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Reinventing the Past on a Voyage into the Future Petya Andreeva IW Group, Inc.

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1 Reinventing the Past on a Voyage into the Future Petya Andreeva IW Group, Inc.

2 General Overview  Essence: Advertising and Public Relations Company  Target groups: Asian American communities, industries and public entities  *Clients: White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, AT&T; Blue Cross of California; California Department of Health Services; Comcast; McDonald’s; Merrill Lynch; Wal-Mart; Washington Mutual  Staff: Emphasis on multicultural employment; wide range in employees’ background Asian media IW Consumer

3 Case Studies  ˚Strategy 1: create and translate accessible press releases; Asian language collateral materials  ˚ Strategy 2: establishing connections with health reporters  ˚ Strategy 3: focus groups with patients and physicians  Strategy 1: translation of supplemental outreach materials into 5 Asian languages  Strategy 2: conduct outreach activities – Asian festivals etc.  Strategy 3: create a statewide CBO program Educating Asian American about Hepatitis B California Children and Families Commission

4 Services and Activities  Media Monitoring  Media Relations/Training  Government Relations  Community Relations/Outreach  Corporate Relations  Crisis Communications  Partnership Marketing  Event Coordination and Planning  Strategic Planning, Research and Development  Collateral Development  Translations and Adaptations

5 SWOT Analysis Emergence of freelance PR agents Competition: database marketing companies, system integrators Internet market expansion Increasing demand for research Importance of Language in business ventures Few Internet enterprises Not Targeting of South/Central Asian markets Restricted number of headquarters Community involvement and building Multitasking Diversity S W TO

6 Employment  -wide array of capabilities and backgrounds  -striving for excellence and sustaining high performance standards  -due inclusion of American employees of South Asian descent: Thai, Cambodian, Vietnamese etc.  -comprehensive benefits  - Community involvement and local projects  -flexibility and professional support  -networking: joint ventures with NGOs and government structures Profiles: Diversity and Multicultural Agenda Opportunities via IW

7 Why Choose This Target Group?  Growing purchasing power  Median age is less than the average US- more young professionals between 20-39  Highest educational levels among minorities  53 % own their homes

8 Tenets of IW’s Development Media relations Social responsibilit y Network building Public engagemen t Innovation

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