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Role of Evaluation in the Arts Case Study Rachael Brown.

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1 Role of Evaluation in the Arts Case Study Rachael Brown

2 Every day, we use the arts to change lives.


4 Social Aims Breaking the cycle of repeat homelessness. Helping children and young people improve their future life prospects. Reducing social isolation amongst older people. Developing physical regeneration. Being a financially independent business. Being recognised as a centre for excellence.

5 What we do

6 The Impact Arts lifecycle 0-1414-1616-21Community50+

7 Craft Cafe

8 Social Return on Investment Evaluation #craftcafe #socent #sroi

9 The need for new thinking Ageing population Reducing public funds £4.5 billion – social care for over 65s (33% = reactive, emergency admissions) Desire to shift balance of care to independent living

10 Why Craft Café? Rapidly increasing elderly population Research linking social isolation to depression and ill health Housing partners identified need Human response – we wanted to change this

11 Profile Older person - Focus on 65+ Isolated and alone within the community Reduced health and well being Limited or no social opportunities

12 Experience



15 Transformation


17 Commissions/Buchanan Lodge

18 Buchanan Lodge I used to fly Pigeons in Partick From there to Maryhill Whiteinch And Drumchapel Funny wee birds I kept them in my cellar You had to Feed them right Treat them right And take responsibility




22 Intergenerational Activities

23 Friendship

24 Entrepreneurial spirit

25 Craft Café makes my week – its the thing I look forward to the most

26 I feel more confident since coming here. I can walk down the road.

27 This is better than medicine. Ive had two strokes and this has given me my life back

28 Coming to Craft Café saves me money on smokes and electricity

29 I have made many friends here and become better at things I would never have thought I could do. I have become more positive and friendly since coming here.

30 When Im at Craft Cafe I feel relaxed and can forget about my other stresses.


32 Social Return on Investment Fab Pad £8.38 for every £1 spent Craft Cafe £8.27 for every £1 spent


34 Why Social Return on Investment? Understand exactly how Craft Café changes lives Demonstrate impact of the arts to investors and partners Improvements in delivery, self –evaluation



37 The top 5 impacts 100 % improved self-worth and fulfilment 95 % More positive outlook, reduced anxiety 90%More confident. Independent, improved quality of life 90%More regular & vigorous exercise 52%Reduction in symptoms of anxiety / depression Participants Family members Housing Assocations National Health Service



40 What did we learn? 18 impacts / changes for: Participants Family members Housing Assocations National Health Service


42 The Social Return on Investment cash & In kind invested : £84,219 For every £1 spent, £8.27 social value created Average investment per individual: £1170 The cost of treating depression: £2085


44 Ingredients for success Creative, lateral thinking Investment in prevention Risk taking, not risk aversion Like minded partners Talented team


46 Thank you Q and A Rachael Brown Development Director 0141 575 3001

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