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Virginia & Nevada Cities Visitor Characteristics and Estimation Institute for Tourism & Recreation Research The University of Montana.

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1 Virginia & Nevada Cities Visitor Characteristics and Estimation Institute for Tourism & Recreation Research The University of Montana

2 Methods zHighway traffic counters zTraffic pull-overs zVisitor intercept in towns

3 Traffic converted to Visitors zHighway traffic counters (July-Sept.) z65,139 vehicles (60,644 private + 4,494 other) drove through the cities z34,264 potential visitor vehicles or 53% of total traffic (remove locals and commercial) y12% simply drive through y44% spend < 1 hour y11% spend 1-4 hours y33% spend 4+ hours zBOTTOM LINE: 23% total traffic spends at least 1 hour in VC/NC

4 Where are Visitors to VC/NC From?

5 Visitor Traffic Origin (Comparative) %VC/NV % all state Washington 9%13% Idaho 7% 6% California 6% 9% Utah 4% 4% Oregon 3% 4% CO, FL, MN, TX, WY 2% ea. 2-5% ea.

6 Visitor Traffic Hours spent in VC/NC Montana Residents z10% drove thru z58% <1 hour z9% 1-4 hours z24% 4+ hours Out-of-State Visitors z14% drove thru z32% <1 hour z14% 1-4 hours z41% 4+ hours

7 The Real VC/NC Visitor: Those spending more than one hour in the cities

8 Respondent Visitor Types

9 Where are these Visitors From? Montana Visitors: zBozeman 15%; Butte 14%; Billings 8%; Helena 6%; Missoula 6%; Dillon, Ennis, Great Falls, & Hamilton 4% each; Anaconda & Whitehall 3% each; Columbus & Livingston 2% each Out-of-State Visitors: zWA 13%; ID 10%; CA 9%; UT, OR, TX 4% each; CO, MN, PN, WY 3% each; FL, IL, IA, MD, MI, NY, OH, WI 2% each

10 Visitor Demographics zGenerally a college-level education zHousehold income: MontanaOut-of-State <$39,000 37%23% $40-80,00046%45% over $80,00016%32% zOther Characteristics: Group size:4.985.24 First visit:18%68%

11 Trip Characteristics Montana Residents Day Trip 54% Multi-day Trip to Virginia City 25% Multi-day Trip to Other Destination 21%

12 Nights Away from Home Montana Visitors Minimum: 0 nights Maximum:14 nights Mean:1.3 nights Median: 0 nights Out-of-State Visitors 0 nights 31 nights 12.3 nights 10 nights

13 Trip Planning Horizon Montana Visitors Today 24% 1-7 Days ago 33% 1-4 weeks ago 26% 1-6 months ago 13% 6+ months ago 5% Out-of-State Visitors 26% 31% 15% 19% 9%

14 Trip Destinations Montana Visitors MONTANA 91% Yellowstone NP 14% Bozeman 14% Ennis 12% Butte 7% Out-of-State Visitors 72% 28% 7% 6% 2%

15 Travel Patterns Montanans Out-of-State Where stayed: Before AfterBefore After Bozeman15% 14% 9% 9% Ennis14% 11% 11% 6% W. Yellowstone 4% 2% 11% 12% Butte 6% 9% 6% 6% Dillon 4% 3% 6% 4% Yellowstone NP 3% 4% 6% 9% Helena 5% 7% 3% 3% Missoula 5% 4% 3% 5% Billings 4% 7% <1% 2%

16 Knowledge of Overnight Accommodations Montana Visitors z25% spent at least one night in the cities. z76% were aware of lodging opportunities. Out-of-State Visitors z21% spent at least one night in the cities. z36% were aware of lodging opportunities.

17 Top Reasons for Visiting Montanans Out-of-statersTo View Historic structures To be with family/friendsTo learn MT historyTo escape routine To learn MT historyTo do exciting things To relaxTo be with family/friends To do exciting thingsTo relax Close to homeTo tour Nevada City To attend VC PlayhouseTo shop

18 Satisfaction - Very High! Montanans Out-of-statersBehavior of other peopleCleanliness of area Amount of historical infoQuality of historical info Quality of historical infoAmount of historical info Condition of historical featuresCondition of Hist. features Opportunities for food/drinkType of development Variety of entertainmentMaintenance of facilities Type and Amount of Opportunity to shop developmentAmount of development Opportunity to shopOpportunities for food/drink

19 Overall Satisfaction On a scale of 1 to 9 with 9 very satisfied, Montana and Out-of-State Visitors both scored 7.4

20 Information sources MontanansOut-of-staters Friend/family recommend Family/friend recommend VC/NC brochuresTravel guide book BooksVC/NC brochures Montana Travel PlannerMT Travel Planner Travel guide bookBooks Chamber/visitor BureauAutomobile Club

21 Improvement Suggestions MT Out Restore historical places, buildings, boardwalks, displays23%19% More variety in food, shops, entertainment, attractions, activities, interactive displays12%11% More access to closed buildings & exhibits10% 8% More history and information 7% 8% More, better, cleaner restrooms 9% 5% Keep it simple and rustic; limit devlp. 8% 8%

22 Marketing Implications zPiggy-back with statewide and regional promotional campaigns to out-of-state visitors. zBring a friend program. zPamphlets available in surrounding communities and resident awareness of events. zHighway and directional signs in the region. zOvernight accommodation availability.

23 Event Planning Implications zFormal and informal interpretive talks - dress in period clothing. zLife at the time - demonstrations on cooking, sewing, entertainment, childrens games, and other elements of everyday life. zPlan multi-day events to keep visitors in the area longer. zExtend business hours and season of area merchants.

24 Development Implications zContinue restoring and maintaining. zVisitors indicate need for more overnight accommodations - motels, campgrounds, RV parks. zDisability access to structures. zParking - plan for more RVs.

25 Thank You! Kim McMahon Institute for Tourism & Recreation Research School of Forestry The University of Montana

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