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BEGINNING WITH THE END IN MIND The PEAL Center Presents An Introduction to Our Organization © Copyright PEAL Center 2014.

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1 BEGINNING WITH THE END IN MIND The PEAL Center Presents An Introduction to Our Organization © Copyright PEAL Center 2014

2 The Mission of the PEAL Center is to ensure that children, youth and adults with disabilities and special health care needs lead rich, active lives and participate as full members of their schools and communities by providing training, information and technical assistance based on best practices to individuals, families and all people who support them. PEAL CENTER MISSION PEAL Center 20142

3 THE PEAL CENTER IS A P ARENT T RAINING & I NFORMATION CENTER PTIs are… Authorized by IDEA & Federally funded There is at least 1 PTI in every state Their purpose is to provide training and information for parents to assure they are prepared to participate in decision-making for their children with disabilities

4 IN PENNSYLVANIA PEAL Center 20144 One PTI The PEAL Center : serving the entire state of PA Elizabeth Healey, Executive Director Two C ommunity P arent R esource C enters (CPRCs) Mission Empower: serving primarily Erie Jill Hrinda-Patten, Executive Director (814) 825-0788 H ispanos U nidos Para N inos E xcepcionales or HUNE : serving Spanish speaking parents in Philadelphia Luz A. Hernández, Executive Director 215-425-6203

5 THE PEAL CENTER SERVES… Parents of infants through age 26 Parents of children with all disabilities Youth Professionals Throughout the state

6 THE PEAL CENTER Assists parents to… Understand their children’s disabilities, educational and developmental needs Communicate effectively with special education program & EI personnel Be informed decision makers Participate in school reform activities Assists youth to… Become informed self-advocates

7 PEAL CENTER OFFERS Free consultation with qualified parent advocates to help parents resolve disputes with Early Intervention & School age providers of education Strategize and plan for IEP meetings Consultation Mediation Due Process PEAL Center 20147

8 PEAL CENTER INFORMS By offering training & information for… Parents Underserved parents Parents of children who may be inappropriately identified Youth Professionals PEAL Center 20148

9 P EAL C ENTER S ERVICES Brochures Communications Tips Rack cards PBS Tips Communication Tips Responding to Conflict Fact sheets Resolving Disagreements NOREP Parent Networking Tips Newsletters Quarterly Featured Publications Julie Theoharis & Christi Kasa Liz Keefe & Susan Copeland Chris Kleiwer

10 PEAL CENTER TRAININGS Face-to-Face IEP Mini-Series: Beginning with the End In Mind Transition to Adult Life Positive Behavior Support Plan On-line Part One of IEP Mini-Series Archived webinars Annual Inclusion Conference In Spring, nationally known specialists and advocates PEAL Center 201410

11 WHO SHOULD CONTACT PEAL? Families of children with disabilities Friends of children with disabilities Individuals with disabilities Professionals in education, medical, and human service fields People who support families & children


13 Inclusive education in non-traditional settings Training, information and networking opportunities 2014-2015 Vision to Action training series Brenda Cole, Project Coordinator 1-866-950-1040 X 16 PA Developmental Disabilities Council YOUR CHILD YOUR CHOICE Vision to Action with C. Jorgensen

14 PROJECT MAX Mission : To increase the capacity of PA schools to provide all students, including those with complex instructional needs, with the maximum access to the general education curriculum. PEAL Center is working with our partners to develop one statewide network of parent leaders PaTTAN with funds from the US Dept. of Education State Personnel Development Grant (SPDG) PEAL Center 201414

15 FAMILY TO FAMILY HEALTH INFORMATION CENTER (F2F) Information and training on healthcare and community providers Assists families of children birth through 21 Statewide P arent L eadership I nstitute, Medicaid Workshops Kelly King, F2F Coordinator 1-866-950-1040 X 28 HRSA, US Dept. of Health and Human Services

16 IMAGINE DIFFERENT: ACHIEVE DIFFERENT Children in congregate care settings Training, information and networking opportunities to support return to home setting Liz Healey, Project Coordinator 1-866-950-1040 Andrew Favini, Project Assistant 1-866-950-1040 X 21 PA Developmental Disabilities Council

17 P ARENT E DUCATION ADVOCACY & LEADERSHIP CENTER PEAL Center 1119 Penn Ave., Suite 400 Pittsburgh, PA 15222 866-950-1040 Toll Free 412-281-4409 TTY 718 Arch St 6N. Philadelphia, PA 19106 Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter @PEALCenter PEAL Center 201417

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