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Welcome to Fraction Jeopardy.

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1 Welcome to Fraction Jeopardy

2 Fraction Jeopardy Play Fraction Model at Illuminations

3 Internet Sites NCTM (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics) Illuminations Site Fraction Model 1 (Numerator values 0 to 20; Denominator values 1, 2, 4, 5, 8, 10, and 20): < Fraction Model 2 (Number and Denominator values up to 20): < Fraction Model 3 (Numerator and Denominator values up to 100): < Fraction Game (allows students to individually practice working with relationships among fractions and ways of combining fractions): < NLVM (National Library of Virtual Manipulatives) Fraction Bars: < Fraction Naming (name the fraction shown by the shape): < Parts of a Whole (relates parts of a whole unit to written description and fraction): < Visualizing Fractions (illustrate a fraction, divide a shape, highlight appropriate parts): < Percentages, Decimals, and Fractions (discover relationships): < Pie Chart (create an easy pie chart): < Other Math Sites Fraction Bars (show as fractions, decimals, and percents) at Arcytech: <

4 Standards and Learning Objectives
Grade 3 -- Chapter 9: Fractions Students will focus on understanding, writing, and comparing fractions and mixed numbers. 3rd Grade Standards: 3N3 Identify and represent fractions (between 0 and 1 with denominators through 10) as parts of unit wholes and parts of groups. Model and represent a mixed number (with denominator 2, 3, or 4) as a whole number and a fraction, e.g., 1 2/3, 3 ½. 3N4 Locate on the number line and compare fractions (between 0 and 1 with denominators 2,3, or4, e.g., 2/3). 3N8 Select and use appropriate operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to solve problems, including money). 3N13 Use concrete objects and visual models to add and subtract (only when the answer is greater than or equal to zero) common fractions (halves, thirds, fourths, sixths, and eighths) with like denominators. Chapter 9 Learning Objectives: 9-1: Identify regions that have been divided into equal-sized parts, and divide regions into equal-sized parts. 9-2: Identify and draw fractional parts of regions. 9-3: Find equivalent fractions using models such as fraction strips. 9-4: Compare and order fractions. 9-5: Estimate fractional parts of regions. 9-6: Identify and locate fractions on a number line. 9-7: Identify fractional parts of sets or groups and divide sets to show fractional parts. 9-8: Find the number of objects in a fractional part of a set where the numerator is 1.

5 Credits ExamViewPro – Math Test Generator software provided with our Math Curriculum Score Slide from Mark E. Damon

6 Bibliography Scott Foresman/Addison Wesley, Mathematics; Grade 3, Volume 3; Pearson Education, Inc. 2005

7 JEOPARDY RULES All questions are from the FRACTION unit.
Each team will take turns answering questions. If a team answers incorrectly, the next team gets the chance to answer (this is up to the teacher). Team members will collaborate together and take turns answering. The team answering has approximately 30 seconds to answer, subject to the judge. To enter the Team’s Score click on the SCORE box to return to the Scoreboard. Enter the score into the black box on each player’s podium and click Round 1 to return to the Jeopardy game board. The teacher is the final authority on all matters and has the power to add or remove points at will!

8 Final Jeopardy Round 1 Fractions Rock! Group 1 Group 2 Group 3

9 JEOPARDY Scores Equal Shaded Figure Word Greater or Vocabulary Parts Parts It Out! Problems Less Than

10 Final Jeopardy

11 Final Jeopardy Category:
Figure Out What the Fraction Is!

12 What is eight-twelfths? 8/12
Eight (8) boys and four (4) girls from Marstons Mills East Horace Mann Charter Public School went on a whale watching field trip. What fraction of the students are boys? What is eight-twelfths? 8/12 Scores

13 It is a symbol, such as 2/3, 8/5, 5/1, 1/4, used to name equal parts of a whole, part of a set, a location on a number line, or a division of whole numbers into parts. 100 What is a FRACTION? Scores Return

14 The number above the fraction bar in a fraction.
Example: The number 2 in the fraction 2/3. 200 What is the NUMERATOR? Scores Return

15 What is the DENOMINATOR?
The number below the fraction bar in a fraction; the total number of equal parts in all. Example: The number 3 in the fraction 2/3. 300 What is the DENOMINATOR? Scores Return

16 A number that has a whole number and a fraction.
Example: 3 1/3 400 What is a MIXED NUMBER? Scores Return

17 What are Equivalent Fractions?
Fractions that name the same amount. Example: 1/2 = 3/6 500 What are Equivalent Fractions? Scores Return

18 d. Sixths for 6 Equal Parts
100 d. Sixths for 6 Equal Parts Scores Return

19 c. Thirds for 3 Equal Parts
200 c. Thirds for 3 Equal Parts Scores Return

20 300 One-Third (1/3) The flag of Italy has 3 equal parts.
What fraction of the flag is red? 300 One-Third (1/3) Scores Return

21 400 d. Scores Return

22 500 b. 3/8, 7/8 Scores Return

23 a. 1 part out of 6 equal parts
100 a. 1 part out of 6 equal parts Scores Return

24 200 d. 2 animals out of 5 total Scores Return

25 300 c. About 1/3 Scores Return

26 400 d. 1 out of 4 total stars Scores Return

27 500 d. About 2/3 Scores Return

28 100 a. One out of Three Scores Return

29 200 a. 2 Scores Return

30 300 3 Scores Return

31 400 b. 3/6 Scores Return

32 500 a Scores Return

33 The playing area of a football field is 100 yards long
The playing area of a football field is 100 yards long. It is divided into 10 equal parts. How long is each equal part of the football field? 100 10 Yards 100 divided by 10 = 10 Scores Return

34 200 b. Pharmacy Scores Return

35 300 d. Scores Return

36 400 b. 3 apples Scores Return

37 500 b. 2/3 = 4/6 Scores Return

38 Is ½ of 12 peanuts greater than
½ of 8 apples? 100 Yes ½ of 12 = 6; ½ of 8 = 4 6 > 4 Scores Return

39 Oceans cover more than 7/10 of the Earth’s surface
Oceans cover more than 7/10 of the Earth’s surface. Is more than ½ of the Earth’s surface covered with ocean? 200 Yes. 7/10 > 1/2 Scores Return

40 Add the following fractions:
1/ /4 = ? 300 3/4 Scores Return

41 A cheese pizza is cut into 12 equal slices and a pepperoni pizza of the same size is cut into 8 equal slices. Which pizza has the larger slices? 400 Pepperoni 1/8 > 1/12 Scores Return

42 500 3 A year has 12 months. Summer lasts for ¼ of a year.
How many months does summer last? 500 3 Scores Return

43 Daily Double To Question

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