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Inter-institute endocrine Training program

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1 Inter-institute endocrine Training program
Inter-institute endocrine Training program 2013 ORIENTATION ATTN: Incoming Clinical Fellows CC: Orienting Staff Please review the orientation schedule, which will commence on July 1, 2013. If you have any questions, please notify the appropriate Program Coordinator. (Please refer to page 3 for contact information) Ricardo Correa, M.D. NICHD (Adult) Smita Jha, M.D. Andrea Kassai, M.D. NIDDK (Adult) Ritu Madan, M.D. Andrea Ramirez, M.D. Pooja Raghavan, M.D. Ovidiu Galescu, M.D. NICHD (Pediatric) Zhiyou Zhang, Ph.D., M.D. George Patounkis, MD NICHD (RE&I) Torrie Plowden, MD Donald Royster, MD

2 Welcome fellows! 2013 inter-institute endocrine training program
Dr. Andrea Ramirez Vanderbilt University School of Medicine Nashville, TN NIDDK/ADULT Dr. Ricardo Correa Jackson Memorial Hospital Miami, FL NICHD/ADULT Dr. George Patounakis UMDNJ- Robert Wood Johnson Medical School NICHD/REI Dr. Smita Jha North Shore Medical Center Salem, MA NICHD/ADULT Dr. Pooja Raghavan Mount Carmel Health Columbus, OH NIDDK/ADULT Dr. Torrie Plowden The George Washington University School of Medicine NICHD/REI Dr. Ovidiu Galescu SUNY Downstate Brooklyn, NY NICHD/PEDS Dr. Andrea Kassai Memorial Hospital Brown University Pawtucket, Rhode Island NIDDK/ADULT Dr. Donald Royster Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences (USUHS) NICHD/REI Dr. Zhiyou Zhang Richmond University Medical Center,New York Medical College Staten Island, NY NICHD/PEDS Dr. Ritu Madan Creighton Unv. Medical Center Omaha, NE NIDDK/ADULT

3 -Point of contact- Sandra M. Wallace
Program POC Institute/Section Phone # Bldg./Room Sandra M. Wallace NIDDK/Adult Clinical Endocrine Section, Program Coordinator Inter-Institute Endocrine Training Program, Clinical Endocrine Section Adult Endocrine (Office) (Cell) 10 CRC Room Marilyn Minor NICHD/Adult Endocrine Section Secretary NICHD/Clinical Adult Endocrine 10CRC Room Fetima Worthington NICHD/Pediatric Endocrine Section Program Coordinator NICHD, Clinical Pediatric Endocrine 10 Magnuson Room 9D42 Robin Stapleton NICHD/Adult Gyn. Consult Services Program Coordinator NICHD, Reproductive Endocrine and Infertility (RE&I) 10 CRC Room

4 Top priorIties To be completed before or upon arrival!
Obtaining PIV NIH ID Badge Background & Security Investigation Clinical Research Information System Medical Records Training You should already be pre-enrolled and activated in the NED’s system to receive a new HHS ID Badge, or Personal Identity Verification (PIV) card. Your program coordinator will be able to check this for you. Four steps to getting a Badge: Step 1. Pre-Enrollment Step 2. Enrollment (new photo and fingerprints) Step 3. Background Investigation Step 4. Badge Issuance)  For more information on the process, please visit website: DPSAC: BLDG. 31, ROOM 1B03 NIH Badge Helpdesk: Each fellow should have been sent an with instructions on how to complete the online e-QIP form. You must complete the form, certify/release and print the signature pages. These pages will be collected at the time of fingerprinting. Remember to bring official Identification with you such as your driver’s license and/or passport or visa if you are not a US citizen. If you have not received the e-QIP and completed the process, this may delay your receiving your NIH badge. DPSAC (301) Appt. line (301) Bldg. 31, Room 1B03 All new fellows must be credentialed and receive CRIS training, prior to their rotation on the Clinical Research Center Patient Care units. At the time of your credentialing, you should have received an regarding NIH Online Prescriber Training. Please complete your on-line training before you start at NIH. If you did not receive your from CRIS, please immediately contact: CRIS support (301) Bldg. 10/1C290 All new clinical fellows must receive training in Medical Records/ ESA prior to their rotation on the CRC patient care units. An appointment with the Medical Records/Electronic Signature Authorization Training (ESA) has been scheduled. Please refer to the orientation schedule for the date/time of your training. MR support: Mr. Ron DeClerk (301) Bldg. 10, 1N214 Please see link in reference to “New Employee” procedures:

5 Required prior to, or immediately upon entry at NIH:
Mandatory training Required prior to, or immediately upon entry at NIH: Security Awareness course Privacy Awareness To access, please go to: Select “Public Access to NIH Courses” and complete: Information Security Awareness Privacy Awareness Safer Sleep, alertness and fatigue education in residency A presentation will be sent to you by by your Program Coordinator Upon review and completion, the fellow will be required to send back the SAFER attestation form back to their appropriate program office. Nih orientation –LMS on-line course Go to: You will need your NIH Badge # to gain access to the course Throughout the year, there will be refresher courses and other mandatory training, that you will be asked to complete.

6 Documentation (required)
IMPORTANT –Items to bring to the Orientation! Please note, the following documentation will be needed on your first day: A copy of your final offer letter Two forms of Government issued identification Complete, print, and bring all employment documents to orientation (E-Induction login: Vehicle Registration (parking permit applicants only) Social Security Card Passport and Visa if you are not a US Citizen We also recommend that all fellows wear comfortable walking shoes and dress for the weather. Campus shuttles will be available at timed intervals outside building 10 and 31. It is strongly suggested that you use public transportation, METRO, during the orientation week until you receive your NIH ID badge and parking permits. Due to construction on campus, parking is restricted. If you park without proper ID/permits, you will be ticketed and have to pay out of your own pocket. A campus map, building floor maps, shuttle schedules and information about the METRO can be found at the Clinical Center Website under “Visitor Information” section. Other helpful sites: Directions to campus: Insurance Programs: Parking office:

7 Inter-institute Endocrine Training Program
Monday July 1, 2013 ( Inter-institute Endocrine Training Program 2013 Orientation Schedule NIH ORIENTATION –Report to Bldg. 31, C Wing, Sixth Floor, Room 6C6 (MANDATORY) The NIH Orientation session for new medical staff fellows beings promptly at 8:00 AM on July 1, 2013 Look for signage directing you to the assigned conference room. See Campus Map on website The orientation staff will assist you in completing your employment documentation, provide health insurance and federal benefits information, appointment affidavit, oath of office, and ethics training. 8:00-12:00PM 12:00-12:45PM LUNCH –Cafeterias are located in the Bldg. 31 first floor (Atrium Café) and Bldg. 10 B-1 and second floor cafe. 12:45-1:00PM All Adult, Pediatric, and REI Fellows will meet in their respective POC’s: Fetima Worthington, Program Coordinator, Location: Bldg. 10-CRC, first floor (Atrium Café, near the Au Bon Pain Café on the first floor in the North Lobby) and will return to their respective branch offices for further orientation. 1:00-1:30PM Pagers and Parking permits issued (MANDATORY): Maryellen Rechen, RN, BSN, Location: Bldg. 10-CRC, Room (This room is located in the Clinical Directors suite) 1:30-2:00PM Computer, Laptop, , and VPN set-up (MANDATORY): Helmut Lorenz, IT Specialist Location: Bldg. 10-CRC, Room 2:00-3:00PM Overview of the Pediatric Endocrinology Training Program and the Pediatric Endocrinology Inpatient Service & Schedule Dr. Constantine Stratakis, Program Director Dr. Maya Lodish, Deputy Program Director Location: Building 31, Room 2A46 This session is for the new Pediatric Endocrine Fellows only (MANDATORY)

8 Inter-institute Endocrine Training Program
Tuesday July 2, 2013 Inter-institute Endocrine Training Program 2013 Orientation Schedule 8:00-8:30AM NICHD Pediatric Endocrine Fellows, meet with Fellow, Dr. Mary Scott Ramnitz: Bldg. 10-CRC, Room Dr. Zhiyou Zhang, NICHD/PEDS, Medical Records Department/Electronic Signature Authorization Training (ESA): Bldg. 10-CRC, Room 1N-214 (MANDATORY) Dr. Ovidiu Galescu, NICHD/PEDS, Medical Records Department/Electronic Signature Authorization Training (ESA): Bldg. 10-CRC, Room 1N-214 (MANDATORY) NICHD Pediatric Endocrine Fellows, meet with Fellow Representative, Dr. Katerina Nella: Bldg. 10-CRC, Room Dr. Ovidiu Galescu, NIHCD/PEDS, DPSAC appointment to pick up ID Badge: Bldg. 10-South Badge center Dr. Zhiyou Zhang, NIHCD/PEDS, DPSAC appointment to pick up ID Badge: Bldg. 10-South Badge center Lunch – Cafeterias are located in the CRC, first floor (Atrium Café) and the B-1 and second floors of Bldg. 10 Post Clinic QA/QI Rounds: Bldg. 10-CRC, Room 9C-401 Report to 5NW Patient Care Unit, to be introduced to staff and clinical care procedures. New Adult Endocrine Fellows will start to familiarize themselves with endocrine care: Pre-Admit Rounds, Radiology Rounds, Patient Sign-Out and to discuss/prepare the July/August On-Call Schedule with the current fellows on duty. Each day with the current fellows’ help, the new fellows assigned to the 5NW rotation should continue preparation for eventual inpatient admissions. 9:00–10:00AM 9:00-10:00AM 10:00-10:40AM 10: AM 11:00-11:15PM 11:15-12:15PM 1:00-2:10PM 2:00-5:00PM NOTES:

9 Inter-institute Endocrine Training Program
Wednesday July 3, 2013 Inter-institute Endocrine Training Program 2013 Orientation Schedule 8:30-10:30AM In Patient Care QA/QI Rounds: Bldg. 10-CRC, Room (MANDATORY) 10:30-11:00AM Pre-Admit Rounds: Bldg. 10-CRC, Room 11:00-12:00 PM Meet with PEDSENDO Fellow, Dr. Mary Scott Ramnitz: Bldg. 10-CRC, Room 12:00-2:00 PM --Welcome Luncheon for Fellows and Faculty-- Building 10-CRC, 1 SE PATIO AREA Adult Endocrinology, Pediatric Endocrinology and Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility Program All fellows and faculty will attend 1:15-2:00 PM --Group Photo-- Immediately following the luncheon. Requesting that all fellows and faculty remain in the area until after the photo! 2:00-2:30PM Pediatric Ward Rounds: Bldg. 10-CRC, Room 1SE PEDS clinic (MANDATORY) 3:00-5:00PM Report to 5NW Patient Care Unit, to continue familiarizing yourself with endocrine care, staff, and procedures.

10 Inter-institute Endocrine Training Program
Thursday July 4, 2013 Inter-institute Endocrine Training Program 2013 Orientation Schedule 4th of July Federal Holiday GOVT. CLOSED Friday July 5, 2013 8:00-9:00AM Report to 5NW Patient Care Unit: Patient care responsibilities 9:00-10:00AM PDEGEN research conference: Bldg. 10-CRC, Room 10:15-12:00PM Dr. Stratakis – Rounds for pituitary and adrenal protocols and PCOS: Bldg. 10-CRC, Room 12:00-1:00PM Lunch – Cafeterias are located in the CRC, first floor (Atrium Café) and the B-1 and second floors of Bldg. 10-CRC 1:15-2:30PM Endo Grand Rounds- Bldg. 10-CRC, Location TBD

11 Inter-institute Endocrine Training Program 2013 Orientation Schedule
Monday July 8, 2013 Inter-institute Endocrine Training Program 2013 Orientation Schedule 8:00-10:00 AM Report to 5NW Patient Care Unit: Patient care responsibilities Shadow Dr. Mary Scott Ramnitz: Bldg 10 – CRC, Room Overview of Nursing 5NW Inpatient Unit, OP9, 1 NW Day Hospital, 5SW Day Hospital, and Metabolic Unit: Bldg. 10-CRC, Room NW 5NW, Felicia Andrews, Nurse Manager; Pamela Orzechowski, Clinical Manager OP9, Janis Davis, Nurse Manager; Ruth Walters, Clinical Manager, Terri McHugh, Clinical Manager 1NW, Bruce Steakley, Nurse Manager (Acting) 5SW, Felicia Andrews, Nurse Manager; Liz Hale, Clinical Manager Metabolic Unit, Felicia Andrews, Nurse Manager; Gladys Tataw-Ayuketah, Clinical Manager 10:00-11:30 AM 1:00PM Tuesday July 9, 2013 cLINICAL CENTER ORIENTATION FOR ALL NIH CLINICAL FELLOWS LOCATION: MASUR AUDITORIUM, BLDG. 10 Post Clinic QA/QI Rounds Location: OP9 Outpatient Clinic in Bldg. 10-CRC Report to 5NW Patient Care Unit: Patient care responsibilities Pediatric Clinic Orientation with Tina Romeo: Bldg. 10-CRC, Room 1HPC wELCOME RECEPTION FOR ALL NIH CLINICAL FELLOWS lOCATION: BUILDING 10, 1 SE PATIO (aLL NEW FELLOWS ARE EXPECTED TO ATTEND) 8:00-1:00PM (MANDATORY) 1:00-2:00PM 2:00-3:00PM 3:30-4:00PM 5:00-7:00PM (MANDATORY)

12 Inter-institute Endocrine Training Program
Wednesday July 10, 2013 Inter-institute Endocrine Training Program 2013 Orientation Schedule 8:30-10:30AM In Patient Care QA/QI Rounds: Bldg. 10-CRC, Room (MANDATORY) Meet with Jeremy Swan to go over WiKi webpage and PEDS ENDO Site Visit Binder: Bldg. 10-CRC, Room CONTEMPORARY CLINICAL MEDICINE: GREAT TEACHERS: MASUR AUDITORIUM (MANDATORY) Pediatric Ward Rounds: 1SE Peds Clinic (MANDATORY) Report to 5NW Patient Care Unit, Patient care responsibilities 11:00-12:00PM 12:00-1:30PM 2:00-2:30PM 2:30-5:00PM Thursday July 11, 2013 8:30-10:00AM Pediatric Endo Clinical Conference with Dr. Mills, Dr. Lodish, and Dr. Delaney (MANDATORY): Bldg. 10-CRC, Room 10:00–10:30AM Pre-Admit Rounds, Adult/Peds Endo: Bldg. 10-CRC , Room (MANDATORY) 1:00-1:45PM Radiology Rounds/Nuclear Medicine Rounds: Bldg. 10-CRC, Doppman Room 1C-331X (MANDATORY) 1:45-2:30PM Fellows/Senior Staff Clinical Endocrine Conference: Bldg. 10-CRC, Doppman Room 1C-331X (MANDATORY) 3:00-4:00PM Surgical Rounds: Bldg. 10-CRC, 5NW Friday July 12, 2013 8:00-9:00AM PDEGEN PI’s present research opportunities to clinical fellows: Bldg. 10-CRC, Room 9:15-12:00 PM Report to Fellow’s office: Bldg. 10-CRC, Room (Continue entering orders for 5NW endocrine patients) 1:15-2:15 PM Inter-Institute Endocrine Grand Rounds/Conferences are between Sept-May (MANDATORY) 2:00-5:00PM Report to Fellows Office: Bldg 10-CRC, Room , Patient care responsibilities

13 Mandatory conference s
CLINICAL GRAND ROUNDS FOR FELLOWS LOCATION: LIPSETT AMPHITHEATER, BUILDING 10, ROOM 1C Day/time: Wednesday. 12:00 NOON-1:00 PM – Please sign in! August 7th “The Connection is CLER- Linking GME Educational Goals with Institutional Quality Improvement Initiatives” Laura Fanucchi, M.D., M.P.H., Assistant Professor of Medicine, University of Kentucky College of Medicine and Lia Logio, M.D., Vice Chair for Education and Internal Medicine Residency Program Director, Weil Cornell Medical College August 14 “The Role of Serendipity in Drug Discovery” Hazel H. Szeto, M.D., Ph.D., Professor of Pharmacology Director, Research Program in Metochondrial Therapeutics, Weill Cornell Medical College August 21st “Re-evaluating the Placebo Effect in Medicine” Luana Colloca, M.D., Ph.D., Adjunct Faculty, Department of Bioethics, NIH Clinical Center, National Institutes of Health. August 28th “Publish but Don’t Perish: Perspectives of Authorship Ethics” Michael Lauer, M.D., Director of the Division of Cardiovascular Sciences, National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, National Institutes of Health These Grand Rounds are mandatory for all 1st, 2nd year Adult and Pediatric Endocrine Fellows. Please sign-in INTER-INSTITUTE ENDOCRINE GRAND ROUNDS LOCATION: BUILDING 10, ROOM Day/Time: Friday, 1:15-2:15 PM (Every Friday- September through May) Conferences will be announced weekly via


15 Pediatric Endocrinology Program Director, and Scientific Director NICHD: Constantine A. Stratakis, MD ; Pediatric Endocrinology Program Deputy Director, Maya Lodish, MD ; Pediatric Endocrine Fellows Representative: Katerina Nella, MD; Program Administrator: Fetima Worthington ; Director, Nursing and Clinical Services: Meg F. Keil, PhD, PNP ;

16 2013 – 2014 Attending and Consult Fellow Schedules
Pediatric Endocrinology Teaching Attendings Pediatric Endocrinology Consult Fellows Month                 Attending July & July Stratakis July 11 – 15 & July Lodish August Yanovski September Delaney October Brown November Baron December Han January 1-19 January 20-31 Merke February Gafni March April 1-11 April 12-30 May Rother June Month                Consult fellow July Ola Nilsson August Katerina Nella September Mary Scott Ramnitz October November December Ola Nilsson (Teaching Attending; backup Dr. Han) January Andrea Estrada February March Katerina Nella (Teaching Attending; backup Dr. Yanovski) April May June * for the consult fellows, each month 2 weekends will be covered by the person on consults for the following month.

17 Endocrinology and Metabolism Weekly Conferences
Mandatory conferences for Adult Endocrine Fellows Endocrinology and Metabolism Weekly Conferences MONDAY↓ TUESDAY↓ WEDNESDAY↓ THURSDAY↓ FRIDAY↓ 8:00AM -12:00PM IETP Endocrine Continuity Clinic ACRF 9th Floor 8:30-10:30AM In-Patient Care QA/QI Rounds Bldg 10/Rm 9C-401 9:00 -10:00AM Pediatric Endo Clinical Conf. 10CRC, 9:00 -12:00PM Lipid Outpatient Clinic 10, OP7 9:30-11:00AM Lipid Ward Rounds 12:00-1:00PM NIH Medical Grand Rounds 12:20-1:00PM Diabetes Didactics for Fellows 10:00-10:30AM Pre-Admit Rounds Adults/Peds Endo Bldg. 10CRC, Rm 1:00-3:30PM Diabetes Outpatient Clinic (2nd/3rd yrs) 1:00-3:30 PM Wed Outpatient Clinic (1st yr) 1:15-2:15PM Endocrine Grand Rounds Conference Series (Sept. thru May) 1:00-1:45PM Radiology Rounds/ Nuclear Med. Rounds Bldg. 10, Doppman Rm, 1C-331X 1:00-2:00PM Clinical Didatics for Fellows (In-service) 10CRC, Rm 1:00-2:00PM Post Clinic QA/QI Rounds Bldg. 10, Rm 9C-401 2:00-2:30PM Pediatric Ward Rounds Bldg 10/ Rm 1SE Peds Clinic 1:45-2:30PM Fellows/ Senior Staff Clinical Endo Conf. Bldg 10 Doppman Rm, 1C-331X (weekly) & Journal Club (2nd/4th Thurs.) 3:00 PM Blood Glucose Management Service (BGMS) on 5NW Nursing Station by PACS system 3:00 PM BGMS on 5NW Nursing Station by PACS system 3:00 PM BGMS In Clinic on OP9 3:00PM Endo Surgical Rounds (as indicated) 5NW Inpatient Unit-PACS 3:00 PM BGMS on 5NW Nursing Station by PACS system 3:00PM BGMS on 5NW Nursing Station by PACS system

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