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Transition support for students from refugee backgrounds.

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1 Transition support for students from refugee backgrounds

2 Refugee students in schools Refugee students come from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds come from different educational and socio-economic backgrounds have had a range of life experiences have all suffered trauma associated with refugee experiences

3 Need for transition support Young students from refugee backgrounds may need support in learning and negotiating: school expectations, culture and new ways of learning – transition from IEC to mainstream English language, literacy, numeracy skills settlement, education and family responsibilities peer relationships and social acceptance aspirations, expectations and reality – future pathways transitions towards citizenship in a new cultural space

4 Role of schools and teachers Refugee young people see education as a source of hope for future Schools can provide a sense of safety, attachment, belonging and wellbeing – links with broader Australian community Relationships with teachers and school staff very important Schools can assist students to develop peer relationships

5 Successful Settlement and Learning Safety Trust Attachment Responsibility Skills STARS

6 Refugee Transition Program (RTP) Aims to support high school aged refugee students: in transition from intensive English programs into mainstream high school to plan their transition from school to further education, training or employment

7 Participating schools South Western Sydney Region Parramatta HS (2009) Fairvale HS (2009) Auburn Girls High School Chester Hill High School Fairfield High School Holroyd High School Lurnea High School Miller Technology High School Liverpool BHS (2011) Liverpool GHS (2011) Western Sydney Region Doonside THS (2009) Mitchell High School Arthur Phillip High School Evans HS (2011) North Coast Region Orara High School Riverina Region Wagga Wagga High School Hunter Central Coast Region Callaghan College – Waratah Campus Illawarra South East Region Wollongong HS PA (2011)

8 Challenging authentic learning tasks Students form a political party and design a how-to-vote brochure for their families/carers Students make animated films about traditional games and share at childcare centre Students research and make a film about a career path that interests them, including interview Students plan a cultural tour of their local area for students from another school Students complete barista training and plan and run a café Students build a website to provide information for refugee communities


10 Fairfield HS TAFE Outreach RTPCentrelinkSTARTTS WORK VENTURES Liverpool TAFE Social Inclusion Pathways for Refugee Youth

11 Work readiness programs RAW: JobQuest Penrith Employability skills Vocational learning and preparation for work/ Work with career partners /partnership brokers /community organisations

12 RAS: Refugee Action Support In-school and after school tutorial assistance from university students

13 Macquarie Mentoring program University student mentors assist high school students from refugee backgrounds to develop study and learning skills, think about their future life after school and plan their transition to further education and training.

14 The Welcome Program Orientation program for refugee / ESL students in transition to HS from IEC 8 x weekly sessions including : orientation to HS expectations getting organised homework and assessments pathways challenges at high school

15 Whole school professional learning

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