas. Indifference of owners and police may care attitude Reluctance towards spending on installation of security devices Second hand market plays a major role in absorption of stolen vehicles. Re-registration of stolen vehicle in some states without completion of procedural formalities

58 58 Manual maintenance of records by State Transport Authority in most states. Easy to create/alter records Provision of deemed NOC after 30 days if no reply Vehicles stolen from Delhi found disposed in other states/ countries UP, Bihar, West Bengal, J&K, North-East states, Nepal and Bangladesh Non availability of a fixed registration number plate facilitates re-painting in no time. Contd..

59 59 Action initiated by Delhi Police for prevention of M.V. Theft Identification of affected places and time zone and proper deployment of staff in these areas. STAs requested not to register second hand vehicles without receiving NOC from the concerned authority. Manufacturers requested to install security devices at the factory/show room Record of stolen vehicles has been computerized. Parking attendants sensitized. Co-ordination with Insurance Agencies

60 60 Significant success in solving Crime

61 61 MonthSubjectStatus July 1Two people shot at Nand Nagri in North-East Delhi as they resisted robbery bid Solved on 24.08.08 July 542 years old school teacher shot by robber at Aman Vihar Solved on 16.07.08 July 8Two brothers shot at in Balimaran in North Delhi over family feud Solved on 17.07.08 July 9Three people killed in shootout between rival gangs in Seelampur Solved on 13.08.08 July 11Same men kill another person heading home near Andrews Ganj Solved on 21.08.08 July 11Two men shot by same motorcycle-borne killers near Amar Colony, Lajpat Nagar Solved on 01.08.08 July 12Two shop keepers shot at by bike-borne men at Madangir near Ambedkar Nagar Solved on 18.08.08 All Sensational shoot-out cases during 1 st to 15 th July, 2008 Solved

62 62 MonthSubjectStatus July-5One person having bullet injury marks was found lying infront of Kumar Sweets Sangam Vihar Solved on 01.08.08 July-8Two youths shot dead Mahesh Kapoor with 8 bullets and robbed Rs. 2 Lakhs out side of Manglam building at Shakarpur Solved on 07.08.08 July-154/5 people fired upon Deepak at Prahladpur, Bawana Solved on 17.07.08 July-15Some unknown persons fired upon one Abid at Janta Colony, Welcome Solved on 06.08.08 Other Cases

63 63 Mastermind of bikers gang Om Prakash @ Bunty and Rajesh @ Panni neutralized – five arrested. Cases relating to the gang Murder of Gurmeet Singh at Sangam Vihar Murder of Manvinder Singh at Andrewj Ganj flyover. Double murder of Hardeep Singh and Ashmeet Singh at Amar Colony. Murder-cum-Robbery case in which criminals fired eight bullets to kill Mahesh Kapoor at Vikas Marg Sensational Robbery-cum-murder case of Nand Nagri Recovered stolen diamonds, gold and silver bricks and cash amounting to 66.8 lakhs in sensational Dariba Kalan Burglary Case. Patta of land worth 20 lakhs being seized. Cases solved – showing high level of Professionalism and Integrity

64 64 Day light dacoity at Mandawali in which cash of Rs. 2 Crores robbed out of which more than Rs. 1.5 Crores in cash were recovered Robbery of jewellery worth Rs. 2 Crores in Kalyan Puri area out of which of Rs. 1.5 Crores diamond jewellery recovered Robbery from a cash van in the area of C.R. Park- Cash Rs. 30 Lakhs, jewellery worth Rs. 2 Lakhs looted but recovered Rs. 42 Lakhs Cash van robbery of Rs. 34 Lakhs of Delhi Cantt. Cash van robbery at Satya Niketan Contd..

65 65 E-ticketing fraud worth Rs. 5 crore busted. 4 arrested. International drug cartel busted. Three Nigerians with 2.5 crore drugs held Sensational triple murder cum robbery case of PS Saraswati Vihar Robbery of Rs. 35 Lakhs in jewellery shop in Rohini – robbers fired while escaping. Accused arrested included three desperate gangsters of Sonipat Theft case at Paschim Vihar in which jewellery worth 40 lakhs and cash of Rs. 97,000/-recovered Contd..

66 66 Murder of Arun Gupta at Kalkaji Double Murder of Senior Citizen Smt. Lata Goel and Shri Ashok Goel at Niti Bagh Brutal murder case of Ms. Nirmala Madan, Senior Citizen of Amar Colony Sensational murder case of Senior Citizen Ms. Nishi Banga of Greater Kailash Sensational murder case of Senior Citizen Madan Mohan Gulati of New Friends Colony Contract killing of Shri Dhanpat Rai at Maurya Enclave Contd..

67 67 Action against Criminals

68 68 Action Against Criminals – 2008 20072008 Criminals neutralized92 Major gang busted57 Desperate criminals arrested1428 No Organized Gang is Operating in Delhi

69 69 Criminals carrying reward neutralized/ apprehended– 2008 Rs. 5 Lakhs Brijesh Singh @ Arun Kumar Singh Tender Mafia Don Anil Sharma Rs. 1 Lakh Mainpal @ Dheela Rs, 80,000 Vijay Dahiya @ Bodha Rs. 50,000/- Joginder Singh @ Joga Pritam Singh @ Lala Rahis Ahmed @ Langra Rs. 50,000/- Afroz @ Firoz Naasir @ Zakir Om Prakash @ Bunty Mohd. Israel @ Ajay Bidhuri Devender Kumar Aggarwal Ravinder Kumar Vikram Praveen Rajesh Gulia Naveen Dabas Shakeel Ahmed Shamim @ Wasim Om Shiv @ Kallu

70 70 Rs. 25,000/- Saleem @ Shafifuddin Sonu @ Baba Virender Kumar Jha @ Vinay Kuar Rajesh @ Fauzi Mukhi Rai Rs. 20,000/- Ashok Yadav Rs. 12,500/- Vinod Kumar (2,500/- by UP police and Rs. 10,000/- by Delhi Police) Rs.10,000/- Sunil Kumar Ramesh Pahalwan Ikram @ Arif Mohd. Parvez @ Chacha Sandeep @ Dumble Mahesh Kant Ruia Amit Kumar Murli Rajan @ Ajay Contd..

71 71 Inter-State Criminals Arrested Ateeq Ahmed Involved in 46 criminal cases including attempt to murder, extortion, kidnapping, rioting, Arms Act and Gangster Act of UP In the year-2005, Raju Pal, MLA was killed in broad day light. Hatched conspiracy to murder his political opponent Javed Iqbal @ Pappu in Allahabad. In this attack one of the Javeds bodyguards was killed.

72 72 Brijesh Singh @ Arun Kumar Singh Carrying a reward of Rs.5 Lakhs, desperate gangster of U.P namely who was wanted in several cases of gruesome murders and attempts to murder, large scale extortion in U.P, Gujarat and other States. The gangster was desperate and dreaded and had been evading the police arrest for the last almost 20 years. Made a murderous attack on the Election Campaigning Jeep of Afzal Ansari and killed six persons. Fired indiscriminately with automatic weapons in the market of Village Pakdi and killed seven persons/shopkeepers. Contd..

73 73 Killed one Liquor Mafia Don Virender Tata, while he was being escorted from Allahabad Central Jail to Azamgarh Court. Killed a Sub-Inspector, two Constables of Maharashtra Police and one Haldankar of Arun Gaoli Gang. Killed one Sadhu Singh of Mudiyaar village in hospital in police custody. Killed eight persons including the brother and mother of Sadhu Singh in Village Mudiyaar with automatic weapons. Made murderous assault on Maya Shankar Singh of B.S. Village, while he was being taken to Banaras Court by the police escort. Contd..

74 74 Tender Mafia Don Anil Sharma r/o Jharkhand Carrying a reward of Rs. 5 Lakhs, alongwith his two associates operating from Ranchi Jail and involved in more than 45 cases of heinous offences Dominated the Tender Mafia in Ranchi and Jharkhand Killed one Binno, a tender mafia in Ranchi In jail he slit the throat of Sudhir with a surgical blade and killed him. Contd..

75 75 Mainpal @ Dheela r/o Village Badli, Bahadurgarh, Haryana Carrying a reward of Rs. 1,00,000/- and wanted in three murder cases committed in inter-gang rivalry including murder of Raj Singh, Ex-Sarpanch of Village Badli, Jhajjar (Haryana) Contd..

76 76 Major gangs busted Mahavir Don, sharp shooter of Krishan Pehalwan gang Pravesh Dalal, Rakesh Dalal and Atul of Vijay Pandit gang Deepak of Krishan Pal Fauji gang Arun Sharma, Hari Kishan, Yogesh Kumar, Danish, Deepak Soni and Rehman of Hari Krishan gang

77 77 Mohd. Tasleem and Salim of Anwar Thakur Gang Ashfaq, Ramesh and Vakir of Ashfaq Gang Ganpat, Deepak and Satender of Ganpat Bunty gang Contd..

78 78 Desperate criminals arrested Vijay Dahiya of Sonepat, Haryana involved in two murders after escaping from judicial custody Kuldip Singh and Vicky wanted in a sensational attempt to murder case of PS Sadar Gohana, Haryana. Azad Singh, Abid Ali and Naushad involved in cases of murder, Arms Act and NDPS Act. Manish Soni, Sachin Gandhi and Vijay Kohli involved in about 70 cases of drugging.

79 79 Vikram, Praveen and Rajesh Gulia wanted in various cases including murder of Raj Singh, Ex-Sarpanch of Vill. Badli, Jhajjar, Haryana. Aas Mohammad, a BC of PS I.P. Estate, involved in many heinous cases including attempt to murder, Arms Act & NDPS Act. P.O. and evading police since 2007 Asif, involved in more than 20 cases of dacoity, robberies, snatchings, Arms Act. Mohd. Samyuddin Qureshi, BC of Kotwali Hapur, involved in 20 cases of murder, robbery, assault & Arms Act. Contd..

80 80 Upender, wanted in double murder & robbery case of Muradnagar, and involved in several cases of dacoity & kidnapping in U.P. Had killed a police official in U.P. Khurvesh, a BC of PS Nand Nagari, involved in more than 30 cases of murder, attempt to murder, assault on police, extortion and robberies. Sartaz r/o Meerut, involved in 8 cases of attempt to murder, attack on police team, car jacking and M.V. theft. Naiem & Danish, wanted in cases of extortion, murder and attempt to murder. Contd..

81 81 Gurcharan Singh, Raj Kumar Sachdeva, Sumit Narula, involved in highway robberies, drugging and extortion. Ravinder Mann r/o Alipur, arrested by A.R.C. Crime, wanted in a sensational murder case of Rohtak. Sajid, a BC of New Usmanpur, arrested with weapon. Ishwar Singh, a BC of PS Bhajanpura, wanted in attempt to murder case of P.S. Vasant Vihar. Sunil Kumar, Rajeev Kumar, Desh Raj & Amarjeet Singh, a gang of robbers Contd..

82 82 Shakeel Ahmed, wanted in murder case of Arun Gupta of Kalkaj. Ali Sher of Jahangirpuri, involved in sensational cases of arms robberies, dacoities, murder, attempt to murder and theft. Bijender, Sushil Kumar, Pramod, Phool Singh and Jaipal, a gang of highway robbers & murderers. Rahul, Manoj & Mohd. Hanif, a gang of auto- lifters, 14 cases of M.V. theft worked out. Shahid & Mintu, Bangladeshis, involved in robberies, burglaries and thefts in Delhi. Contd..

83 83 Care of Senior Citizens Creation of Senior Citizen Security Cell in Delhi Police headed by Addl. Commissioner of Police, PHQ for supervising and coordinating with districts More than 30 senior citizens are contacted on telephone daily by Senior Citizen Security Cell at least 10 Senior Citizens visited daily by PHQ team Contacted on telephone – 11,900 Personally visited – 3343

84 84 Regular visit by Beat/division staff and SHO/ ACP 75,283 visits to senior citizens Pamphlets of Dos and Don'ts distributed Regular meetings with RWAs focusing on problems of senior citizens Intensive servant verification drive. Door to door survey conducted, 912547 houses covered, 111484 servant checked, out of them only 41046 (37%) found to have filled verification form Contd..

85 85 Crime against Senior Citizens 18.9% 26.7% 13.6% 16%

86 86 Analysis of Senior Citizen Calls 2008

87 87 Law & Order

88 88 Assembly Elections -2008 Action under West Bengal Prevention of Defacement of Property Act 1494 cases registered 1177 persons arrested & notice u/s 160 Cr.P.C. issued to 451 1163 cases already sent to court for trial 15,678 hoarding, banners, posters, wall writings have been removed and seized Pro-active role of police in removing defacement

89 89 144 vehicles and 29 loud speakers seized Preventive Action : 1072 persons Arms Act : 14 persons arrested Excise Act : 273 cases & 290 persons arrested 28,205 bottles, 3595 halves, 77,750 quarters, 136 Litres of liquor 38 vehicles carrying liquor seized More than 500 mobile striking teams deployed Total Force Deployed – 52,394 More than 500 mobile striking teams deployed Total Force Deployed – 52,394 Contd..

90 90 Law & Order Arrangements - 2008 Demonstrations 1548 Rallies 420 Dharnas 3266 Fair/Festivals 805 Processions 502 Visit of High Dignitaries 1587 Other Arrangements 1732 Total 9860

91 91 Riot Cases 16%

92 92 Police Control Room

93 93 PCR calls received 26%

94 94 Common Mans Ambulance Road Accident Victims – 17012 Other incidents - 28382 45398 injured persons were transported to hospitals in PCR Vans

95 95 Criminals Arrested Dacoits/Robbers45 Snatchers19 Burglars16 Others1274 Total1354

96 96 Help lines 1564 calls from Students & Children 6204 calls from women 2524 calls received from Senior Citizens Tourist Police Tourist Police assisted 2,03,779 tourists - an increase of 32% Tourist Police apprehended 98 Touts Other PCR Services

97 97 Traffic Management

98 98 Traffic Scenario in Delhi (in Lakhs) (in Kms.) (in Lakhs) (in thousands)

99 99 Traffic Challans (in Lakhs) 20%

100 100 Intensive Quality Prosecution OFFENCES20072008 Percentage Increase Red Light Jumping2,85,4295,29,02685 % Minor Driving2,9974,26342 % Improper Parking1,88,4003,39,73680 % Over speeding1,59,3611,83,54415 % Dangerous Driving73,1311,32,46781 % Drunken Driving3,7487,579102 % Jay walking-20,900- TOTAL7,13,06612,17,51568%

101 101 Drunken Driving 102%

102 102 Minor Driving 42%

103 103 Improper Parking 80%

104 104 Over Speeding 15%

105 105 Dangerous Driving 81%

106 106 Red Light Jumping 85%

107 107 Total Accidents 10%

108 108 Fatal Accidents 5%

109 109 Fatal Accidents by Blue Line Bus 27%

110 110 Traffic Patrol scheme introduced with 210 motorcycles for patrolling major corridors and checking traffic violations & congestion 50 PCR Vans multi tasked to chase intercept and challan traffic offenders 9 Traffic Patrols (24x7) have been introduced PA System fitted in all GO–TI/Gypsies, ZO/Motorcycles, Patrol Motor Cycles to educate traffic while on cruise mode TIs/ZOs to chase, intercept and challan traffic offenders Emphasis on mobile traffic management

111 111 Initiatives in Traffic Management Meetings with representatives of Motor Transport associations till C.P. level Deployment of decoy passengers in Blue Line buses Night checking to check traffic violations especially by commercial vehicles Disciplining the pedestrians by prosecuting jay walkers Manpower audit to send maximum staff for field duties

112 112 No Entry Permits Issue of No Entry Permission Streamlined Fall of 42% in issue of permission Traffic Helpline 16145 calls received at helpline regarding traffic jams, vehicle breakdown, non functional traffic signals etc.

113 113 Education Educational Programs To educate various categories of road users Training Programs Organized for drivers of organized sectors, Blueline Bus Drivers, TSR drivers, Paramilitary Forces, Traffic Wardens, Student Traffic Volunteers, Road Safety Patrol Cadets etc. HTV drivers workshop Annual Road Safety Exhibition at Pragati Maidan during India International Trade Fair Guide on Road safety given free to traffic violators.

114 114 ENGINEERING Creative Solution Module established to find solutions for congested intersections and road stretches Traffic Management Centre established to receive complaints from general public, resolve traffic related problems and to coordinate with civic agencies

115 115 Administration

116 116 Promotions Rank No. of Personnel FromToPromoted Pipe Line InspectorACP 4910 Sub-InspectorInspector 121111 Astt. Sub-InspectorSub-Inspector 573489 Head ConstableAstt. Sub-Inspector 1363958 ConstableHead Constable 17832808 Total38884376

117 117 Medals Rank PM for Gallantry PPM for Distinguished Service PM for Meritorious Service Asadharan Karya Puraskar Jt.Cs.P-21- Addl.Cs.P--5- DCsP1-1- ACsP-13- Inspector2257 Sub-Inspector2-613 Asstt. Sub- Inspector --37 Head Constable1--16 Constable---42 Total652485

118 118 Licensing

119 119 Public feed back of 38,000 visitors Outstanding Functioning of new enquiry counter Availability of Forms Staff behaviour Seating facility at Lounge-1 Time taken Cleanliness of premises Very Good Drinking water Toilets condition Maintaining standards of ISO 9001-2000 awarded in year 2004 in annual inspections.

120 120 Regulated issue of temporary licence for sale of Fire crackers during festive seasons. 1373 Licenses issued against 5687 Licenses 76% decline Single Window Clearance System for issuing performance licence in 21 selected places Contd..

121 121 Anti gun violence campaign To educate the existing and new licensees and to create awareness among young, adults and teenagers Letters written to 550 schools Meetings and discussions with 150 school principals. 20 minute film on teenage violence circulated to all schools

122 122 Non Proliferation of weapons New Fire Arms Licences Issued 29% 17% 16% 34%

123 123 Training

124 124 Training Collaboration with IP University 100 officers undergone refresher programme to upgrade investigation skills besides faculty of law school, eminent judges, criminal lawyers etc. as guest speakers. Law course for 634 newly recruited SIs. 100 officers undergone training programmes on Cyber Crimes. Revision of training syllabus with added focus on knowledge of law, practical police work and simulated cases

125 125 105 capsule/orientation courses on various topics were organised during the year 5798 police personnel were trained Specialized refresher courses organised Special training for Graduate Head Constables Special training courses reg. Juvenile Justice (Care & Protection) Act, Cyber Crime, NDPS Act, MCOCA Act, POTA, NSA etc. Economic Offences and White Collar Crimes, Computer Courses, Advanced Courses on Scientific Aids to Investigation Training programme for Juvenile Welfare Officer in order for implementation of Juvenile Justice Act and Rules - 2007 Contd..

126 126 Vigilance

127 127 Disciplinary Action InsprSIASIHCCt. Class IV Total Dismissal/ Removal -10611452 74 Dismissal under Art. 311 (2) b -1--2- 3 Forfeiture of service 8193036983 198 Reduction in Pay/Rank --112- 4 Withholding of increment 511122332184 Censure89 125 1261552914790 Total102166175226470101149

128 128 Use of Modern Technology in Delhi Police

129 129 Central Police Control Room upgraded GIS/GPS based Automatic Vehicle Tracking System introduced New Automatic Call Distribution System in PCR inducted Modern Projection System and LCD Display Panel for 24X7 application to display Delhi map alongwith GPS location and CCTV images in the Central Police Control Room installed

130 130 Conceptual/implementation stage Expansion/outsourcing of Automatic Vehicle Tracking System for PCR/Traffic State-of-the-art Cyber highway and Intelligent Traffic System (ITS) for paradigm change in traffic/ Police management Fingerprint Analysis & Criminal Tracing System (FACTS) – 23 ten digit locations and 135 single digit locations. Infrared night Speed Checking Devices 6 Advanced Drona Shooting Simulators

131 131 8 Maruti Gypsy driving simulators and 8 Nos. 2.5 tons driving simulators 500 high quality vehicle tyre clamps E-challanning through GPRS based system – challanning officer to have birds eye view of all pending challans Mobile cyber lab Contd..

132 132 ISO : 9001 2000 Certifications Parivartan Inventory Management Recruitment of SIs Recruitment of Constables Distt. Passport Centres Notice Branch of Traffic Police Issues and renewal of Arms Licenses (Renewed)

133 133 Zonal Integrated Police Network (ZIPNET) Computerised Missing Persons & UIDB Monitoring System Delhi Police E-mail Services for public grievances redressal Information about crime Women in distress Missing Persons Information Contact us E-mail us Extortion by impersonation Anti eve teasing cell Public Interface

134 134 Helpline Women: 1091 Sr. Citizen: 1091 & 1291 Information about crime : 1090 Traffic : 23010101 Anti Eve-Teasing: 27894455 Anti Threat by recovery agents: 26184455 Four District Passport Centres opened to decentralise the receiving of Passport applications and 69,134 application forms deposited during this year Contd..

135 135 SMS Services Verification of stolen Vehicle Verification of un-claimed Vehicle Passport verification Status Telephone number of police station Traffic diversions Processions/rallies/demonstrations Traffic signal faults Other traffic related problem For authentic users only Information on vehicle ownership Verification of stolen fire arm

136 136 Interactive Session begins Presentation, Message from the C.P.,Delhi and Crime in Delhi uploaded at Delhi Police Website Please identify yourself – Name, Newspaper / TV Channel / Agency etc.

137 137 You are requested to proceed for Lunch

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