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The Math Program Leads to Excellence Olympic Math Olympic Education Institute, Inc. P.O. Box 502615, San Diego, CA 92150-2615Tel: (858)487-9288

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1 The Math Program Leads to Excellence Olympic Math Olympic Education Institute, Inc. P.O. Box , San Diego, CA Tel: (858)

2 W e believe that not only to know how but also why, is the key to be proficient in math. No problem is too difficult if you have precise math concept. What we believe: Olympic Math can give your child the best possible start in math that he/she needs to build a high self- esteem and a love for learning that will last a lifetime W e believe every child is uniquely created by God. Helping them reaching their fullest potential is our primary goal. W e believe that with the right approach, every child can overcome the anxiety of math, and use it as a tool for reasoning and problem solving.

3 How we approach… The curriculum designed is coordinate with the childs comprehension and language development process. A t early stage, namely from kindergarten to 2 nd grade, we emphasize on developing childrens number concepts as well as capability of observation and discernment. Word problems are not yet appropriate, due to childrens limitation on reading. Analogies, number/geometry patterns are the main body of OM curriculum at this stage. Develop critical and logical thinking through finding the rule of analogies and patterns. Numbers become real, meaningful, and alive through OM innovative approach of number concept. Prototypes of Algebra and Function are introduced. Can you image a 1 st or 2 nd grader that already has the concept of linear algebra and function?!

4 A t middle stage, 3 rd to 5 th grade, problem solving skills and accurate math concepts are OMs focus. Not only know how but also why enable OMs students to solve any challenging problems. F or 6 th to 8 th graders, they will explore various problem styles to facilitate the skills they have already learned. At this stage, more problem solving skills will be taught to enhance their capability to solve different problem styles with different approaches. Solving problems in an accurate and timely manner is our focus to help them to reach the highest possible score in various tests. How we approach… Olympic Math has worked miracles for thousands of students

5 Early stage (kindergarten – 2 nd grade) limitations Focus curriculum Language & comprehensioncritical & logical thinking analogy number concept & basic skills number/geometry patterns 10s and 5s combination/resolution In out In out Rule: + 1 Prototype of function ƒ(x):x+1 ƒ(+1) now future + 2 = 5, = _____ prototype of linear algebra x + 2 = 5, x = _____ Ex:

6 No longer struggle with borrowing and carrying over with Olympic Maths innovative 10s and 5s combination and resolution concept: thinking process + 9 = = = – = – Ex: = (2 – 1) + 10 = = (4 –2) + 10 = diagram

7 Middle stage (3rd grade – 5th grade) difficulties Focus curriculum transform abstract problem solving word problems, multiplication, statements into real images.Not only know how but also division, decimal, fraction, math concepts why for each conceptpercentage, estimate, measurement, demonstrate math concepts average, circle linking, ratio, with diagram & precise definition Use the language/tool your child can understand.. Why is bigger than ? Because you will have bigger piece if you share a pizza with 1 people than share with 2 people. See > Why 2 x 5 = 5 x 2? Because ….. See 2 x 5 = 5 x 2 Why = = because = Explain math concepts is always a challenge to many teachers and parents, OM has different stories:

8 Problem solving and arithmetic operation is a transforming process from abstract to realistic. Thats why we say real-ize when we comprehend a concept or problem. Your child will become a problem solver in no time words figures Abstract process realistic 3 7 The reason why many children are troubled by problem solving is because they have difficulty to transform abstract statements into real. There are 2 baskets, each basket has 3 apples. How many apples are there in all? Many children will do this way: = 5, the answer is 5.Wrong Olympic Math designed to lead childrens thinking process to transform abstract/complicate statements into real/simple image. Our students will do this way: There are 2 baskets Each basket has 3 apples: The total: 2 x 3 = 6 or = 6 (they can still solve the problem even they havent learned multiplication yet) Ex:

9 2345 of of 8794 Part whole Part whole = = 2 = shapes = Part whole = shaded = 1 = = Part whole = shaded = 1 = shaded shapes = 3 Multiplication concept: 2 x 3 means keep adding 2 three times = , 2 x 4 means keep adding 2 four times = Test: 8794 x 2345 is how much more than 8794 x 2344? 8794 x 2345 = …………………………… x 2344 = …………………………… x 2345 is 1 more of 8794 than 8794 x 2344, so the answer is 8794 (you should solve this problem in a second) Fraction concept: Fraction means part of a whole What fraction of the shapes is ? What fraction of the is shaded? What fraction of the shaded shapes is ? Ex: Knowing why is the key

10 3 people can finish a project in 4 days, how many days will it take if 4 people work together? How about 6 people? The answer is 3 days for 4 people, 2 days for 6 people Yankee won 50% of the games in the first 1/3 of the season, what percentage of the games does it need to win for the rest of the season to finish with 60% of winning rate? The best way to solve this kind of problem is to use assuming numbers to substitute the percent and fraction. Since its a percentage question, we can assume there are 100 games in 1/3 of the season. It means Yankee won 50 games in the first 1/3 of the season and that will be 300 games for the whole season. The goal for Yankee is 60% for the whole season, 60% of 300 is 180. Therefore. Yankee has to win 130 more games from the rest 200 games. 130/200 is 65%. So the answer is 65%. Ex: Advance stage (6th grade - 8th grade) difficulties Focus curriculum apply skills to problem solving more problem solving techniques various types of word and scared/confused by variablessolve problems with accuracy mathematics problems and factoring and speedy GCF, LCM/LCD, algebra I & II positive/negative, like terms = = # of people# of days = 12 Different types of problems have different approaches.. Solve the problems in short cut:

11 Solving problems can be fast and accurate with clear concept and keen observation 1. Whats the ones digit for 91 x 92 x 93 x …x The hundreds digit of the product ( ) x 8 3. ( ….+ 111) = 555 x ? 4. Which of the following numbers divided by 4 has remainder 1? A) 7679 b) 6353 c) 7631 d) 9455 Poor studentsAverage studentsOlympic Math students x 92 x…x99= #####….01 x 2 x… x9 = x 2 x.. x 5. x.. = x 8 = x 8 = = ÷ 555 = 92 x = 9 4. Try every number and finally find the answer is 6353use last 2 digit and quickly find the (takes 5-10 minutes)answer is 6353 (less than 1 minutes) (8 x 4(00) = 32(00), 8 x 4(0) = 32(0)) Ex:

12 Conclusion Using Olympic Math, our students see greater achievement for their efforts than with traditional techniques. When started early, your child develops high confidence, avoiding math-phobia that sets in between 3rd and 4th grade. Olympic Math can give your child the best possible start in math that he/she needs to build a high self-esteem and a love for learning that will last a lifetime.

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