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Inter-Cloud Computing & Voice WWC (World Wide Computing) Through Inter-Clouds by Power-All Networks.

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1 Inter-Cloud Computing & Voice WWC (World Wide Computing) Through Inter-Clouds by Power-All Networks

2 PAGE 1 The theme of this presentation In this world of convergence involving voice: What roles and which ways would Inter-Cloud Computing play? & Why not Cloud Computing?

3 Who is Power-All Networks? 1.Pioneer in Inter-Cloud Computing: As a new third layer of virtual facility based network computing over Internet The creator of the largest Inter-Cloud networks 2.Pioneer on VFOS (Virtual Facility based Operating system) A new generation of Operating Systems to manage virtual facilities (VM) & other virtual or physical resources across compatible or in-compatible cloud platforms 3.Inter-Cloud Computing technology enabler, partner with Telco / IDC to build cloud sites and share infrastructure revenue 4.A Foxconn Company

4 The world is converging 1.The world is converging, cost, value and user experience are the kings 2.New direction in technology such as Cloud/inter-Cloud is shaping the World 3.Voice is: Always a major part of convergence New opportunities occur with the convergence

5 Convergence from both ends 3G ADSL Cable WAN iAtv PAN LAN – Wireless 3-in-1 convergence Internet/IP (Telco) (TV) (Internet)

6 Current Clouds are not a solution Non-compatible lone island cloud Cloud A Cloud B Cloud C Where is the universal platform? 3G ADSL Cable iAtv WAN LAN – Wireless

7 Cloud D Cloud C Inter -Cloud Compatible/ inter-linking What do we need? Cloud B Cloud A PAN LAN 3G ADSL Cable WAN LAN – Wireless Convergence Devices WANTCPIP (IPV4,IPV6)

8 Leading the disruptive technology of coming 5 years ! My cloud ! Inter-Cloud 1 Inter- Cloud 2 Inter- Cloud N Inter- Cloud 2 Client Agent Inter-Cloud

9 Power-All Networks Achievement The first global biggest Inter-Cloud network

10 What does 3-in-1 convergence mean to the world? 1.Cable TV and internet becomes the 4 th and the 5 th type of Telco: Fixed line Telco (1 st Telco) Cellular (2 nd Telco) Wireless (3 rd Telco) Cable TV into VoIP business (the 4 th Telco) Internet becomes the network for free Voice and teleconferencing (the 5 th Telco) 2.The 3 rd – 5 th type are: THE new opportunities that can benefit a lot from Cloud/Inter- Cloud Computing The 4 th type holds the biggest potential for growth

11 THE new computing model The conventional models: The New Computing models: Client – Server Client – Cloud Client – Agent – Inter-Cloud Agent = one or more virtual machines in the Inter-Cloud

12 Use of the Inter-Cloud as SIP servers Internet - Virtual Network For Transport WWW - virtual Networks For Browsing WWC (World Wide Cloud) For Computing The VoIP application network layer SIP Server Location N SIP Server Location 1 SIP Server Location 2

13 Powerall Inter-Cloud The third layer (the computing layer) of Internet, characteristics : Automonous & Intrinsic, To Enable : Inter-Operability, Remote Execution without Change, Portability, Compatibility

14 All Rights Reserved Power-All Networks Limited © 2009 Proprietary and Confidential PAGE 13 Example: The autonomous and Intrinsic Internet A A A A A,B A A A A A A 1.Autonomous Internet: 2.Intrinsic Internet : 3 Million plus networks of all kinds and still growing after 50 years As long as the genes are used and and the architecture is followed, inter-operability and compatibility are guaranteed LayerFunctionBasic Genes 1Data TransportRouter, Host, TCP/IP 2WWW BrowsingURL, HTTP 3WWCVOF, MD, HTTP-C

15 Summary The Inter-Cloud is a flexible and ideal infrastructure for VoIP The new computing model: Client – Agent (My Clouds) – Inter-Clouds

16 Business Model Partners (Telco, IDC) provide environment (rack, power, bandwidth, first line support), PowerAll provides Inter-Cloud technology to build the cloud system, Share Infrastructure Revenue

17 End Thank you Welcome to experience the global Inter-Cloud Contact: (852)9409-1344(Peter) Power-All Networks

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