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Powrachute solution for Law Enforcement

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1 Powrachute solution for Law Enforcement
Craig Ewing Silver Lining Aviation Powrachute Commercial Sales Division

2 This is not your fathers ultralight
CNC Manufactured FAA ASTM Standards FAA Inspected Light Sport 4130 Chrome Molly Every Aircraft Tracked 24 hour part replacement Rotax 912 Engine Radios Transponders GPS Glass Cockpits Heated Seats/Cabin Heat SPORT PILOT HAS CHANGED THIS INDUSTRY!!!

3 Enforcer Powered Parachute
Seven Departments use now Approved by DOJ FAA Cost between 20-50k Parachute for a wing Cruise speed 32MPH* Cost per hour $30 Burns regular car gas Full Roll Cage Safest Aircraft to fly Easiest to fly


5 Rapid Deployment Aluminum Trailer for fast deployment of Trike or PPC
Mobil command center with optional charge stations for radio communications Rapid response bag with first aid kit and whiteboard Tie downs for PPC and Gas cans Gas cans Custom Graphics optional

6 Powered Parachute Uses
Aerial Surveillance Drug Enforcement Crime Scene Photos Crowd control Missing Person Search Stolen Vehicle search SWAT team operation surveillance and video recording Traffic enforcement

7 References using the PPC
Palm Bay Police Department Contact LT. Joe Eakins Phone

8 References using the PPC
Ripon CA Police Department SGT Steve Merchant Ripon Police Department

9 Contact Craig Ewing Law Enforcement Sales Director
Silver Lining Aviation

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