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Brevard County Emergency Management. Merritt Island & the Cape were chosen because: Close to the equator while still in the US Better fuel economy.

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1 Brevard County Emergency Management



4 Merritt Island & the Cape were chosen because: Close to the equator while still in the US Better fuel economy Most launch trajectories are west to east Further south in Florida and the Bahamas would begin to pose problems Large ocean nearby Easier to retrieve reusable parts from Early space crafts returned via splashdown Unpopulated, natural safety buffer


6 I was in Brevard during 2004, so Ive survived a REAL hurricane season…

7 We received only hurricane-force gusts Brevard last experienced sustained hurricane-force winds in Hurricane David (1979) What about all the damage? Mostly deferred maintenance issues Items near the end of their economic life Tornadoes


9 Emergency Services stop using the causeways when winds are 40 mph sustained No longer safe for high profile vehicle traffic (fire trucks, ambulances, buses) Too dangerous to keep a law enforcement presence on site After a storm, initial access via causeways is controlled to ensure safety and limited to those with a purpose


11 2011 Hurricane Season 3 rd most active season on record (tied) 19 tropical storms, 7 hurricanes, 4 major 2 Tropical Storms & 1 Hurricane in the US 2010 Hurricane Season 3 rd most active season on record (tied) 19 tropical storms, 12 hurricanes, 5 major No Tropical Storms or Hurricanes in the US 1992 Hurricane Season 2 nd quietest season on record 4 tropical storms, 3 hurricanes Hurricane Andrew devastated South Florida 1983 Hurricane Season Quietest season on record 7 tropical storms, 4 hurricanes Hurricane Alicia devastated the Houston area

12 Extremely Active Dr. William Gray, Colorado State 19 named storms, 9 hurricanes, 4 major Above-average probability for major hurricanes making landfall along the United States coastline and in the Caribbean. NOAA 13-19 named storms, 6-9 hurricanes, 3-6 major It only takes one to have a bad season!

13 If were outside the Cone of Uncertainty, were safe...

14 Cone is correct 67% of the time. Cone contains probable CENTER of the storm. Storms can be hundreds of miles wide.

15 Taping your windows will protect them…

16 Taping your windows prior to a storm does nothing to keep your windows intact Antiquated advice from the 1970s Actually does more damage than good Can create larger, deadly shards of glass Creates a false sense of safety Sticky mess to remove Better choices Hurricane shutters Impact resistant glass Temporary plywood


18 Storm Surge is the number one concern with any storm Primary reason to evacuate Storm surge is the abnormal rise in water level caused by wind and pressure forces of a hurricane Not a giant wall of water, rather the methodical, rapid rise of water Can go significant distances inland Causeway approaches are a concern

19 Municipality Emergency Operation Books EOC & ESF contact info Situation Report form & Resource Request form Remember: all resource requests must go through the County, or when there is a Disaster Declaration, FEMA will not pay for it! Pocket Guide for Public Assistance Preliminary damage assessment Public assistance categories Not the same as individual assistance

20 Local Mitigation Strategy update in process Continuity of Operations plan update in process Template available How best to receive damage reports in smaller events, when EOC is not activated? I will send an email to all city managers, have them collect info from their agencies & submit. Requested by NWS Next years hurricane exercise: city-focused?

21 WEA (Presidential, Amber, or Weather) (Tsunami, Tornado, Hurricane or Extreme Wind) NWS ( Call notifications (not really Reverse 911) Alert Sign Up at Twitter/text messages (Follow BrevardEOC to 40404) Facebook email distribution list

22 Weather notices (severe storms, tornadoes, flooding possibility) – NWS Advisories (possibility/or EOC activating, tropical storm) – NWS and EM Situation Reports (EOC activated, summary of actions/impacts) – NWS, EM, cities

23 Arrival of Tropical Storm (40mph) force winds in the county: Baseline point for all backwards planning efforts Drives all protective action decision timing Issuing of evacuation orders Opening of shelters Call-down of special needs registrants Consideration of school cancellations Goal is to have everything complete prior to their arrival Not linear, more art than science

24 Always plan for one category higher With Atlantic-approaching hurricane, evacuations of barrier islands will be ordered Create matrix of decisions/actions Confer regularly with NWS-Melbourne, surrounding counties & FDEM Meet with Policy Group Local State of Emergency declaration? Email & social media updates more frequent

25 FL Statute 252: County emergency management agencies serve as liaisons and coordinators for municipalities requests for State and Federal assistance. Counties must have CEMPs; cities may have. Counties must provide for evacuations, shelters, pet shelters, post-disaster recovery, special-needs registries, alerting & warning, annual exercises.

26 Ensure that your employees have a plan for their families In a disaster, families will always trump employer Have a communications plan that: Ensures you can notify employees of company/agency status and needs Accounts for everyone Hold frequent preparedness meetings with your staff No matter how good your plan is, it will fail without the employees there to execute it

27 Life safety Evacuation? Assembly point? Employees w/disabilities? Direction & control o Succession plan? Triggers? Decision process? Essential functions o Priorities? Personnel/equipment needed? Communications o Employees? Vendors? Customers? Partners? Property protection o Fire/lightning protection? Generator? Administration & logistics o Designate personnel to track Alternate facilities Vital records & databases o Where are they stored? Backed up offsite? Media relations

28 Your plan should consider: Checklist of important things to do, before, during and after disaster Where are you going to go and how you are going to get there Unique individual needs – medical, dietary, etc Your pets Communication and reunification Establish an out of area lifeline Texting may still work when phones go down Utility shut-off and safety procedures

29 The primary mission of emergency responders is life safety and security immediately following a disaster Governments focus is not your comfort level Stores may be damaged and closed Additional resources may take time to get into the county Food, water & ice may not be available immediately after the storm Being prepared to be self-sufficient for 3 days (72 hours) after a disaster will ensure that we can recover as a community

30 Just as important as collecting your supplies Ensures they are safe to use when needed To keep your supplies ready: Store food in tightly closed plastic or metal containers to protect from pests and to extend the shelf life Use foods before they go bad, and replace them with fresh supplies Rotate stored supplies every 6 months – note the date Re-think your needs every year and update your kit as your family needs change Remember, your kit needs to be mobile

31 Many tools and resources are available to get informed on disasters that could affect you or your community Local Emergency Management Office Local Red Cross Local Weather Service NOAA Weather Radios Internet Television Social Media


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