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Meeting Demand for Comprehensive Sexual Health Needs: the Experience within a Primary Care Setting in the UK. Dr Deborah Lee MFFP MRCGP DRCOG Dip GUM.

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2 Meeting Demand for Comprehensive Sexual Health Needs: the Experience within a Primary Care Setting in the UK. Dr Deborah Lee MFFP MRCGP DRCOG Dip GUM Associate Specialist in Reproductive Health, The Alma Clinic, Winton Health Centre, Bournemouth, UK. May 2006

3 Introduction We are in the midst of an STI crisis in the United Kingdom 1 Until recently, testing for Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), and Contraceptive Services, have been provided at separate clinic sites. The National Strategy for Sexual Health & HIV 1 has highlighted the importance of comprehensive and integrated sexual health services. Aimed to pilot One stop shops To evaluate the role of GPs and Primary Care Teams with a special interest in sexual health 1. Better prevention, better services, better sexual health - The national strategy for sexual health and HIV. Department of Health 2001

4 Why a One Stop Service? Both contraceptive and STI related sexual health needs, may be identified and addressed in one single consultation. This may reduce long-term poor sexual health outcomes. One Stop models of care have been endorsed by the Independent Advisory Group (IAG) on Sexual Health and HIV. 2 Published outcomes of other combined sexual health clinics are highly relevant. 2. Response to Health Select Committee Report on Sexual Health & HIV. Independent Sexual Health Advisory Group on Sexual Health and HIV (IAG). January 2004.

5 Setting We took an established Family Planning Clinic (Winton Family Planning Clinic), located within General Practice premises, in Bournemouth, a large south coastal town, and introduced the availability of full STI screening: The Alma Clinic.

6 The Alma Clinic STI appointment Confidentiality Patients registered and have separate clinic notes Appointment only/emergency access Mondays, Tuesday evenings, Fridays, and first and last Saturday morning of the month New patients 30 minutes, follow up 10 minutes Follow recommendations for testing for STI in a Primary Care Setting (BASHH 2005) 3 Full sexual history taking & risk assessment Standard clinic proforma Patient satisfaction surveyed separately with a highly favourable outcome. 3. Sexually Transmitted Infections: Screening & Testing Guidelines draft 2005. British Association of Sexual Health & HIV (BASHH)

7 The Alma Clinic STI screen NAAT testing for chlamydia and gonorrhoea One endocervical swab/first pass urine, tests for the presence of both infections BD Tech probe kit: sensitivity endocervical swab for chlamydia/gonorrhoea is 97.6%, specificity 98-100% If NAAT test positive for gonorrhoea, patient treated and referred to GUM for culture and sensitivity We swab all separate sites of sexual contact No microscopy High Vaginal Swab (HVS) for bacterial vaginosis (BV), candida & trichomonas vaginalis (TV), pH paper Laboratory Standard Operating Procedure: HVS: gram stained for microscopy, plus culture (Sabarauds medium) for candida, and specific culture for TV Serology; hepatitis B & C, syphilis and HIV Viral culture medium for herpes simplex (HSV)

8 The Alma Clinic: combined services offered one stop approach GUM services STI assessment, testing & treatment for males and females Positive STIs managed in line with BASHH recommendations Work in liaison with local GUM department Health Advisor: Contact tracing/contact slips Diagnosis and treatment of genital warts Cryotherapy/Podophyllotoxin home treatments eg Warticon Diagnose and treat Pelvic Inflammatory Disease Free condoms: Sexual health advice Hepatitis B imminusation Contraceptive services All currently available forms of contraception LARC methods IUD/IUS/Implants Emergency contraception Pregnancy testing & referral Counselling & referral for sterilisation (A vasectomy service operates in-house) Counselling & referral for unplanned pregnancy (including Early Medical Abortion (EMA) run by the local Family Planning Service) Cervical cytology Sexual Health Strategy 2001: Level One, Two (& some Level Three) Services

9 Method Alma Clinic Survey Alma Clinic attendances in first 6 months of operation 1/01 - 30/06/2005 Numbers, age and sex of patients Prospective data collection (STIs) STI tests requested/Positive diagnoses HIV testing Hepatitis B immunisation Percentage of women who attended for STI testing but needed contraceptive advice/help

10 Results Number of patients attending Alma Clinic Appointments available for registered and newly registered patients/6 months 1222 Percentage of total Appointments attended 101082 Appointments DNA or cancelled 21218 Alma Clinic appointments (STI testing) 31926 Family Planning appointments 90374 Numbers of patients in past 6 months* attending the Alma Clinic * 1/07/05-31/12/05 (the 6 months after the study period)

11 Age of Patients attending Alma Clinic for STI testing Alma Clinic 2005 FemaleMale Total number8216 Range (years)16 - 5418 - 51 Mean27.225.4 Median2522 Mode1821

12 Positive STI diagnoses Alma Clinic 2005 Positive STI diagnosesTotal% Chlamydia1212.25 Gonorrhoea11.02 Herpes11.02 Hepatitis C11.02 Genital warts (HPV)77.1 Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)77.1 Bacterial vaginosis55.1 Candida1010.2

13 Alma Clinic Positive STI diagnoses Overall incidence of positive STI diagnoses* in first 6 months of Alma Clinic was 29/98 (30%) * This does not include BV/Candida, but does include genital warts and PID. The incidence of chlamydia positives was 12/98 (12%)

14 STI Clinic Attenders: Contraceptive Activity Alma Clinic 2005 Contraceptive methodNumber of women Percentage % Unreliable or Reliable No contraception89.7 28% Condoms only1518.3 COC3137.8 63.4% POP/Cerazette44.8 IUD56.1 IUS44.9 Implanon33.6 Depo provera56.1 Other/not needed78.5

15 STI Attenders: Alma Clinic Other Activity Alma Clinic 2005 HIV testing64 (65.3%) Hepatitis B immunisation4 (4.3%) Special contraceptive issues2 (2.4%) Emergency contraception2 (2.4%) Not immune to rubella1 (1.2%)

16 Conclusion STI testing in a Primary Care/Family Planning clinic is practicable and achievable. 30% patients tested positive for an STI. 12% tested positive to chlamydia (higher than previously quoted GP prevalence). 28% patients attending this clinic for STI testing, were given advice to choose/change contraception. With acknowledgement and thanks to the Alma Clinic Team, notably Dr Carol Linnard, Kerrie Ewer RGN & Dr Alison Vaughan.

17 Case scenario Nadine, aged 23, came to Winton FP clinic requesting removal of copper IUD Reason? Increasingly heavy painful periods over past 2 years, pelvic pain IUD fitted post-natally, daughter now aged 2 This had been an unplanned pregnancy Offered STI testing Registered her as an Alma Clinic Patient

18 Outcome Sexual history and risk assessment Numerous casual partners in past 3/12, including attending an orgy in Berlin where had had sex with 4 partners in one night, one of whom was bisexual Treated for PID IUD was removed, given Depo provera Chlamydia positive/contact slips given Hepatitis B immunisation Implanon

19 Other cases A 40 year old A&E nurse with a past needlestick injury: repeat HIV test A 53 year old paranoid schizophrenic: perianal warts A 49 year old army officer: hepatitis C A 19 year old working girl: STI screen An embarrassed teenager: sore vagina

20 With acknowledgement and thanks to the Alma Clinic Team,notably Dr Carol Linnard, Kerrie Ewer RGN & Dr Alison Vaughan

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