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The Law for General Education Supporting the voluntary work financially.

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1 The Law for General Education Supporting the voluntary work financially

2 Historical Background Directly translated: Law for the Enlightenment of the People Dates back to app. 1850 Based on the principles of Grundtvig and Kold. Fundamental ideas: – Understanding of Democracy – Active Citizenship – Obligated fellowship

3 Today The law has developed over time to include spare time activities. Today the law is divided into two parts: – Support for the general education of adults – Support for voluntary educational associations

4 General Education of Adults Approved evening schools and education unions get: – 1/3 of the teachers wages covered – Projects for handicapped people get 7/9 – Free housing in municipal buildings Internet-based education and study circles are also given support. 10% of the means has to be spend on issues which create debate.

5 Voluntary Educational Associations Main purpose: Activities for children and young people under 25 years. E.g.: – Sports associations – Scouts – Religious associations (YMCA) – Drama / Theatre The membership and activity contribution is given pr member (150 DKK in Tønder)

6 Voluntary Educational Associations The associations and their rules have to be approved by the municipality. Contributions are given to the renting of rooms and sports facilities – Club rooms get 80 % of the rent – Contributions are also given to riding halls and swimming baths Contributions for new development of activities, bigger purchases and small renovating projects.

7 Support to Branderup Aktivcenter Total amount received from the municipality: – School 130.000 DKK – BUIF (725 hours)115.000 DKK – Youthclub (200 hours) 42.000 DKK – Local History Archive 10.000 DKK Total budget of the centre is: 344.000 DKK Without this law of support it would not be possible to manage Branderup Aktivcenter

8 The Committee of General Education The committee administers the law Consists of 15 members: – 3 politicians from the municipality board – 4 are elected by sports associations – 4 are elected by educational associations – 3 are elected by the scouts – + 1 member from the remaining associations They are elected for a period of 4 years Chairman has to be elected from the voluntary members!

9 The Committee of General Education It is not statutory to have a committee of general education. The committee has its own budget - in Tønder: 9,5 mill. DKK (1.35 mill. ) Authority is given by the municipality board Can make their own guidelines in accordance with the law

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