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The Reluctant Fundamentalist

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1 The Reluctant Fundamentalist
Chapter 2

2 Revision Last lesson, we discussed: Changez’s assuming tone. He ‘analyses’ the American, but he also tells the American that he is doing this. Is he trying to intimidate him? Is he just being observant? The frustrating nature of the open ending and the unknown identities of the American and Changez. Discomfort and stereotyping were recurrent themes in our disussion.

3 Homework Thoughts on Chapter 2?

4 Notes Writer’s ideas My ideas Café
Observes people in the street, especially young women. Asks the American if they notice. Sexual preference assumption. American shrugs American doesn’t seem to respond verbally. Changez controls the conversation. Past Trip to the Greece. Meets Erica who is wearing an image of Chairman Mao. “I’m not good at being alone.” Chuck & Mike Chris’ “old world” appeal Erica is interested in other cultures and “Un-American” ideas? Changez seems to ignore this warning. Stereotypical Americans What is the old world? A better version of America? Café American keeps looking at a bearded man. Changez comments on this throughout. American is suspicious of those around him and appears nervous.

5 Academic Vocab Unreliable Narrator – a narrator whose credibility is compromised. Cultural Conflict- A clash between ideas and cultures that stems from fear of the ‘Other’ or misunderstanding and stereotypes.

6 Unreliable Narrator He admission does he make when discussing the Americans he travels with (p24)? “I may be inclined to exaggerate…” How do we know he is compromised? “…knowing the course my relationship with your country would take.” He is egocentric. When recounting Chuck’s impersonation of him he notes “my mannerism were, in my opinion, somewhat exaggerated, but others were spot on.” (p32) Does his admission that he is exaggerating make him more or less trustworthy?

7 Cultural conflict Americans’ perception of Changez
In groups, collect quotes that highlight cultural conflict and stereotyping. Then draw up a table and make notes about: Americans’ perception of Changez Changezs’ perception of Americans

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