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Tel: 0116 252 8627 Leaders in Sustainable Energy Local Authority Energy Financing (LAEF) Scheme.

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1 Tel: Leaders in Sustainable Energy Local Authority Energy Financing (LAEF) Scheme

2 Tel: Leaders in Sustainable Energy £1 million available for energy efficiency improvements Successfully secured £500,000 of Central Government funding for investment in energy efficiency improvements. This investment represents 50% of the total invest to save fund and the remaining balance (match funding) will be provided by Leicester City Council. By funding projects through energy saving loans scheme, the energy cost savings can be recouped over a relatively short payback period. Thereafter, the individual building can reap the benefits of reduced running costs. It is intended that the initial outlay be repaid over five years from the revenue savings that will arise from lower fuel bills resulting from the improvements. Therefore, essentially the cost to the individual building will be NIL. The project savings will be monitored closely using the Council's Intelligent Metering System and reported back regularly. As the loans are gradually recovered over time through energy cost savings they will be pumped back into the fund, thus making it self-sustaining. This scheme will ensure that Leicester City Council continues to make available funding for energy saving measure for its buildings.

3 Tel: Leaders in Sustainable Energy To ensure the cost effectiveness of the fund, it will only apply to energy saving technologies, which have been economically proven and have relatively short payback periods (<5 years). Samples of qualifying improvements include; Insulation projects Building energy management systems Heating, Ventilation & Air-Con (HVAC) installation and replacement Lighting upgrade / Lighting controls Variable speed drives Swimming pool covers CHP installation

4 Tel: Leaders in Sustainable Energy £ Energy Saved LA Matched Funding £500,000 Carbon Trust Funding £500,000 Initial Fund sustained through a INVEST TO SAVE mechanism Energy Efficiency Technologies £ Energy Savings Low Interest Loans for Energy Efficiency Improvements Energy Efficiency Projects Total Local Authority Fund: £1,000,000 Offices, School, Leisure Centre, etc.

5 Tel: Leaders in Sustainable Energy

6 Tel: Leaders in Sustainable Energy How to save energy : M onitoring I nsulation C ontrols E quipment

7 An aerial photograph of Leicester, taken in March 2005, used thermal imaging technology to show which buildings in the city were Poorly insulated, and also to identify priority areas for a new loft insulation programme.

8 Insulation of Heating System A considerable amount of heat is wasted within boilerhouses and plant-rooms from valves, unions and flanges that are uninsulated. A typical valve can lose the same amount of heat as one-meter length of uninsulated pipework, but these units are often left exposed because of their awkward shape. However, it is possible to fit customised jackets and covers to reduce such losses and ensure that heat is delivered into the building, where it is required. This method of insulation produces an excellent return on investment, typically under two years, in the form of lower heating bills. Removable / Reusable insulation jackets provide a simple solution, permit easy access to valves or other fittings for periodic inspection or maintenance, and can be replaced as needed

9 Swimming pool covers Project Summary: Installed motorised swimming pool covers to ensure that staff can use the covers with minimal effort. Reduced evaporation losses during unoccupied periods. Project Benefits Energy, Financial and CO2 Savings Reduced building fabric damage Potential to reduce mechanical ventilation

10 Tel: Leaders in Sustainable Energy

11 Tel: Leaders in Sustainable Energy

12 Tel: Variable Speed Drives

13 Tel: The benefits of fitting Variable Speed Drive controls to electric motors have been well established for many years. It is also well known that many installed motors are actually oversized for the job that they perform. This means that a fairly modest decrease in motor speed will produce a relatively large reduction in energy consumption, under what is known as the "Cube Law." In other words, reducing the speed of an electric pump motor by just 20% can provide energy savings in the order of 50%. There is no measurable deterioration of the quality of the pool water, even though the flow rate is now slightly lower. Significant environmental savings are also expected in the form of lower atmospheric emissions from burning fossil fuels to produce electricity. In addition, VSD controls give other benefits in terms of reducing the mechanical load on the motor, which extends its useful lifetime and cuts the amount of maintenance required.

14 Tel:

15 Leaders in Sustainable Energy 28 th July – 2nd August 4 th August – 9 th August

16 Tel: Leaders in Sustainable Energy Saving of 120,000 kWh & £6,600 (5 Months – Aug 05 – Dec 05)

17 Tel: Leaders in Sustainable Energy Green Boiler Go is Portable Plant that would allow Leicester City Council to replace boilers all year round. This new mobile boiler room, which features: Condensing Boilers – Hovel Gas Variable Speed Drive Pumps Weather Compensated Optimisation fully Energy Management System Monitoring linked to the Intelligent Metering Systems Comprehensive Insulation of pipework and associated valves and controls Pre treatment of water for heating system Hot water storage and generation utilising plate heat exchanges Barriers: Major boiler replacement programmes have always been restricted to holiday periods. Condensing boilers tend to be more difficult and therefore take longer for contractors to install compared to other boilers types, which are normally faster and simpler to install (Boiler replacement within time limits - short holidays). Green Boiler Go

18 Tel: Leaders in Sustainable Energy

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