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Boilers This is session 22 in curriculum manual.

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1 Boilers This is session 22 in curriculum manual

2 Today’s Agenda Function of a boiler Boiler operation Fuel Boiler parts
Boiler drafts Boiler designs

3 Boilers Fundamentals Combustion Requires water Changes water to steam
High temperature steam Steam to mechanical energy Other processes

4 Boiler Processes Turbine drivers Distillation columns Heat exchangers
Reactors Extruders

5 Fuel Used in Boilers Natural gas Fuel oil Process oil Process gas

6 Boiler Parts Burners (gas or oil) Pilot Firebox Steam drum Mud drum

7 How Boilers Works Fuel and air are mixed
Controlled combustion in firebox Water tubes heat Convection circulation Steam exists steam drum Flue gas exists through stack

8 Boiler Symbols

9 Boiler Draft Configurations
Natural draft Forced draft Induced draft Balanced draft

10 Boiler Designs Fired tube Water tube




14 Hazards Personal Process Equipment – Problems?
Similar to furnace hazards Heat Fire/explosion (from unburned fuel) High pressure steam Equipment – Problems? Tube rupture Soot buildup in super heat and economizer sections Loss of water flow Flame impingement on tubes Impurities in water Flame-out Improper water level Process If boiler goes down Major effect May be able to operate if have multiple boilers/cogen system

15 Monitoring and Maintenance
Water and steam flow rates Temperatures Water level Superheat and saturated steam temps Firebox/combustion Smoke Burner/flame pattern Fuel pressure/temp O2 levels in firebox Pressure in firebox and drums Stack combustion monitors Fan operation

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