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LLUÍS DOMÈNECH I MONTANER HIGH SCHOOL Francesc Cambó, 2 08360 Canet de Mar Tel.: 937 954 763 Fax. 937 954 474

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3 Francesc Cambó, 2 08360 Canet de Mar Tel.: 937 954 763 Fax. 937 954 474

4 LLUÍS DOMÈNECH I MONTANER HIGH SCHOOL Lluís Domènech i Montaner high school in Canet de Mar is located in an educational complex of 8.000 m2, modern and functional, which contributes to improve and enhance the educational provision of Canet. The school, nowadays, has a consolidated educational project supported by a fix panel of teachers who have a high proved human and professional quality. There have been already several promotions of students in the school who have fulfilled their studies there and have successfully started their university studies, cicles formatius or just work.

5 Secondary education The Secondary Education System (ESO) includes four academic years: 1 st and 2 nd (12-14 years) 3 rd and 4 th (14-16 years) The curriculum, which is the set of subjects that the students course along all the stage, is open. Common curriculum: This is formed of all compulsory subjects that students must study (Maths, Catalan, Spanish, Natural sciences, History, Technology, English, Music, Art and PE). Optative curriculum: aims to consolidate and extend students' skills and knowledg, taking care of their diversity. Examples of optional subjects offered are: computing, German, computing geometry, introduction to electronics, chemistry, drama, writing workshop, maps and graphics, classic culture, classical mythology, literature and cinema, computer aided design, web design, automation, domestic electricity, weather, rocks and minerals, sports, career guidance, reinforcement of various materials, etc. TITULATION AND FURTHER STUDIES : On successful completion of ESO the certificate on secondary education is obtained. Courses offered

6 Bachillerats Science and Technology Humanities and Social Sciences Scenic Arts Bachillerat consists of two academic years and is organized in common subjects, specific subjects and optative subjects. It has the objective to give the students an intellectual and human maturity allowing them to fulfill their social responsibility and competence, as well as enabling them to access university or higher vocational training. Bachillerat students must complete high level research in order to evaluate and verify the achievement of certain objectives through a period of time. Some examples of research projects performed by high school students are: The future of waste management: the collection center (School and Environment award), Stained glass and Modernism, Alternative energy, society and drugs, Medicinal plants of Maresme region, Water ecosystem bodies, Automation system for a new world at our disposal, Bacterial resistance, design a meteorological house, advertising, Civil War experiences, NGOs and development crisis… Optional part of the curriculum of the students may be to practice in enterprises. TITLE AND PROGRAM AFTER: Students who successfully attend school in any of its modalities receive his bachillerat degree. This title gives direct access to the Higher Level of Cicles formatius and university. This one will require overcoming an entrance exam (PAU). Courses offered

7 Educative services: Orientation and psychology service. Tutoring and individualized attention. Plans for Diversity and treatment of students with special educational needs. Support unit for special education. Pasarel·la project Reinforcement lessons. Continuous Assessment and Pre evaluation in Q1. Important computer equipment with interactive whiteboards and newest generation projectors. Computerized control of students attendance. Instant communication of incidents to families. Language Teaching. Practical business. School exchanges. Library and computer science.

8 SUPPLEMENTARY EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITIES educational and cultural excursions: theatre, museums, exhibitions, monuments... Long term trips: treball de síntesi, fields of learning, end of year trip, excursion in the snow, travel to Madrid, France, Soria... Transversal programs (conferences, lectures, tours…): Road safety education, sexuality, drug addiction, alcoholism and smoking, anorexia and bulimia, career and academic guidance, multiculturalism and solidarity... Coordinated activities with the media: EI Periódico, Catalunya Ràdio, VilaWeb... Saint George's Literary Contest High school magazine: Ai... Domènech!

9 Spaces and facilities 2 Computer rooms equipped with projector, printers and 15 computers multimedia. Last generation integral telematics network and wireless network (Heura and Educat Project) throughout the building. 2 laboratories: natural sciences, physics and chemistry, equipped with projector and printer. 2 Technology Classrooms: one equipped with projector, printers and 11 computers, and the other equipped with a computer and projector. Language Classroom: equipped with interactive whiteboard, 20 multimedia computers and video conferencing system.

10 Areas and equipment Music room with multimedia equipment (computer, speakers, projector and screen). Drawing and plastic arts classroom equipped with projector, printer and 11 multimedia computers. Library equipped with a full sound table (mixer, speakers and microphones) and multimedia equipment (computer, projector and screen). 17 secondary school classrooms. All rooms are equipped with interactive whiteboard and multimedia cupboard (computer, speakers, projector and screen). 8 bachillerat classrooms in prefabricated modules. 7 of them equipped with multimedia cupboard (computer, speakers, projector and screen).

11 Areas and equipment 3 classrooms for attention to diversity. 2 of them equipped with printer and 4 pcs (USE and AA). Gym and cloackrooms. 2 outdoors sport tracks. 3 outdoors courtyards. Canteen and café. Offices for tutors and didactic departments. Teachers room, reception room, AMPA, secretary office, concierge, office, lift...

12 New Technologies Digital interactive boards in all the classrooms. 3 laptop containers with capacity for 28 last generation netbooks. The newest projectors. More than 180 multimedia computers. Personal e-mail accounts for students and families School web with domain

13 New Technologies Virtual room: virtual teaching/learning activities at AGORA. Weather station with constant updated information at EDUMET. HI FI and mixer.

14 Areas and equipment Exterior view

15 Areas and equipment Interior Spaces

16 Areas and equipment CLASSROOMS

17 AFTERNOON ACTIVITIES Drama Computer Pottery Librery

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