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LouAnn Long Marilyn Ruiz Lori Fahey. 1-800-654-4440 Florida Department of Education.

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1 LouAnn Long Marilyn Ruiz Lori Fahey

2 1-800-654-4440 Florida Department of Education

3 Overview of Floridas Central Directory A one-stop source of information, referral and personal assistance for persons who are at risk for developmental delays, disabilities, and special health care needs. Statewide 1-800-654-4440 is available nationally and website includes e mail address for easy access. Provide answers/or possible choices of services and supports within your community.

4 Provides education on disability related services. Provides advocacy role for families with disability & special health care needs. Calls can be electronically routed to Early Steps, FDLRS/Child Find Programs & Early Learning Coalitions Inclusion contact person.

5 Resource Specialists provide 2 week follow-up calls on family calls While speaking with family during follow-up call we request family to complete a short Family Survey to assist with improving Central Directory services

6 Our specialized information & referral database is like a fluid document which we are always striving to improve the resources available within Florida and information on National and State disability and special health care need organizations. Currently the Central Directory website includes portions of our provider database which is available for families and professionals to search at their convenience

7 VALUES All individuals have worth and value, regardless of physical, health or mental challenges. The family has value and importance; a family receiving the supports and services necessary is the best environment for all persons.

8 Continued: We need to respect the values, lifestyle, and culture of the family and each familys ability to make appropriate decisions for its members.

9 Continued Everyone is best served, and lives are improved, when families are provided or offered the necessary skills to use our human service system effectively!

10 Questions & Concerns Looking forward to working together as a TEAM to improve the Central Directory services. Lou Ann Long, Director Closing! THANK YOU!


12 Family Driven Non-Profit 501(c)3

13 We DO: Provide Support Provide Information Help Identify Options We do NOT: Act As Attorneys

14 Family Network on Disabilities, Inc. is a national network of individuals of all ages who may be at-risk, have disabilities, or have special needs and their families, professionals, and concerned citizens. The mission of Family Network on Disabilities is to ensure through collaboration that individuals have full access to family-driven support, education, information, resources, and advocacy and to serve families of children with disabilities, ages birth through 26, who have the full range of disabilities described in section 602(3) of IDEA.


16 Family S.T.A.R. Support, Training, Assistance, and Resources The F2F Health Information Center of FND

17 Family STAR Support, Training, Assistance, and Resources Project of FND, is the F2F Health Information Center, for children and youth with special health care needs and their families. we will reach out to Florida's families of Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs (CYSHCN) to assist them in making informed decisions about health care in order to promote good -treatment decisions, cost effectiveness, and improved health outcomes for their children. The Florida F2F Family STAR Health Information Center is funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Administration, and Child Health Bureau, Division of Services for Children with Special Health Needs.

18 This project will assist families of and (CYSHCN) to make informed decisions about health care for their children, and youth through providing support, training, assistance and resources to families and professionals, so that families can be effective partners in health care decision making at all levels.

19 Family STAR will assist families to : partner in all levels of decision - making; through medical home, have access to comprehensive health and related services; will be able to obtain early and continuous screening, evaluation, and diagnosis; have adequate public and/or private financing of the services they need; have access to community services that are organized so that families can use them easily; and receive services and resources so that they can successfully transition to all aspects of adult health care, work, and independence.

20 Workshops: The Family STAR Program offers: Welcome to ESE Transition from IFSP to IEP Self - Determination Understanding ADHD Positive Behavioral Supports Healthcare Transition Planning with Sticky Notes Section 504 Beginning the Journey I, and II The Nuts and Bolts of Starting a Support Group Transition from Pediatric to Adult Health Services A Parent to Parent Support Group Understanding Healthcare Issues Understanding the Service System Planning is Crucial, Wills, Trust, and Guardianship Tools for Independence Involve the Whole Family Patient Protection and the Affordable care Act - 101 Planning for the future; Accessing CDC Plus, Waiver Services, University/College Services, and Transportation.

21 Together we can ensure the future of our children's Health Care. United we can make local changes. With Family STAR we can have a voice at the State, and Federal level


23 Thank you! Still have questions? 800-825-5736 (Toll Free) 727-523-1130 727-523-8687 (Fax)

24 Collaboration Advocacy Friendship Empowerment The Family Café Lori Fahey, President/CEO 888-309-CAFÉ (2233) * *

25 What is The Family Café? The Family Café has been connecting individuals with disabilities and their families with information, training, resources and networking opportunities since 1998. The Family Café was founded by families of individuals with disabilities to serve individuals with disabilities and their families. We are a family and consumer driven organization. The Family Café serves individuals with all types of disabilities, of all ages, throughout the State of Florida.

26 What does The Family Café do? The Family Café engages Floridians with disabilities and their families in a variety of ways: The Annual Family Café Leadership Development Annual Resource Guide Information and Referral The Florida Youth Council SAMHSA Statewide Family Network SAMHSA Technical Assistance Center

27 The Annual Family Café The nations largest cross-disability event, typically attracting 6,000 – 8,000 attendees. More than 160 classroom size sessions on an array of disability-related topics. Three Keynote Addresses on relevant, timely topics. An Exhibit Hall with dozens of public and private vendors Adaptive Recreation demonstrations. Employment Expo. The Annual Summit on Disabilities, where families can connect with policy makers and elected officials. No Registration Fee for individuals with disabilities and their families.

28 Leadership Development The Change Agent Network (CAN) – This network of Floridians committed to advocacy on behalf of individuals with disabilities works to promote awareness of pressing issues and engagement in the public policy conversation. The Family Café Delegates – Delegates connect The Family Café with communities state-wide, disseminating information in their local areas and connecting The Family Café with Florida families.

29 Annual Resource Guide, Information and Referral The Family Café Questions & Answers Book – Families submit questions and comments on policies and services. The Family Café, in turn, distributes them to relevant State Agencies. Their responses are compiled to create an annual resource guide called The Questions & Answers Book. Information and Referral – The Family Café provides information year-round through its email list serve, toll-free line, website, and social media outlets.

30 The Florida Youth Council The FYC is made up of Youth and Emerging Leaders with disabilities from throughout Florida. They: promote awareness, advocacy and engagement among their peers host an Annual Youth Summit each August where some 200 attendees get access to resources, training, information and peer-to-peer networking; publish a quarterly newsletter, The Noodle; promote Disability History and Awareness Weeks each October.

31 SAMHSA Grant Programs Statewide Family Network supports the TFC in providing information and resources to families of children with behavioral health needs in Florida. The CAFÉ TA Center One of five national TA centers for adult behavioral health consumers. Offers information and resources on Supported Education, Workforce Development, Disaster Preparedness and Organizational Development. Supports consumers and their organizations as they seek to advocate for genuine consumer involvement and peer leadership in the mental health system of care.

32 519 N Gadsden St. Tallahassee, FL 32301 888-309-CAFÉ (2233) @TheFamilyCafe The Family Café Contact Us!

33 More Information Central Directory 1-800-654-4440 Family STAR/Family Network on Disabilities 800-825-5736 (Toll Free) 727-523-1130 727-523-8687 (Fax) The Family Café 888-309-CAFÉ (2233)

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