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Getting Ready for Service

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1 Getting Ready for Service
Chapter 5 Highlights

2 Mise En Place There are several things to be done ahead of time to ensure the best service for the guest. This organization and completion of duties ahead of time is “mise en place.” (A French term translated “put into place”)

3 Why is Mise En Place Important?
The amount of work and the long hours of the f & b business make this “mise en place” even more important. E.g. am shift gets everything ready for pm shift and vice versa. Mise en place allows the use of teamwork which is essential to maintain energy levels throughout the day and night and to help avoid overtime pay.

4 Examples of Mise En Place
Maitre d’ or Manager Check Reservation Book Discuss Cover Count and Flow of Service with Chef Layout and Explain Floor Plan to Waitstaff Adjust temperature, lighting and music

5 Examples of Mise En Place
Service Staff Set dining room according to floor plan Check for and then repair wobbly tables Clean tables Fold Napkins Polish flatware and glassware Fill condiments Stock service areas Fill Flatware mise en place plates (STP plates) Make Coffee & Tea

6 Examples of Mise En Place
Opening and Closing Checklist These lists ensure that items are “maintained” and attended to so that you do not have so many surprises. E.g. A rip in the carpet E.g. Adequate count of linen for the whole day E.g. Adequate menus that are clean and accurate

7 Guidelines for Selection of Linen
Things to consider when selecting linen Style and décor of dining room Color, pattern, weave, texture Serviceablity of Fabric Lint, mending E.g. Polyester – pills, less absorbent, slippery, less wrinkles Color or Pattern of Linen Consider fading Consider overlay or napkin vs. full cloth Expense of Linen Must be Considered Inventory and Storage

8 Guidelines for Selection of Linen
Napkins Paper Paper napkins means no tablecloth Paper is at left of place setting with flatware on top of it. Dispensers are often used with paper napkins Cloth Fold considers ambiance, skill of staff, compatibility with charger, flatware, etc. Used for ornamental, safety purposes Bread pockets, artichoke folds

9 Guidelines for Selection of Linen
Silence Cloths Called a “molleton” Makes it “silent” and absorbs spills May use “overlay” instead of silence cloth May have built in silencer – padding or foam

10 Guidelines for Selection of Linen
Table Cloths See Linen Standards p. 86 Inspect each cloth and get credit when due Arrange tables before putting on cloths Clean, level, and then repair any loose parts on tables Spread silencer (if needed) “Clothe Statler” Tables A table that converts from 4 to 6, choose linen to accommodate both Linen should drop even to seat of chair “Point of View” – All center creases should point up and run the same direction toward the entrance. No bare tables during service Do not shake dirty cloths in dining room

11 Guidelines for Selection of Linen
Skirting Colors Velcro Box-pleats

12 Guidelines for Selection of Serviceware
Serviceware is all utensils & wares used in dining room to serve the guest. Flatware Forks, Knives, Spoons China Plates, Cups, Saucers, & Underliners Glassware Decanters, Carafes, & Pitchers Holloware Candlesticks, Coffee pots, Platters & Silver Trays

13 Guidelines for Selection of Serviceware
It is important to realize that serviceware should fit with the overall design of the establishment Washability Durability Economy

14 When choosing flatware you must consider
Balance Size, Proportion, and Weight Design Reflect the overall ambience of the establishment Durability Handles 1 Solid piece vs. wooden handle, hollow plate Longevity Select a pattern that is not going to be discontinued and is easily found through vendor Range Make certain pattern has all pieces essential to serving your particular menu (see page 89) Stackablity Nesting is important where possible

15 Guidelines for China Porcelain Bisque Stoneware Pottery Terra Cotta
Glazed and Nonporous with a fine texture A bit fragile Bisque Unglazed ceramic fired at low temp. once Stoneware Bisque fired a 2nd time at higher temp. Pottery Fired at low temp., large pores and generally glazed. Terra Cotta Red Clay, unglazed, low, very porous

16 Guidelines for China Food Service Establishments often use
Vitrified China Fired at very high temperature to make it more durable Easy to clean, dishwasher safe China with a pattern should be glazed to keep pattern protected

17 Guidelines for Glassware
Design Manufacture Clarity, Cracks, Faults and Bubbles Marketing Pouring 4 to 5 oz in a 14 oz glass Guest perception Range Multipurpose stock Replacement Serviceability Are they easy to clean? Storage Hanging racks and smoking, stackable racks

18 Guidelines for Holloware
Needs to have matching pieces where needed Generally made of metal Careful not to add metal taste to food or drink Orange Juice (High acid) can corrode pitcher if left too long

19 Setting the Table The “Cover” can mean:
China, Flatware, Glassware set for a specific type of meal and service A minimum charge for a guest who does not order a whole meal Number of guests in the dining room or at a table

20 Setting the Table Set Tables for particular “point of view”
Allow 18 inches for each setting Set Flatware in a straight line regardless of table shape

21 Setting the Table Flatware Forks on left Spoons on right facing up
except oyster/cocktail fork on right Spoons on right facing up Knives on right inside the spoon with cutting edge facing in Set only what is needed if possible No more than 4 pieces at a time Dessert flatware after “crumbing” except in banquet service when it is set at top of cover then moved into place Silver Transport Plate Flatware Mise en Place Plate (RKR) pg. 94

22 Setting the Table Some rules for table setting:
B & B should be place ½ inch to left of cover forks and 1 inch from edge of table or on round table 1 inch above and to left of forks B & B Knife set vertically on right side of the plate with knife blade facing toward center of plate Coffee Cup and Saucer should be set to the right of the cover with saucer edge lined up with top of adjacent flatware. Handle set at 3, 4 or 5 o’clock as determined Spoon for coffee to right of cup and saucer Coffee mugs not used with linen tablecloth

23 Setting the Table Some rules for setting glassware:
Positioned to the right of the cover above the tip of the dinner knife. Other glasses should be set at an angle for service from right to left toward center of cover. There are many ways to set glasses

24 Setting the Table Standard Covers Side Stands Edibles See page 96
Mise en place station for dining room See page 98 for list of items stocked typically Edibles Some states require condiments in specifically designed containers “Marrying ketchup” can be a health code violation Date products where possible Butter and Cream can NOT be recycled to next guest

25 Setting the Table Tray Stands Metal or Wood
Cover with cloth in fine-dining

26 Ambience Flowers Fragrance, height of flowers, time for maintenance
Do not store flowers near apples which give off ethylene gas and cause flowers to fade. See list of recommended flowers page 100

27 Ambience Types of Lighting Sunlight Incandescent Candles (Beware)

28 Ambience Lighting can be used to: Attract attention Display work
Expand or reduce perceived space in room Indicate directions Indicate Exits and Warnings Change atmosphere Change look of food Provide color or contrast Make guests look better!

29 Ambience Music Should complement décor and theme Volume is important

30 Server’s Mise En Place Folded white towels Guest checks or POS card
Corkscrew Crumber Order pad Matches Flashlight Pens, Nondescript and working!

31 Summary There are many details to providing an attractive and well functioning and sanitary dining room. Educated choices in china, glassware, linen, flatware, and holloware can make a difference. Be prepared!

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