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The Whiting Lane Junior Video Team Introduction Jan Bos Technology Outreach Coordinator West Hartford Community Television West Hartford, CT Coordinates.

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2 The Whiting Lane Junior Video Team

3 Introduction Jan Bos Technology Outreach Coordinator West Hartford Community Television West Hartford, CT Coordinates Be The Media Video Teams at a number of West Hartford Schools IT/Network Administrator Video Production Outreach Computer Science Major at Tunxis Community College Figure Skating Instructor at Veterans Memorial Skating Rink Lee Gluck Library Media Specialist, Whiting Lane Elementary West Hartford, CT Liberal Arts Education at Connecticut College News Production, WFSB-TV Community Relations Director, Mystic Community Center Elementary Certification PreK – 8 Wolcott Elementary School Whiting Lane Elementary School

4 Demographics - Whiting Lane Elementary School Special Programs % of K-12 Students in Bilingual Education Program or Receiving English as a Second Language Services - 9.9 % of Identified Gifted and/or Talented Students Who Received Services - 100.0 % of Special Education Students Attending This School Who Spent Over 79% of Their Time with Their Non-Disabled Peers - 49.2 Instructional Computers and Library Materials # of Students Per Computer - 3.9 % of Computers with Internet Access - 100.0 % of Computers that are High or Moderate Power - 100.0 # of Print Volumes Per Student - 25.0 # of Print Periodical Subscriptions - 26

5 Demographics - West Hartford Community Television West Hartford Community Television(WHC-TV) is the designated Public, Educational, and Governmental channel provider for West Hartford, CT. WHC-TV delivers video content to the community through Comcast Cable Television on Channels 5, 95, and 96. WHC-TV also streams to the web and makes content available on its website – WHC-TV has about 20,000 Comcast Cable Subscribers in West Hartford Any resident can become a producer and prod

6 Our Collaboration Jennifer Evans, Executive Director of WHC-TV is a parent with two children at Whiting Lane School Jennifer Evans and Lee Gluck discussed how to increase awareness of Whiting Lanes quest to bring the Greenhouse back Jan Bos and Lee Gluck met to encourage student participation in Be The Media program. The ideas of a Junior Video Team was conceived – a group that would produce stories about school events 4 th and 5 th graders were invited to submit letters of application to become a member of the Junior Video Team.

7 Be The Media Be The Media, is a new initiative proposed by West Hartford Community Television that trains and imbed citizen journalists in our schools and neighborhoods so they can present local news, unique perspectives and community activities about West Hartford. August 2008: West Hartford Community Television(WHC-TV) applied for a Public Educational and Governmental Programming and Education Technology Account (PEGPETIA) Grant ( ) January 2009: WHC-TV awarded grant funding for Be The Media by CT Department of Public Utility and Control April 2009: WHC-TVs Board of Directors met to develop guidelines for the program within the schools (View guidelines at ) In April 2009, WHC-TV met with West Hartford school principals to deliver cameras and guidelines Cameras were also distributed to Town Libraries, Community Centers, and Non-profit Organizations to capture life in West Hartford

8 How the Video Team Covers a Story Click

9 Digital literacy has been variously defined in literature, but all definitions agree that it is more than the ability to read and write. Students must be able to gather information from any format and, more importantly, make sense of that information, use it, and communicate it to others. Digital Inquiry Skills Connecting ideas to personal interests Desire to know Asking questions beyond simple fact-gathering Investigating answers from multiple perspectives Constructing new understandings Expressing new ideas through different formats Reflecting on the process and product of learning School Library Monthly/Volume XXVI, Number 8/April 2010

10 Stripling Model of Inquiry

11 Linking to the Curriculum Writing Curriculum Storytelling

12 Candy For The Troops (March 2010) Click

13 Equipment Presently, we use the Flip Mino HD camera for ease of use and intuitiveness of the editing software We are looking into alternative HD handheld cameras such as the Kodak Zi8 to address present issues such as sound quality, etc. We also have advanced video production equipment available, such as the Panasonic AG- HMC70P

14 Whiting Lane Videos on WHC-TVs Website Videos: Click

15 Whiting Lane Junior Video Team Blog Click

16 Challenges Working with time constraints Collaborative editing Acquiring student release forms before telecast Editing Software: Balancing ease of use with functionality Cameras: Using the right equipment for the job Sending large video files over the internet for telecast

17 Questions? Ask us now or email us.

18 Resources and Contact Information Lee Gluck Library Media Specialist Whiting Lane Elementary School Jan Bos Technology Outreach Coordinator West Hartford Community Television Jennifer Evans Executive Director West Hartford Community Television ALL RESOURCES FOR THIS WORKSHOP CAN BE FOUND AT WWW.WHCTV.ORG/TOOLKIT

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